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The Unsung Young Heroes of Jonglei

Our young humanitarians and peace missionaries helplessly witness their unlucky colleagues kicking away their last death throes besides dead cows, dead mothers and fathers with shrinking echoes of shrieking children in the hands… Continue reading

THE YOUTH OF THE SOUTH: Used less, hence made useless

It should first be borne in mind of the unknowing youth that this day, July 20, is a World Youth Day. Of course, this has little use to the youth of South Sudan.… Continue reading


* HOW AND WHY I LEFT SOUTH SUDAN… In the first place, I was forced not to reveal my testimony too. Secondly I was forced to reveal my story though late as such.… Continue reading

The Aids’ eight+ sources, courses, causes or curses of passing HIV to villagers

Hi villagers! This is not world aid’s day. I mean we are not celebrating IDP or Refugee day; we are commemorating World Aids’ Day. So beware and behave that your villages, infested by… Continue reading

The Loopholes: Or the Loops and the Holes in the Jonglei CPA

Several agreements have been initially agreed or decreed, but eventually violated. By who? No, that is not the interest of this writer. The first question is How? and the best question is not… Continue reading

Governor, VP exemplify Forgiveness in Easter Message

“This thing is not in our culture. It is a habit of Western people to openly confess their mistakes… (quotes not verbatim) But if this is what people want, then, my brother Riek,… Continue reading

Our Intelligence Systems Suffering from our Negligence Symptoms

“We listen to them. They know that we listen to them. What kind of stupidity? You know I’m listening to what you say every day, and you go on talking about salaries, ammunition,… Continue reading

Suffering from ETHNORRHOEA: Should we wear white or black on Jan. 9?

I am a man born and grown through a series of serious dilemmas. A dilemma (I call it die-lemma) is a situation where you are forced to choose between sacrificing your mother or your father, as practised… Continue reading

BREAKING NEWS: George Athor launches his Movement in the name of Museveni’s NRM!

WEAKLEAKS WARNING: If Uganda’s former rebel movement, the ‘National Resistance Movement (NRM)’, headed by the present day President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni,  does not react against the flagiarism of the name being used by Gen.… Continue reading