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Without wasting time on that long letter aimed at creating a scapegoat, I have got what I wanted already in that opening paragraph. Hypocrisy, escapism and threat against the people who tell the truth in South Sudan. Unfortunately, most of such things are done in the collective name of the largest ethnic group in South Sudan by a minority of recyclable politicians who use their innocent communities as pawns in the war of political power maintenance. The most unfortunate part of this story is the way straight talkers like Mac Paul Kuol Awar are being fronted to the community as the villains of the war. Just by telling the truth, which is sworn in an oath before a witness speaks, a certain group that calls itself the name of the whole tribe is misleading the communities to shift from the culprits of the war to the scapegoats like Mac (pronounced ‘mach’) and those named in the report. The method of coercion of support is threefold, as done through allegiance to tribe as seen in Agel Machar’s reason of defection here, bribe, which is offered in terms of cash money, job or other favours, and threats. Threat of use of force is always the last resort as in Agel Machar’s picture here, again.

An Open Letter to Electronic Mujahideen

Originally posted on The Sudanese Optimist:
Dear Electronic Mujahid, Hello there. Welcome to my blog. Let me preface this letter by saying that in the event that you drop dead while browsing this…

“Al Hamzulilah, Ocambo is gone!”— Open Letter to Bashir ‘al Assad’ of Sudan.

Your Ex-cellency, “Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! The Evilis is out!” Before you shout your lungs out and promise to pray in Bentiu or Abyei next Friday, just on hearing that the man witch-hunting… Continue reading