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BLOGGER’S OBSERVATION: I, for one, have no hope in that report. As usual, it will be dumped from the first instance it was raised. With the presence of leaders like Museveni of Uganda being party to the war and its crimes, the Report is no deal to lay somebody’s hope on. It is binned in advance! Let’s just wait and see! And the people of South Sudan in particular, and Africa in general, will have been betrayed in exchange for power by their greedy leaders. Peace traded with justice was my hope, but now with the African brand of impunity by immunity, it is leadership exchanged with justice! But my hope is anchored on the lines by the Big Man of the Report. Should the African dictators sweep the report under their carpet, some Snowdens or Assanges will do service to our people. I mean, the Report should get leaked out of frustrations, Inshallah!


Every South Sudanese is calling for peace, but in their own ways. This political-cum-tribal war has partitioned our country not only on geographical and ethnic lines but also on opinion grounds. Almost all… Continue reading

THE WEAKLEAKS WEEK’S LEAK: The IGAD’s Hot Paper That Turns into a Red Pepper…!

Nevertheless, with Kiir continuing in power, chances that Riek becomes the next president are limited. It makes it the post-July 23rd scenario–no marked difference nor any new change! Therefore, maintaining the status quo of Kiir’s system (I call it ‘DemoKiiracy’) is no permanent solution to the war. It maintains the mistrust already entrenched and may make Riek’s generals not bring their forces home and lay down their tools. In short, the paper must be subjected to intense negotiation as is now going on. But the bottomline for longer solution is either the two are in the government, and abstain from vying for the next political power, or they are out of the interim administration and wait for the next elections. Any other opinion that gives one an unfair advantage over the other is but a postponement of the past and present massacres for BIGGER ONES!

My ‘Addisaphobia’: A Disagreement in the Addis Agreement Based on my Analysis of Past Historical Trauma and the Present Historic Drama!

“WELCOME BACK TO UNITY!” reads the big billboard that greets us at Khartoum International Airport. Thank God, I was going to run mad if that did not turn out to be a dream.… Continue reading