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(By Jon Pen de Ngong)

When to this world I had to enter

A boy at Tongabor Cattle Camp. Picture by J. Penn de Ngong, 2008

A boy at Tongabor Cattle Camp. Picture by J. Penn de Ngong, 2008

My first stopover was a learning center

It was to me not cattle camps

They were centers for grooming today’s champs

Yes I was learning

Though none was earning

I yearned not a few things though

They were so many things to dare

Like padding the earth of thorns on soles so bare

While on a sole voyage to fulfill my boyish roles

That prepared me for the bush war

Where all else out but my soul and mind wore

I was trained to keep cows off calves

Of which a modern kindergarten is unaware

So I learned adult things up to their halves

And when I graduated from those camps

I began to begin my resume from the cattle campus




By Tearz Ayuen

A home without a daughter is like a river without a source – Writes Margaret Ogola in the River and the Source.

A girl can be a daughter, a sister, a cousin, an aunt and a prospective mother. That simple description alone shows how important a girl is.

In Dinka civilization, having sisters means a lot. It means a boy cannot participate in tedious house chores such as cooking, cleaning, fetching water and firewood and so on. They milk cows too. A girl also protects her kid-sisters against abuse and bullying. When she hits a marriageable age, she attracts tens or hundreds of heads of cattle in marriage. The number of heads of cows she attracts depends on the status of her father and her looks – beauty. She reproduces, raises her children, and follows through the rest of the rite of passage.

All her brother does is playing all day with friends. He appears only when hunger “bites his stomach.” Older boys look after goats and sheep at the nearby grazing fields while “rothii” tend herds of cattle in distant grazing land. Here they protect them against wild animals and raiders. Parents farm and work on other communal functions. Grandparents take care of little children. That is the daily life of a Dinka.
I believe such a division and distribution of workload is practiced by many other Nilotic communities, particularly the Nuer- the closest cousins of Dinka.

With the widespread introduction of modernization – mushrooming urban centers, schools, this way of life seems to be getting eroded rapidly. Every family member has something modern to tackle every morning. Both boys and girls go to school. Both parents report to work stations – hospital, market, school, etc. Only ‘Nyanluoi’ remains behind to look after toddlers and maybe the aging. Some mothers go school – adult education, computer training. Family members meet again later in the evening and disperse again the following morning.

Just like Dinka boys, Dinka girls go to school to become doctors, university lecturers, airhostess, engineers, bankers, reporters, pilots, architects, designers and etc. modernization they call it.

So, why does Dinka society still hold on to harmful cultural economic views about girl child? Why do parents seem to still attach their futuristic prosperity to their daughters? Below are various forms of grave dangers related to bride wealth and the matrimonial abuses a girl faces;

Bride Price: Bride wealth, mostly in form of cattle, is part of what makes Dinka people. It has been practiced since time immemorial. Without cows, a man cannot get married to any girl. This makes cattle more valuable than any other thing amongst many communities in South Sudan. This ‘highly-valuedness’ of cattle bears a number of complex problems.

One of them is cattle rustling. Yes this practice is as old as the Nile River. But since the 1980s, characterized with conflict – civil war, the demand for cows has been rising. In the conflict, many animals were killed in aerial attacks on cattle camps by Khartoum government forces. Others (bulls) were given to the Anya-anya/SPLA as voluntary taxes by civilians. This move was a symbol of solidarity with the freedom fighters. Some villagers were robbed of their cows at gunpoint by the SPLA though.

Other communities resorted to killing their animals for food after prolonged droughts and famines. Many animals also died from various livestock diseases. As a result, intensified cattle raiding became the order of the day because young men had/have to take their girlfriends home as wives.

Another troublous string attached to bride wealth is death: To drive off cattle, a raider must first attack and kill the owner who is equally armed. The owner loses both cattle and his life. This gives birth to retaliatory attacks, tribal wars and inability to coexist.

It is also against the government’s compulsory school policy. Many parents rather send their children to cattle camps where they look after livestock.

High Bride Price: This is highly detrimental to economy today. After meeting such a mountain of demand, some young families end up with nothing. In fact, many grooms are forced to borrow from relatives to complete payment of bride price. Raising the first child becomes a challenge. They struggle again to stand on their feet. A newly wed gentleman is reduced to beggary – a clean suits-and-tie pauper.

Connubial Servitude: These profligate marriages seem to make men assume absolute power over their spouses. With majority of South Sudanese women and girls dangerously uncivilized, they easily conform to the prejudicial multi-millennium old practice.

Men treat women as they wish. And any resistance offered by their wives is met with “Shut up, I paid several cows on your head. Get back to the kitchen.” They never get involved in important family issues that require decision making. They are simply statuettes. They become housewives – pure baby-making machines.

Negative Polygamy: Again, since men are the everything – sole providers of life, they feel they can bring in an “Adeujok or Ng’eudek” anytime. Or others just grab teenage girls so long as they can mute their parents. Thanks to wealth. Sadly, the best game ever played by two or more housewives is he-loves-me-more-than-he-loves-you game. They fight over scarce resources or nothing, almost every day. They end up baptizing one another with over-boiled water.

What I find annoyingly contradictory is that, though a bride fetches lots of cows in marriage, she, in many ways, continues to support her mother and father and siblings forever.

In conclusion, I think the best thing, the only best thing ever, any South Sudanese father, particularly a Dinka and Nuer, can do to his daughter today is take his economic eyes off her and concentrate on her education. School her. An educated girl is ‘unmistreatable.’ She develops strengths of all kinds – soul, mind, personality. She gains many freedoms too, especially financial independence.

Remember over-dependence on husbands is the very reason why illiterate women subscribe to matrimonial enslavement. Love and nothing but love is the force which holds today’s couple together. Not money. Not cows.

However, taking economic eyes off girls should not give any single daughter any reason to run around with retarded youth in nightclubs.

Tearz ©2013





In 2008, billions of US dollars worth of contracts were signed by the ministry of finance with some fake companies to deliver the grain to the ten states as a government’s response to the hunger in the then self-autonomous region.

The grain, locally known as Dura, was meant to be sold to the hunger-stricken millions at cheaper prices and the money remitted to the ministry of finance. However, many individuals secured the contracts with fake documents, claiming to be companies and ended up getting away with hundreds of millions of dollars without any grain delivered to the states.

Last year, the parliament summoned the former ministers, Michael Makuei Lueth, Kuol Athian and David Deng Athorbei over the issue.



In March 2009 when the Dura Project was excitedly being brewed up by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning, there was a mystery in the project’s finance and economic viability, realisticity and/or relevance. I, being the Chief Editor for The Star newspaper then, I reacted as follows on the paper’s editorial column:


Sudan is a country of many idle spaces: empty
spaces on land, empty spaces in the population
density, and now empty spaces in terms of time.
In other words, Sudan, especially Southern Sudan, has
so many holidays that could amount to 50% of its working
Take, for example, out of the weekly seven days, the
three compulsory spiritual holidays, which are not actually
holy days, plus other government-imposed no-work
day (like the ICC Arrest Warrant Day/March 4) and public
anniversaries such as CPA and May 16, not forgetting
international holidays. To be more specifi c, the fi rst week
of May had 5 holidays: three weekend days in addition to
Labour Day (May 1) and International Press Day (May 3):
all these at the expense of public works.
What do we exactly mean here? An anniversary or public
holiday is supposed to be a day people sacrifi ce millions
of cash in daily business transactions to refl ect on the
theme of that particular day, but in our case, every public
holiday is taken by our people as a day of resting, drinking,
dancing…no wonder our economy has kicked off with
alcohol industries and disco halls!
Southerners should take note of the difference between
leisure and entertainment, laziness and idleness. All these
related terms are always confused. For instance, the difference
between the latter pair is that idleness is a situation
where there is nothing to do whereas laziness is when there
is something but not to do. So the question is are our people
idle or lazy? Of course, idleness and leisure are mother and
father of laziness, but entertainment is not. The ‘how’ part
of this phenomenon calls for further research.
The problem with us is not laziness or idleness, it is
what and who are the causes of these situations? To point
a fi nger, it is not productive for our government (GOSS)
to spend millions of our oil dollars on buying relief food
to eradicate hunger from Southern Sudan. Ah, relief food
again! Leave alone the procurement procedures, it is an insult
to let the East African local farmers produce cereals for
consumption by Southern Sudanese population.
What does it take to grow maize? A hoe and soil. Then
why not spend our oil on our soil? Simply buy tools and
seeds, instead. Kenya and Uganda, which are now spoonfeeding
Southern Sudan, are only endowed with soil, no
oil. How come that we Southern Sudanese, blessed with
both, depend on them?
Whoever is the author of this economic plan, be it our
parliament or the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning,
should have their CVs re-examined. The evil and
curse resulting from this plan is not only encouraging laziness
but also corruption. Not only that, but the scandal is
already bringing down governments in East Africa.
Now, who will bell the cat, or who will investigate and
expose this scandal from GoSS? In East Africa, the Anti-
Corruption Commission does investigate and the Media
exposes the scandal as now happening with the same Maize
Scandal in Kenya. But that is East Africa. For Southern
Sudanese journalists, the wrestling warning motto applies: “Don’t try this at home!!”

Published by the River Media Groups
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email at
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Full story references (PDF list)

a)- Click this link to the full 24-page 9th edition of The Star Newspaper: JST0404_Issue9new


Democratize South Sudan: Tear Down SPLM

Posted: August 10, 2012 by Tears Ayuen in Junub Sudan, Opinion Articles, Tearz Ayuen
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By Tearz Ayuen

For democracy, the real democracy—d-e-m-o-c-r-a-c-y—not just the written, sung or spoken democracy that frequently flies out of our politicians’ mouths, to be realized, enjoyed, seen, smelled, tasted, felt, drunk or even eaten by all the people of the Republic of South Sudan, including the mute, deaf, amputees, blind and the one-eyed, the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement’s top leaders must be incited against each other. A seed of discord must be sown amongst them now and quickly. Confuse them; Make them poke out each other’s eyes! Let a rain of political teargas canisters rain on their Headquarters at Juba’s Thongpiny area. With watery and itchy eyes, let them grasp for fresh air. Like what little boys do in preparation for a fight, make them roll up their pants and sleeves to break each other’s jaw politically.

In a plain language, our educated uncles and aunts describe Democracy as a regime where the rule is determined by the people. A democratic government is a government for the People by the People and of the people, meaning that the people run the government and the government is made to protect the people. Now be sincere to yourself and your country, does South Sudan fit in the above description? Is the government democratic?

On this planet earth, every child is born into some screwed up group and it is up to him or her to fight his or her way out of it or remain loyal, depending on the mindset and level of intellectuality, both natural and academic or even the borrowed brains, he or she attained during his or her transition from childhood to adulthood. With my father being a member of SPLM/A Battalion 105 aka Ashara-kamsa or Koriom, and my mother pregnant with me during the civil war in the late eighties, I was automatically born into the SPLM. That means I am an SPLM by birth. And since none of the opposition parties has what it takes to win my admiration, and as a good citizen, I have only two things to do and they are, one, to remain in the SPLM and two, to fight it from within. And here goes my bullet.

Let me begin with the word that I loathe the most – sycophancy, a word beautifully tattooed on many faces in the country. You need an extra eye to see the tattoo though. A sycophant is a servile self-seeker who attempts to win favor by flattering influential people. That’s it. The ruling SPLM party is a sycophant-fortified city. Back in the day, in the bush, sycophancy was a necessity. It was an air, a ticket for survival. This was because the movement’s leadership was debatably tyrannical, militaristic, and vampiric. It had no time to play with dissidents. It was zero-tolerant to criticism. Those who dared object to any decision made by the Late John Garang and seconded by his loyalists were frowned at and frog-marched to frog-ponds for punitive drowning. Some rot in dungeons. On the battle grounds, hardliners were ‘shot in the back of their heads’ after they compulsorily led their respective infantries to frontlines. You can put that together.

The SPLM members who are actually the liberators, the ruling elite or even the gods of life are suffering from two diseases, chronic ones: highly exaggerated sycophancy and empty loyalness. The two diseases are viral and hereditary and they are the root cause of the irresoluteness in the government, the very reason it is weak-kneed. Being loyal is not bad. But the saddest part of it is that SPLM loyalists got addicted to their role until they transformed into sycophants.

Inarguably, the country is in the pocket of a cultish group of the much-hyped influential figures, namely: Salva Kiir, Riek Machar, Wani Igga, Pagan Amum, Kuol Manyang, Rebecca Nyandeng, Hoth Mai, Gier Chuang plus some underpublicized souls, most of whom are wealthy businesspeople. They are all SPLM. What they agree on is final, regardless of its potential impact on the common man. What they do, or fail to do, unveils their real faces. It indicates the exactitude of their unspoken intentions – to rid the country of the poor, which make up to 70 percent of the total population. That’s why they hardly criticize each other publicly. They are all indebted to each other. Since I woke up from the teenage coma a couple of years ago, I have never heard or read any of them engaging each other in a decent disagreement over any national issue in the media.

The Transitional Constitution of the Republic of South Sudan which was brought to existence by some of the clique’s learned members prohibits them from dealing in any profit-making projects, a trashy provision they seemingly smilingly dust off their shoulders. It decrees that:

“The President, Vice President, Presidential Advisors, Ministers, and Deputy Ministers of the National Government, Governors, state Advisors, state Ministers, and other constitutional office holders shall, during their tenure of office, neither practice any private profession, transact commercial business, nor receive remuneration or accept employment of any kind from any source other than the National Government or a state government as the case may be.”

Who amongst the senior civil servants is not running a commercial business, in or outside the country or both? The person who made that a law wasn’t foolish. He knew what it is like to mix civil service with personal business programs. When you’re a businessman, honesty flies out through the roof. You become vulnerable to cheating. Pillage becomes your hobby.

In February this year, a dubious written order exempting Vivacell, the largest mobile telephony company, from paying taxes for a period of about ten years got leaked:

“….the licensor hereby ensures to the licensee that the license is granted tax exemptions for a period of ten years at least, such tax exemption include custom duties, income taxes, sale taxes, etc. or any other taxes which may be imposed in the near future such as Value Added Taxes and the Licensor undertakes to indemnify the license in full in that respect. As such, the excise tax is not applicable on Vivacell.”

Why would the government free such an income generating company from taxes? Who owns Vivacell anyway? Is he an ordinary businessman or a senior government official, a South Sudanese or a foreign national?

On Wednesday, the Finance minister, after being fried, roasted and tossed around by the Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee over misappropriated millions of dollars he disbursed to some company, rightfully snitched on His Excellency:

“Yes, the money was disbursed, no contract agreement, the disbursement was based on the strength of the letter of H.E the President,”

Very freaking unbelievable!! Did the President actually sign that paper himself or someone forged his signature? Or did someone lure the old man into such a self-degrading act?

In November 2008, a Lebanese paper carried a story about high-profiled SPLA generals on a visit to Beirut. The Generals, who are currently holding ministerial positions in the government, went to check out the progress of their 25 companies that they had created some years back. Beirut Business Weekly quoted a Lebanese official as saying:

“This significant visit will definitely help bring the two trading partners businessmen closer and also help strengthen the trading ties between Lebanese Businessmen and SPLA generals… Lebanese foreign trade with SPLA reached US 11.085 million in 2006 to 2007. There are 25 SPLA companies operating in Beirut and are registered with the Chamber.”

Are those companies public or private? Ain’t Lebanon the pit latrine where the SPLA soldiers’ salaries were intentionally dumped into, forcing the freedom fighters to become herbivorous, mango and grass eaters?

If SPLM wasn’t a group of freemasons, who among them would need a degree in rocket sciences in order to see the deliberate violations of the law by his or her colleagues? If the SPLM wasn’t an acephalous organization of hardcore official criminals whose members find pleasure in crimes they do without fear of rebuke and severe punishment, who among them would hesitate to condemn the crimes committed by his colleagues; crimes that crippled and continue to cripple the young nation and its citizens?

Unless an internal democratic war erupts within my beloved party, the SPLM, never shall the country get democratic. I don’t have an idea what would cause such a war but I am very hopeful that it will happen. If it does break out, each influential official with presidential aspirations will civilly walk away and form his or her own political party with a manifesto, aimed at attracting all South Sudanese, despite tribal marks, height, weight, belly-size and et cetera.


This is a sample of the palleaks or friendleaks, some interesting information leaked from my Friend’s interview. Enjoy!

A Murle musician who skipped a talent awards in Juba for peace in Jonglei

On the 24th of March, 2012, Juba socialites turned up in thousands at Nyakuron Cultural Centre to participate or watch a much publicized music competition in South Sudan, the SOSA Music Awards. However, not all the registered and potential candidates attended this event. One, if not the only, of the absentees is John Aborcup Akuer (aka: Bihig MI-5). The reason why he absented himself and resisted a call from friends and the media that ran the event adverts in his name and others is best told my him in an interview conducted by Weakleaks! weblog today upon his two-day visit to Juba with his team to meet the SRSG — UNMISS over the mission.

BIHIG MI-5 and his friend in one of his cool postures in Kampala, 2011

Weakleaks!: What are your family name and your stage name?

BIHIG MI-5: My family names are Aborcup( John is my Christian name) Akuer Maze. By stage name, I am BIHIG MI-5.

Weakleaks!: What does that name BIHIG MI-5   mean?

BIHIG MI5: The name BIHIG MI-5 was given to me by   Blackday guys after me capturing  certain lady who was hiding herself in a way that was not easy to detect so they said I have  natural knowledge of Military Intelligence Level Five, as in the British system. They started calling me BIHIG MI-5, and the term BIHIG is a slang for BIHIG.

Weakleaks!: When did you start your music and why?

BIHIG MI-5: I started writing my songs in 2008, recording in 2010 and releasing my first song in 2011 in the birthday of our young nation of South Sudan. I joined music  because I realized it is my  natural gift. I was also inspired by my background, especially the suffering I passed through in particular and my community in general.

Weakleaks!: How many songs or album have you recorded so far, and what are they talking about?

BIHIG MI-5: I have so far recorded one  album consisting 6 songs, 3 of them talk about peace and 3 are love songs. My favourite among them is ‘Kingdom Come’, meaning let’s all wait for the coming Judgment Day to see who is wrong and who is not, instead of starting to judge as early as now.

Weakleaks!: Do you have a collabo, and how many are in your group?

BIHIG MI-5: We are many in Nem Con Entertainment, 5 members namely Sammy Jay, Lil Jay Oxalis, Hello-mmi and Blackboy and then me.

Weakleaks!: As an emerging musician from a community whose representation is less in other parts of the country and other sectors of the economy, what challenges are you facing in your career?

BIHIG MI-5: Of course my market is limited since tribalism determines one’s market, just as in politics, in South Sudan today. This means limited financial resources due to lack of wider connections and audience. Political interference and unhealthy competition from my fellow musicians. After all, I shall turn all these negatives into positives since my uniqueness is bigger than all those distractions.

Weakleaks!: How do you feel being a musician from Murle tribe?

BIHIG MI-5: What do you mean by that question? What is wrong with being a Murle or a Madi? If you mean that my tribe is negatively publicized, then it is a wrong question. I must be proud of my mother, my village, my tribe and my country, just as you are. Of course, it is not a country or a tribe that does a mistake, it is an individual. So if somebody is caught stealing, it is not Dinka or Zande who is a thief, it is Aborcup or John. So I am proud being who I am and where I am from.

BIHIG MI-5, MYPAD General Secretary and Karbino Kollen, chairman for MYPAD (Murle Youth for Peace and Development) outlining their peace caravan to Jonglei state on Miraya FM in March 2012. The duo are members of Jonglei Civil Society Group (Photo by John Penn).

Weakleaks!: Did you participate in the recent SOSA music award and what position did you get?

BIHIG MI-5: I never participated, though I registered. I was called to come that Saturday but my commitment for the mobilization of the Jonglei youths for peace caravan camping was more important than any title to win. The best award is a peace prize. I want to be recognized for that, otherwise I saw no point of singing in Nyakuron while my brother, sister, mother and father are crying in Pibor, Bor and Akobo. I am there together with my fellow youth in the Jonglei Civil Society Group that has mobilized and deployed over 100 youths in most of the counties of Jonglei. I will win awards later after winning for my mother the best award, the one called peace.

Weakleaks!: Wow, that is so surprising! Why did you dodge such a life-changing event in your career?

BIHIG MI-5:  I dodged because I voluntarily commit myself to work for Peace mission in Jonglei state. The best life-changing event, I believe, is what I am doing currently. That one at Nyakuron would change my life alone, but the one in Jonglei, which will even involve other peace-loving artists, will change life for all. Didn’t the Bible say, “Blessed are the peacemakers”! Long live Dr. John Garang! Long live Dr. Jesus Christ!

Weakleaks!: To what extent are you successful in your mission of Peace Caravan in Jonglei State?

BIHIG MI-5: All my friends and I are successful to the extent that we mobilized over 45 youths to move in a mobile caravan team throughout the whole state. We started in February, and are now reaching the middle of our mission as Jonglei Civil Society Group (JCSG), which is “To Sensitize and Sanitize Jonglei Communities on Psychological Disarmament and Peaceful Development”.

BIHIG MI-5 makes a press state over the collection of over 4,000 arms at Malual-chaat garisson, Bor, on the first day of the disarmament in Jonglei State (March 14, 2012).

Weakleaks!: What is the reaction of your community to your search for the final solution to the chronic problem in your state?

BIHIG MI-5: You know very well that peacemakers are enemies of the majority. Even God (Jesus) was once hated for trying to mix other people together with his community of the Jews. He was killed for doing the right thing. The same thing is applying to us in the field right now. There are politicians, youth and elders who have sworn to take us to hell for taking a ‘wrong way’ of solving the problem of Jonglei State. We started it in Juba as about 30 members under Murle Youth for Peace and Development (MYPAD), before we joined hands with our fellow brothers from Bor and Lou (Nuer) to make Jonglei Civil Society Group, but now, we are about 15 still struggling against all odds in MYPAD and JCSG. I am a general Secretary for MYPAD and a peace ambassador for JCSG.

Weakleaks!: What is your next plan now?

BIHIG MI-5: My next plan is to go round the state, through our established caravan camps in Duk, Waat and Pibor, and tell our people “Why War” as in this title of one of my collabos.

Weakleaks!: Tell your last word to South Sudanese artists.

BIHIG MI-5: Too much tribalism. Too much corruption. Too much politics. These are the real enemies of our nation. If we want to grow as a nation, avoid trying to grow as a tribe at the same time. Nobody serves to masters at a go. The Arabs taught us to worship tribes, but it is high time now we taught ourselves how to worship our nation and our God. Amen!


Anuol Deng
  • May 31, 2010

    Anuol Deng

    • your artilce are great and like them

      Hi brother, hope that you are doing well and hope things are ok. I am delighted for your great devotion to news article writing that reflect on the in-depth analysis of issues facing Sudan. In your next opinion writing article, could you please watch this video and express your opinion in the light of what SPLM really meant by new Sudan, in the light of the upcoming referendum. For many years, we fought in the south Sudan for the idea of new Sudan, and now we are talking about the referendum and inevitable separation and south Sudan becoming a new state. Do you think in your opinion, South becoming a new state would be worth the millions lives lost in the war in South Sudan, Nuba mountain and Blue Nile, knowing that those who sacrificed their lives, died believing that they were fighting for New Sudan? What is the best give that can be given to Kariom and Aggreb and all the SPLA soldiers and civilians who died in Numba mountain or in Itang or in Torit, for the liberation of new Sudan? Would the new Sudan which claimed their lives not be the best gift for them in their honour for laying down their lives so that millions can enjoy a free democratic new Sudan where liberty of people is respected? “If it was south we want we would have been satisfied with it long time ago, but we need fundamental change in our country, said Garang”? Is this in your opinion still the SPLM position now as the country prepare for referendum?
      I am looking forward to hear your opinion in your next article in the light of this issue, if you do decided to give your usual fantastic analysed opinion on it.

      I am not a journalist, but I just thought of those few lines roughly…..please write something on that…..your articles are always educational and I think our people are now forgetting what they fought for and what claimed millions of lives in Sudan and caused the most horrible suffering in our history………..they are now enjoying live in Juba like they have never suffered before and they are soon going to make the worse decision that will take them back to square one of suffering. They have forgotten their heroes and fallen to their knees to worship the money…..they have forgotten the pride of those who sacrificed their lives for the liberation of new Sudan and now they are inventing a new model……..that is contrary to what millions lost their lives for??? This seem funny….how can you easily forget your history like that? We need to open our eyes and look at the bigger picture and not the little tiny picture in the centre. The bigger picture is that we lost millions of lives for New Sudan. We lost millions of properties for new Sudan. Our millions of people displaced and sent to exile in foreign countries in the name of new Sudan (e.g in Kenya, US, Ethiopia, Ugandan etc). We deny ourselves development for 21 years and more in the name of new Sudan. We deny education to our youths, who fought in the liberation struggle, in the name of fighting for new Sudan. We destroyed our environment through war destruction for 21 years or more in the name of new Sudan. We let our innocent civil population suffer for 21 years or more through hunger and starvation across South Sudan in the name of, we are fighting for new Sudan. We let our civil population suffer in the hands of brutal militant function, and told them to keep on hoping they will be liberated soon because we are fighting for new Sudan.

      Well John, this is not an article but rough ideas…..please write something a long these lines and educate our public. Voting for independent South Sudan is not the right remedy for our fallen ballions and our civil population who suffered for many years. But to bring a total change in Sudan will be the best remedy because that is what they strongly believed in when they died. Many at their last breath when they were dying said, “at least now I died in the name of new Sudan, my my brother and sister, or wife or father or mother or child enjoy the freedom for which I died for” the best thing we can do in their honour is to get want claim their lives, so that the next generation can remember them for years to come. ……………….

      Thank you brother

  • John Penn de Ngong

    June 1, 2010

    John Penn de Ngong

    • Hi Bro,

      Thanks for the message. I am now in an SPLM Syndicated Organizations Referendum Taskforce meeting in Juba. I appreciate your ideas but am just trying to figure out which media house will accept our view against separation. Every individual, organization, SPLM, GOSS and so on are obsessed in such a way that no one will buy into the idea of publishing an article talking about an alternative solution to our struggle. Let me see if I can develop it and send it to websites like Sudan Tribune. Where I write, New Sudan Vision, will not definitely accept to publish it.
      But I will try my best to see if it works.

      When are you coming to Sudan? Finished? Thanks and bye for now.

      John Penn.

  • Anuol Deng

    14 hours ago

    Anuol Deng

      Since 2006, there has been illegal heavy fighting in South Sudan, Abyei, Blue Nile and Nuba Mountain in which thousands were killed and displaced and yet no UN war crime investigation was initiated and no single war criminal was indicted by ICC. Some critics have argued that the UN-ICC did not react because they have no interest as they have nothing to get out of those regions. Well if that is true, perhaps it is worth considering whether it is a question of getting something out of Nuba Mountain, South Sudan, Abyei and Blue Nile that matters; or whether it is a question of justice not being given to the helpless victims caught up in the cross fire of illegal wars that matters the most. I am so surprised to see that no single soul is indicted from these conflicts! Why has the UN-ICC been so silent for many years over the atrocities committed in the regions of South Sudan, Abyei, Nuba Mountain and BlueNile, and yet the atrocities committed during the war and currently being committed in these regions are grave and are serious human rights abuse. As we have seen lately, the election violence in Kenya prompted UN to instruct the ICC to launch human rights abuse investigation and those responsible were supposedly indicted. The UN-ICC, on humanitarian grounds reacted to the war in Darfur by considering a no fly zone and also indicted some key figures for their role in Darfur conflict. Equally, recently in the Libyan revolution, the UN was quick to consider issuing indictment of Gaddaffi (before his death) and his loyalists. The atrocities committed by different groups in South Sudan, Blue Nile, Abyei and Nuba Mountain are serious human rights violation, yet the UN-ICC has not indicted a single soul. I wonder what is going on with UN-ICC when it comes to these regions. Perhaps someone may consider whether UN-ICC is being prejudice against the people of South Sudan, Abyei, Nuba Mountain, Abyei and Blue Nile. We all know the principles of the UN. UN was founded after WWII as a body with common goals to serve and protect humanity from the aggression of the evil. Later in 2000s the treaty of Rome which founded the ICC under UN recommendation, came into being through the common aspiration of seeing justice given to the helpless victims of illegal wars around the world, and to see fair justice given to all regardless of region, continent, class, race and country one belongs. Every citizen on earth respects and appreciates the United Nation and ICC and they believe that the UN and ICC will protect them and their interests when necessary. However, the UN-ICC, (a part from their good work they are doing on peacekeeping in South Sudan), seems in the case of South Sudan, Abyei, Blue Nile and Nuba Mountain to have failed the people. The people in these regions have been crying for justice and no one heard their cries. In 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2011, there were heavy fighting in Jonglei State, Abyei, Upper Nile and Unity State, caused by lawless militias with no concrete political goal to achieve and the result of these heavy fighting was the unwarranted killing of civil population and looting and destruction of their properties. The matter was brought to the UN attention in South Sudan by civil society organizations and I am sure somehow somewhere the ICC was aware of this and yet no single militia was indicted. Contrary to that, in the same year, another African lawless, war criminal, Joseph Kony, was indicted by ICC while hiding in Congo and Central Africa Republic. It is important to note that the UN in South Sudan and ICC are well aware of some criminals hiding in the deep jungles of the Congo and Central Africa Republic but not aware of war criminals roaming the land freely in South Sudan and terrorising innocent and helpless populations. We can recall the 1991 Bor Massacre in South Sudan in which over a million people were killed in cold blood by some war criminals but no investigation was carried out by the UN and no criminal involved was indictment for war crimes. Later on in 1994 the Rwanda Genocide occurred and the UN reacted to this by initiating war crimes investigation and set up the ICTR to try those involved. On the same note, in reacting to the horrific human rights atrocities committed in Yugoslavia, the UN set up ICTY to try the war criminals involved. In addition, the UN-ICC did a good job in Liberia by bringing Charles Taylor to justice for his war crimes in Serra Leon and Liberia. We can see clearly that the UN has played a significant role in giving the victims of war fair and equitable justice in some parts of the world but unfortunately not in the Sudan, especially in the regions of South Sudan, Abyei, Nuba Mountain and Blue Nile where human rights atrocities are continuing. The people of South Sudan, Abyei, Nuba Mountain and Blue Nile have suffered tremendously for decades and deserve to be given justice. They have rights like other citizens of the world to know that the war criminals responsible for their suffering are brought to justice by ICC. It is now time for the UN-ICC not to just give justice to some but to give justice to all on equal basis. That means that if Rwanda genocide was investigated and those held responsible were brought to justice then Bor Massacre should be investigate by the UN-ICC and those responsible should be brought to justice. It also means that if UN-ICC can indict human rights abusers in Darfur, Kenyan and DRC Congo, then it should indict those currently instigating violence in South Sudan, Abyei, Blue Nile and Nuba Mountain and bring these people to book so that the helpless civil population can at least rest from their tyranny. The UN-ICC should live to its goals and aspirations in which it was founded. It should therefore not just give justice to some and put a blind eye to a denied justice of others. Currently as we are speaking there is endless killing by Khartoum Government in Blue Nile, Nuba Mountain and Abyei, and endless killing by lawless militias backed by [ELEMENTS] in South Sudan. It is important now that UN-ICC take moral responsible and lead the way in bringing justice to the victims of illegal wars in Abyei, South Sudan, Nuba Mountain and Blue Nile. Enough is enough and our people need to rest from the bullets.

THAT ODD, OLD, COLD HOLD! I wonder why some lasses leave our hot-blooded gold hugs and just go for cold holds! I wonder why our grandpas/mas should be allowed to fund their way into our age politically and socially! Why the rampant cross-generational sex? If you don’t want ur sister to be hooked and hugged and hissed and kissed by such a hog, please, do something, do anything, do everything… join the campaign and stop that marriage of inconvenience…

Chol Garang Reuhahaha…..mony diit rac piou

  • April 18 at 2:25pm ·
  • Dengjam BiorMonydit is rocking present world.

    April 18 at 2:32pm ·
  • Ayuen AwanDisability is not inability. The old age has disabled them but they are still able to ride brand new virgin girls. What don’t you know about the power of pesa?

    April 18 at 2:42pm ·
  • Ayuen Awan‎@Penn, don’t campaign for its abolition because you might be a victim in future. I believe you’ll also be old when you’ll be planning for your second……not sure! Lol

    April 18 at 2:46pm ·
  • Atok D Baguoot It is hard to tell what is which. a certain friend told me she is looking for old persons because they had already accumulated much wealth\
    to sustain them, the young ones.

    April 18 at 3:53pm ·
  • Bior Kwer Bior JrWhat is it with the hammer? Oh…………….a message to young people: If you dare eye her, with lust, I sure will hammer your teeth into your skull. Chill grandpa!!!!!

    April 18 at 7:15pm ·
  • John Penn de NgongAll of you guys have qualified to wear a crown of a smart witty clown. I laughed till the environment was concerned. You know, what I thought was a heavy thought has become just a joke, though our young ones are sobbing over their wriggled cheeks, it’s not a new thing. Ayuen, am an Abuna, so will not take on co-one.·
  • Joshua GërënŋTe de mochdiit aken ben etediene cake en ca lo tueng. A good song
  • John NgongMr. Ngong , let us  make our claims to well clear to our community or society.

    April 19 at 12:05am ·
  • Lawrence Wodgang Wenger RomeoYep

    April 19 at 3:53am ·
  • Nyadol NyuonJohn, its sad that it is a job for some and a harsh, sad and misreable realtiy for some young girl in our country. Its really a shame the standard to which our community holds and treat women – plainly nothing to be proud of or celebrate or make a joke of.

    April 19 at 9:11am
  • Nyadol Nyuon

    Ayuen; I wonder which number you are intending to reach. The unnecessary and barbaric perception that women are to be collected like a variety of shirts, is obsolete, irrational and plainly dangerous.  Personally anybody who continue to pra…ctice such harm..should have the rational part of being a human being taken out of their description, eqaully so shoudl the part that call them human. For neither a rationalily nor humanity befits such individuals.See More
    April 19 at 9:16am
  • John Penn de Ngong

    Nyadol, your comment is what I’ve been waiting for. I apologize that that bitter fact has been turned into a joke. My heart bleeds when I see a single-handed fighter like you making a single drop into that masculine ocean. That is why some …of us would wish to put on skirts and go on the road, you know. Time is coming for my 2004 Sudan Mirror prophecy, ‘The Anya-nya III’ movement to be fulfilled (an imaginary upraising by women sometimes around 2020). Nyadol, carry on my sister, you are one of the liberation commanders.See More
    April 20 at 7:36am ·
  • Jacob Makuei Deng-agoor

    ‎@ nyadol nyuon u r a feminist according to most of ur comments I have ever read but let me advice u; don’t make it forcefully like this. If a woman does not convince her husband, she faces suppression. Women will get freedom/rights as indi…viduals but not as who they call themselves. For instance, if my wife convinces me, she deserves whatever from me and will get it as an individual. Remember, this power was given by God. There is no day that it will b handed over to u (women)- Not untill God comes & takes it away from us, we will keep it.  We will hand it over to him (God) but not to u (women). If u insist, open a case against men (appeal to God), I advice u. So, if u want 2 get whatever u need, convince ur husband.See More
    April 21 at 12:15am ·
  • Nyadol Nyuon

    Jacob, thanks, but you advice is of no service to me. With all due respect; unlike you, I do not think I have a God given right to abuse another person. I also do not make the erred notion that I am God, who those below me come and ask for …right to which i exercise at my discretion. I feel sorry for your future wife, that every time she need something, she must asked her almighty God Jacob, to please accord her the right of a human being and be treated fairly and humanly.  First, I a surprise that you would not reach that conclusion yourself as a rational man; I mean God also gave you free will and a mind. Second, is that the only way you can generate power and control, nothing you actually work on with your own hand, but some cultural and God given right?. You are right, there is day, that such right would be handed to women, which really undermine why we should eve asked in the first place as you claim.  If Southern Sudan had waited on the north to give us our right for self-determination; if we beg them  – I am sure we would be far behind in the independence movement. If Martin luther King, did not think that enough was enough, and had beg and pleaded, the civil right movement who have been slow. Historically Mr Jacob, Abuser have assume that it is their God given right to abuse. Some even bomb building today because it is their “God” wishing.  Women must fight for their rights, demand their right and be forceful, that the only way change and real change as ever occurred.  And those man who believe in the equality of all, those who an not govern my selfishness will join and fight for a better community.  I will not need to convice my husband about anything, any man i marry must understand that I am human to the degree his is. A man who beed convincing- is a man who should read more book and maybe open up his mind to other ideas.  I am a femenist you say, who are you an abuser?See More
    April 21 at 3:09pm ·
  • Jacob Makuei Deng-agoor

    No, I am not who u think. I cannot agree 2 join u in the fight 4 women’s right (not human rights) cos u have a plan that doesnot have the modalities & strategies to remedy what u think is wrong. Remember, a plan without convincing mechanism…s is like an engine minus wheels. The fatigue of the chronic ideology that men have upon women is overwhelmingly more powerful than the scanty modalities u have to tackle it. u still need to meditate. I think the right u (Nyadol) need is where women can b given the go-ahead 2 sit on men. Your plan is a nice one that, when explained explicitly, can b backed up. Endeavour to b barely coherent, application of force/direct attack will not help u. According to Charles Caleb Colton, “inspite my 30 yrs of research into feminine soul, the question that I can’t answer is, what does a woman want?” he said. Toni Morrison also said,”u will not regret the men u never killed, but u will regret the women u passed up”. As a matter of advice, u have a nice idea but put it in a way someone can emulate u & help advocate 4 what u call women’s rights. Good debate, keep up, I like it. let me now correctly call u women’s proxy.See More
    April 21 at 10:02pm ·
  • Nyadol Nyuon

    Mr Jacob, you are not a person, I would consider to think that women have rights. Why would a God like you want that? No, you want you wife to go and beg you for her rights to which you will accord her to your wish. Really, the only reason …you are powerful is because you are  a man? I find that simply sad, why do you work hard at something which is not free, and god given. Be proud of something you have actually earned. When you do that we have some debate. But for now whist it last, let the I am a  ‘man’, taken  you were you want to go. Mr Jacob, with all due respect, It is you who want to always sit on women. The sit is so comfortable, because they can do all you want, while you claim and undesevered credit.  I unlike you, do not thing a need to get my power by disempowring another.  like all person, I am claiming my right to be sat on- by referring you to a chair. Unlike you, I do not need to abuse another to feel strong,  I do even think, that I am a custodian for another right to which they should ask from me.  Mr Charles Caleb Colton, I posse this question; you were born by a woman, raise more probably by one, and you never thought to ask them what they wanted? The question is not for you to answer Mr Charles. For if you needed a scientific answer, you would ask a scientific. Mr Charles simply ask a woman…. and hopeful you will pay attention to what she tell you she wants, rather than misconstruct it to much you needs and what. As you you second thought, I find it appalling, are you advocating for the killing of women ? In deed Mr Jacob, the lives that matter to you are those of men. But do worry, you live in the perfect culture for it, were you can go and marry a 13 year old, beat her to death to your pleasure and marry another one to who you can even use as a chair it its pleases you.  Or if you want a woman who does not want you, you can carry her by force, rape her and the she is force by culture to live with her rapist. But just incase Mr Jacob, you find that you are passing to many women by, you can move next door to Congon and were brutal systematic rape of women continue. Or even, be careful, have you pass your sister by, what about you mother and nieces. Its simply a pity, when those who should know better become do worst.   Thanks a woman’s proxy? What should I call you, for this rare kind act? I reffer you to the sentence above.. pick one you can not got wrong.See More
    April 22 at 7:08am ·
  • Nyadol NyuonTo be read as,…like all person, I am  calming  my right not to be sat on.

    April 22 at 7:10am ·
  • Wilson Wutchok Dhalany one laughing @ this Mzee will pass through this situation whether yes or no unless d/t in decision making haha ·
  • Kede MiakduurA picture speaks louder than the respondents! Yeah the debate seems derailing into sexes: Men rights versus women rights!
  • Athieng Riakbai

    John John Penn de Ngong, you don’t need skirts on to fight for fair treatment of women. It should not be a women fight but for both men and women. Oppressing women is one reason keeping us behind. That men can be successful without their wo…men is like that ”hiding of hyena with his tail outside (exposed)”, by Akut Kuei. I know this debate took place 6 months ago but I still feel the need to talk. Thanks Nyadol for fighting your way to be heart at the face of intimidating comments from Makuei. It is shocking to hear those people like Makuei who are suppose to understand and fight for elimination of social evils are actually worshipping it!! I hope something get done soon or else we have no good reason to be free from the northern oppressors!!!See More
  • Jacob Makuei Deng-agoor

    Meanwhile the debate continues, I would like to thank all the participants who, without regret, have taken their golden time to have a say on this vigorously contrasting debate upon which leads which; femininity or masculinity. First & fore…most, allow me at the outset to take you and myself back to the garden of Eden by tuning our minds to the Bible. In the book of Genesis 2:23-24, briefly, it reads: this is now bone of my bones & flesh of my flesh… verse 24- a man should leave his father & mother and cleave to his wife.ladies & gentlemen, allow me hereof to explicate this matter at the biblical perspective of entelechy of gender & as the Bible puts it, there is no point that one mistreats or intimidates a bone of his bones & flesh of his flesh. The difference in gender was created as a means to hook attraction & build affection towards each other. The biblical sequence that brings woman after man is meant to create order, not oppression or its associates. However, women look at this fact as backwardness. But as I put it in the context of my 2nd comment, the question still remains; what do women want?Many researches have been carried out to ascertain what women want; do they need to sit on men or become heads of families, institutions or governments? If not, then what do they want? A number of researchers have come out with none other than the usual love a woman deserves. But is this what they adamantly shout out for? As the saying goes, there is no smoke without fire, I admit that the main drive of all problems women face today is lack of love and negligence.Last but not the least, do my dear debaters know what my opinion means? almost all my sisters involved in this debate view me from behind. They see my opinions about this issue contrariwise compared to what they think, however, my sentiment hereinbefore, has been advocating for fair treatment of women but not women sitting on men if this is what they want. Athieng Riakbai, I do not abhor the idea of treating woman humanely provided that they know where they fall. I know a percentage of women want to become heads of families and beyond & this is where I swiftly jump onto the table & remain opposed to, for life. Don’t take a bull by its horns lest it hurts u. we cake leec wedhie.See More
  • Nathaniel Athian Deng

    Attention Jacob Makuei Deng-agoor! Feminism is wrongly placed in your comment! A person talking her or his mind out is not always a feminist! Any woman talking her mind out is not a feminist by the virtue of being a woman either. @Nyadol Ny…uon & Athieng Riakbai, I think women’s world is as diverse as men’s world. We only make wrongs when we essentially talk of women as a similar entity without considering how diverse they are and how some women rules both other women and men! Elitism should be differentiated from activism. Elitist women make their low status women maids while they want equal treatment of women by men! I think it would be good if we start from societal improvement of life instead of women facing men as the sole causes of oppression!All  men being targeted as the causative agents of oppression makes other men who would help women to realize their “right” to go back and watch. Furthermore, this generalization ignores how women also oppress men!See More
  • Jacob Makuei Deng-agoor

    ‎@athian. Not a while after I completed reading your comment, I began to ask myself these questions: if someone beliefs in securing rights & opportunities for women only, what should I call this person? do comments from our sisters, as seen… above, reflect rights review for all? Apparently, Mr. Nathaniel Athian Deng, our girls’ notions of what I would correctly call, ‘a fight for not human rights but women’s rights’ have nothing to do with men in spite of the fact that many men face mistreatment by their women. p’ple who part themselves like this, what do I call them? (Athian yin gak xa ku yin gek jur). Anyway, I am not a chauvinist to part myself with one gender but rather someone who calls for concerted efforts to tackle oppression at all angles & dimensions. This way, we can achieve this ignorantly buried goal. many thxs indeed.See More
  • Diing-yarajoh de Bulhey maze, you can not comport her, bec. you are old.if u were young she could have happy

A viewpoint

By: Ateny Wek Ateny

Can SPLM win the 2015 Elections?

Five Major Pieces of Advice to the SPLM for winning next General Elections – this time within the New National Elections Laws!!

Will the SPLM really pull this crowd as it did in the last elections and referendum? (Photo by John Penn de Ngong/Jan. 9)

This  topic is complex, and so it requires some wisdom and perseverance to understand and analyse. As human, we have too complex organs that had more than just one function: for examples “Mouth” had two functions, one to help you eat and live, and another to help you talk and be heard. Sometimes, a mouth can say something that may prevent you from eating . Given that, the world had grown materialistic, what ones says to please the poor majority of people, may not please the wealthy few and vies-versa. For the author, talking to be heard and to hear is the underlining ‘holly principles’. I eat to live, but also to be heard. This small readers’ note is to highlight why this topic is necessary now.

Sudan April’s General Election, was by no means the type of Elections one should be proud of. South Sudan during the signing of the Addis Ababa accord, had one of the best Elections one can say ‘it had the element of what you can call ‘elections’ – at least from African perspective. What was lacking in the Addis Accord was the voice of the South within Sudan Political and Social decision-making establishment. The CPA had provided the cornerstone to South Sudan Independence on July 9th, 2011 – thanks to the late leader of the then rebel SPLM/A. Nevertheless, the CPA didn’t bring real democracy – rather it has provided the bases for making one in future.

The sets of protocols the CPA had sought to be implemented prior to the confirmation of the unity of Sudan, or secession of Southern Sudan provided some set of rules that makes any ‘Free and Fair Elections’ impossible. In the CPA, the NCP in the North must contest to win, while in the South, SPLM must also win – simply to keep
partnership in the peace agreement. And, of course it was true – the two parties must have won by all means. And therefore, no any person in his rightful mind would have dare to be too much proud of April Elections. The
April Elections’ victory, was more or less than that of the unanimous peoples’ of South Sudan victory for just one given purpose – “SPLM must be voted in to oversee the Independence of South Sudan”. It had nothing to do with success in the political program of any party. SPLM emerges as a politico-military organization and so within it, lives some organs which share only one thing with the visionary leaders of the SPLM/A – the “Liberation Movement”. With liberation completed on the July,9th, 2011 the SPLM as a party should now reshape its policies in order for it to be electable come 2015.

The author, moved by the series of speeches delivered by various speakers at Nyakorun Cultural Centre, during October 9th 2011 Events in which Aweil Community celebrated in the honour of its (two recently appointed sons as Ministers in the National Government, i.e. Major General Madut Biar Yel of the Ministry of Telecommunication and Postal services, and Hon. Garang Diing Akuong of the Trade, Industry and Investment Ministry), found it necessary to alert the SPLM of his observations. Dr. Bernaba Marail Benjamin, the Minister of
Information and Broadcasting, was the guest of honour on behalf of our President H.E 1st Lieutenant General Salva Kiir Mayardit. If anything, Dr. Benjamin spoke volume and his speech was ‘marvellous and spectacular’ – he had truly represented the president to the satisfaction of the whole attendants. Among other speakers; the governor of NBGS, the representatives of women, students, elders, Chiefs, and SPLM representative, just to mention few also spoke at length in respect of their views in the socio-economic and political problems our country is undergoing.

However, my focus point is in the Speech delivered by one of the most brilliant, articulate and charismatic and economist SPLM Secretary of Finance (South Sector) Mr. Kuel Aguer Kuel. If any, Mr. Kuel’s speech was well-written, articulated to the best of the SPLM’s policy speeches. This kind of speech would have been ideal for SPLM political seating. However, it was delivered in the wrong forum, wrong place at the wrong time. Aweil community is not SPLM, neither is it a political organization – otherwise, there could have been speeches expected from other South Sudan Political forces in which some members of Aweil community finds their memberships. It was ‘utterly ludicrous’ for the organizing committee to have place our brother Kuel in such a situation. While the majority of the people of Aweil, are either SPLM or sympathisers – given the cause the SPLM had been demonstrating, making Aweil to look as if, with SPLM they are different size of the same coin is a somewhat disappointing.

To come to the point, albeit Kuel’s speech was well-articulated and it had what it takes to be the speech of the leader of some kind of charisma, it was less receptive – to say the least. Kuel’s speech was truly SPLM’s and it had focused on the SPLM promises to the people during the April Elections. It had also focused ‘inter alia, on the leadership the SPLM had shown in running up to the 2011 referendum, the CPA, promises of SPLM to the people of South Sudan during April Elections, equitable distribution of wealth, equality, prosperity, all other SPLM’s usual revolutionary slogans. Ustaz Kuel did not leave any loopholes in the way the SPLM had conducted itself during the 21 years civil war, and after the signing of the CPA. So, what I have seen in the said SPLM representative speech was that, all these songs had become old songs and therefore are no more
entertaining. A song that is sung for nearly thirty years cannot be expected to be entertaining to the generation that was not born when those songs came to being. I was part of Mr.Kuel’s Presidential Campaign Management team in Northern Bhar El Ghazal during the well-remembered April Elections, so I had
witnessed what our campaign had gone through , but the space dictates to remains outside the remit of this article. I want the SPLM not to forget the lesson-learned during those elections. But what is important here is that, Kuel’s speech did not come within what the people of Aweil, or South Sudan would have expected to hear from SPLM representative at this juncture. As one of those who knows Mr.Kuel’s ability to move the crowds, I was shy to see him coming back to his seat after his speech with less than 10 hands clapping (something I have never seen in Kuel’s speeches). In this, I would like to give five points advices to the SPLM in what I hope would be taken heed of, for winning the next General Elections. I am a member of SPLM and I love SPLM to win 2015, 2020, 2025’s Elections and so on, so long as the SPLM keep itself aboard the world of political dynamism – and not static revolutionary slogans. The speech ended with SPLM Oyee …. but few responded. So, the following five points are crucial to winning next elections.

Real fighting against rampant corruption in South Sudan should be seriously undertaken by the SPLM led government . As the ruling party, the continuation of corruption and the impunity rendered to corrupts official to loot public monies, and the statements released by the SPLM leaders without bringing those statements into implementation may backfire. So the SPLM leadership must reshuffle Anti-Corruptions Commission, and so people of high integrity be appointed, and the laws which fight corruption enacted. Accountability is effective tool in fighting corruption.

Service delivery, the Government headed by the SPLM must ensure real delivery of services, and not ‘utopian slogans’. Like the successes the SPLM had gained during the war and in peace – therefore leading South Sudan to its full independence from Sudan, failure to deliver services to the people in the last six years and the proceeding 4 years shall be counted on on SPLM- menu and can be counterproductive. The Presidents’ 100 days should continue after the elapse of that duration throughout the 4 years of the interim government so that, this statement is translated into real. And, this will pressurise the constitutional and administrative post holders to be serious about development. The general public also had a duty, but it requires supervision and regulatory measures from the incumbent government.

Eradication of poverty, or at least the government should tackle on improving living standard. The huge gap between the poor and the rich (of 2005) is so enormous and so, the government must ensure its narrow it. Since 2005, government officials had been determine to enrich themselves or the members of their immediate families, and this had created the richness of some individuals on expense of the majority of the people of South Sudan. The president had shown his intolerance on corruption and corrupt officials. He (the president) had issued statement urging those who stole public monies to return them, and so putting this statement in practice shall go down to the purse of SPLM for winning next elections and for being praise for effecting ‘Good Governance’. Nepotism also helps to aggravate poverty, since the jobs are given to wrong people.

Security; SPLM had never turn a blind eye to the urge to maintain security for its citizens. During the war, SPLM/A fought the SAF and PDF in one hand and the various Southern Sudanese’ Militias just to ensure its cares about lives of civilian. However, since the singing of the CPA – killing of innocents people had become part of competition for gaining political posts. Militia leaders had been on and off defending on their marketability. If, the money don’t keep flowing in the South, the best is to rebel and join the North, and when the South offer you money, you come back with the list of some 4000 men/women in less than 3 months of absent – seeking integration into SPLA. All these process requires the SPLM as ruling party to say ‘enough is enough’. Appeasement is not the only tool the government should have used throughout 6 years of the post
CPA and would like to continue – there are other way: guess them. No one is incapable of taking arms against the government, so if we keep appeasement as the only tool of survival, so are we ready to appease 10 million South Sudanese – since the only way for living is almost becoming to be that of arms?.

Finally, SPLM should rejuvenate, reorganises its institutions and make sure it allows the process of identifying the new leaders to emerge – instead of relying on ‘the some old Gurus that do not work for the good of SPLM’. Party Conference, should start to be held annually, so that the party progress is monitored. Convening Conventions every five years – makes the scrutiny difficult. SPLM should institutionalized and keep itself operative institutional wise than keeping the old revolutionary way. War of liberation had gone, the liberation itself completed, so what else can we rely apart from living up to the norms of a modern political party?. All SPLM institutions are either nominally operating or dysfunctional. With exception of Political Bureau which decides on the fate of SPLM, the hibernating other institutions of the party should be wake up to functions. Identification of possible party cadres is often determine in the wake of a given party political event – and so the five years conventions are not enough.

The author is a delegate in the SPLM 2nd National Convention, and can be
reached by either e-mail ;
or by phone 0955911110.