About Weakleaks!

In Sudan today (2010), our readers, our leaders and other senior citizens in the aftermath of the conflict seem to be oscillating between words of war and war of words. Such leaders who lose their hearts in loose utternaces are to be crucified ‘weakleakly‘ {like USA  on the in/famous Wikileaks.com} on the altar of their tongues. So the main aim of this weblog is not only to be my daily diary but also a state diary with a duty duly to Announce Wackiness, Renounce Weakness and Denounce Wickedness.

So you are warmly welcome. Have a good read! But, dear legitimate Southerner, forget not to vote for SEPARATION from SUPPRESSION in the Southern Sudanese Referendum for Freedom this January.

NB: Congratulations for your successful votes in advance. You are now a first class citizen. Please, be a diligent denizen.

About Me

With evidences to tell and products to show, I am a free freedom fighter and a freelance writer, a journalist and a columnist, a teacher and a preacher, an artist and an artiste, an actor and a director, an essayist and a poet, etc.; and (don’t give up yet) above all, a brother and a father in a nuclear family!

What else? Of course, click the PDF link: Penn’s CV, below:

Penn’s CV


1- Schools’ Prefectorial Testimonials

Prefectorial Certificate of Merit

My first media job began here

2- Professional Samples:

CCA Certificate

Church Service Certificate

Invitation letter for my Award-giving Ceremony

Page 3 of my award-winning essay

Page 2 of my original winning essay

b)-  Maths Contests (No. 95 out of 31,000 contestants)

Invitation letter to the award-giving Ceremony