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The Day I Fled Juba, Heard Of Lam And Karbino’s Killing, And Failed To Return Six Years Later!

By Jon Pen de Ngong This testimony of mine…I am writing it not for damn records; not for incitement, nor for the purpose of Chapter 5 of RARCSS, or for the sheer fun… Continue reading


TIME FOR HONEST SELF-EVALUATION By Jon Pen The picture here shows an analytically critical, self-evaluation App’s result. Wow, the damn thing is ‘sending me to hell’ raw! Yes, as I criticize, so must… Continue reading

“Why Go To Kigali SSYLF Summit But You’re Not A Youth Leader?” He Asked.

By Jon Pen de Ngong The question my fellow Kigali SSYLF Summit (Nov. 11- 15, 2017) attendees in general and myself in particular were welcomed home with is captured in the heading. This… Continue reading


“Nairobi is hosting toxic big mouth activists as well as political brokers. It isn’t be a surprise to sweat the shit out of you at deportation era like ” James Gatdat” whose ass… Continue reading

ORDERS FROM ABOVE: Will They Deter My Rioting By Writing?

“I want you, Maliamungu, to clear all men inside from Lango and Acholi tribes. They are obote’s men, and they want to steal my presidency. It will never happen!”


What pissed me off was not all that I have narrated. The problem I always face in the police, across the borders, in other public places is the question of the burden of nationality. I am asked questions supposed to be directed to Salva Kiir or Riek Machar, or the top echelon of the national mess, for that matter. Why have you broken up your new nation? We hear Kenyans have been arrested in Sudan (to mean South Sudan)! Why are you killing your own people? and so on.

All in all, if we have not played with our nation, our lives, robbers, thieves, con artists, police, street families, etc. would not make money on us.

GUEST POST: The Journey for Nation Building Must Kick off with Freedom of Expression of ‘Truth, Justice and Reconciliation’…!

The Solutions you are talking about will never come without the truth!
I understand the feelings but telling the truth is the biggest problem in South Sudan today. It is what has caused mama Nyandeeng to be a prey; it is what is causing the pain, arousing silly vilifications of the political detainees (and leaving the SPLM IG untouched even when we know they faked the coup) and any other South Sudanese who condemns the war. Instead of seeing the advantage in the campaign against the war, folks go ahead of the peace advocates and envision how they will be angelic or even become Presidents later on comes peace. Therefore, they start to ambush them and taint them up a little bit so that they will look as dirty as everyone else before peace comes! I get it but the history of our nation will highlight the darkest spots even after we are all dead and gone and the generations after us live on.