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ADDISAGREEMENT: A Breakthrough, then a Breakdown for another too weak two-week Consultation or Confrontation!

Any violation of the cessation of the hostilities by any party will invite the following collective action by the IGAD region against those responsible for such violations, which will include, but are not limited to:

NEW NEWS: Yet Another ‘Addisagreement’…!

Today, October 3, IGAD mediators abruptly called off the South Sudanese Peace Process in the capital of the Amhara Province of Bahir Dar in Ethiopia. The announcement was made late this evening. So… Continue reading

My ‘Addisaphobia’: A Disagreement in the Addis Agreement Based on my Analysis of Past Historical Trauma and the Present Historic Drama!

“WELCOME BACK TO UNITY!” reads the big billboard that greets us at Khartoum International Airport. Thank God, I was going to run mad if that did not turn out to be a dream.… Continue reading

“Al Hamzulilah, Ocambo is gone!”— Open Letter to Bashir ‘al Assad’ of Sudan.

Your Ex-cellency, “Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! The Evilis is out!” Before you shout your lungs out and promise to pray in Bentiu or Abyei next Friday, just on hearing that the man witch-hunting… Continue reading