“Nairobi is hosting toxic big mouth activists as well as political brokers. It isn’t be a surprise to sweat the shit out of you at deportation era like ” James Gatdat” whose ass had sweat to zero infinity,” from my friend (Mabil’s) Facebook update.

Hardly 12 hours later, the guy who wrote this on his Facebook status is sweating in prison in Nairobi with other innocent guys: we call this type of boomerang a ‘poetic justice’. However big and small the mouth could be, it’s not about mouths, it’s about us, South Sudanese!

After commenting on that ‘them-and-us’ post of his, I then turned to one of my hell wishers who was hanging my name on his page for deportation the same last night, “You think the next deportee is a Jon Pen? Just wait and see!” It’s like I told my fellow Bor youth some years back, “I will be the last to die, as I am always fast to dive…after correct analysis of the situation as such!”

That is when they spelled doom on my name following the death of my colleague John Akuach and several others. Secret? I make sure I am always innocent, truthful and moral in my activism for the people of South Sudan.

All the way from Jonglei, 2012 to date: I lost Wiyual Manytap (one week before Isaiah Abraham’s), John Chuol Mamuth, Karbino Kolen (kidnapped behind me while escaping at JIA and beaten beaten to death later in front of his cousin, David Yau Yau, who accused him of working with Kuol Manyang…Don’t ask how Yau Yau operated around Juba Airport by then, and how come he is now working with the very Kuol Manyang), and now John or Jean Aborcup who narrowly survived and miraculously found himself in another PoC site at Goma (DRC), among others. Woe to the youth of the war of the Old Guard who are destroying our young republic by their incompetently baby grip of raw power!

No. Not me on the hit list! Remember the J-1 Paradox? They always initiate the mayhem with a myopic belief that it will affect ‘them’ not ‘us’, then it boomerangs! Then my usual one-liner description of this ‘Kiiritical thinking’ of ‘Shooting Fast, Aiming Last’. And you all sniff the snuff together, like a riot police in a Makerere teargas cloud. So this is what i predict in the order of deportations:


1- ‘The RIEKTIONARIES’ (This has started and ended with Gatdet Dak. No more deportations, or if any, it will be very costly to the host and will end up in the quarters of law and UN).

2- ‘The KIIRISTIANS”: the countdown is on…But the Gordon Buays should be ready for packing, though not by sacking, upon real reorganization of South Sudan diplomacy. No such bloody African ambassador to USA in History!

3- ‘The PAG’ANS’ (Zero deportation…because those of Dr. Majak are too super for petty cash power brokers like the FOSSEA’s Wanjohis. Let those ‘Legislators on hire’ (to borrow President Uhuru Kenyatta’s description) go look for their campaign money elsewhere. The money you collect by unleashing terror will nit buy enough votes come elections, wait and see!

Of the G-Tenners, the junior aspirants, say, Junior William Deng is as far as Dar, doing his PhD course, the future PhD of no rebellions, OK? And if you fool Magufuli to deport him within 24 hours, then you must have consulted TB Joshua 10 times, not a million dollar to Tanzanians. Stay warned!

4- Activists: (The Penner like this one from AFTABOSS Internet’ional: Association of Tweeters, Facebookers and Bloggers of South Sudan). But all my dudes under AFTABOSS could only be deported and immediately ‘arrested’ by UNMISS at JIA, and redeported to JKIA. YES! Don’t joke with truth sayers. Those singing our doomsday today will inbox us one day while sweating in their hell called ‘Blue House’. I am not here to curse you, but God can.

My friends, just wait for the summation of the diplomatic costs of Gatdet’s deportation between Kenya/South Sudan/United Nations.

5- The Naive Natives of South Sudan. Always, any mess by the Kiiriek Duo kicks off with them and ends up on them (the ordinary citizens of South Sudan).

For example, as I am typing this warning, news is trickling in that 24 South Sudanese youth have been detained by Kenyan police over a very flimsy issue here in Nairobi. Who knows, they may deport them…to Juba or Pagak, of course, most of them are government supporters, say ‘Kiiristians’. So let’s pray for them coz they are also our fellow Christians, being dragged into ‘Kiiristianity’! Un/fortunately, all are Dinka from Bor (No details yet).

In conclusion, Kenya population is receiving distress phone calls from inside South Sudan from their members that they are under threat right upon the arrest and forceful expulsion of the IO spox. Who knows, should anything happen to any Kenyans in the IO-controlled territories, their relatives back home here will not care whether the contoured forehead belongs to Muony Agaar or Gat-Kiir (Muony Nuer). They will not care if this is an ‘Equatorian’ or a ‘Dinquatorian’. You are all South Sudanese. So, let those knuckleheads who are still circulating their JonPen list of deportation drop it and contact me for a new one.

That incident of Gatdet is once and for all. Fresh ones may be arising under different context, and those arresting Gatdrt may share the same cell with him some day…Unless the J1 occupant is not Kiir.

I conclude with a quote by Jere in ‘Betrayal in the City’, a Kenyan play by Francis Imbuga: “The outside of this cell could as well be the inside of another.” To the prison guard, he means the whole country is in prison.  So the warden, who is boastfully telling Jere off about being different by status, is also an inmate. Aren’t we, South Sudanese?

More news and analyses are LOADING>>>