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‘DEKIIREES IN DEMOKIIRACY’: Salva Kiir Appoints Salva Kiir to Dialogue with Salva Kiir…!

THE DECREE: “I, Salva Kiir Mayardit, President of the Republic of South Sudan and the Patron of the National Dialogue, do hereby issue this Republican Order for the FORMATION OF THE NATIONAL DIALOGUE… Continue reading

Poetically Political Letter to TGONU BOSSES: I WANT THIS WAR DEAD!

NB: This ‘Ditism’ factor is seen in how they can just feel like nothing has happened after killing thousands of their citizens. I was downtrodden yesterday (26/04/2016) when President Kiir profusely apologized to the international community, mentioning them by name, one after another, in his peace partner’s welcoming speech, but just one quick sentence and in reference to their previous quack apologies to the victims of their war of power greed in South Sudan. I guess Riek also did so in his unwritten swearing speech, just as they did it in a blanket apology in Arusha. I just shrugged it off and put it bluntly to my fellow backstage protestors, “Yea, he apologizes for money: the KiiRiek duo wants to finance their government, so they apologize, but for having done nothing, to their masters. But who are you, citizens of South Sudan? Are you anybody’s master?”

‘THE ADDISAGREEMENT’: Compromise Agreement Draft Document by IGAD-Plus

On this Day, July 24, 2015, South Sudanese peace negotiators were served with another hot draft document for the umpteenth time in the last 18 months of talking about the talks. The document,… Continue reading