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His conviction of joining the SPLM-IO was not to fight the people of Bor but to help them get the truth about this war and protect them from further massacres. It is worth reminding that Alier on his arrival from Australia witnessed the Bor attacks live in Baidit during that ill-fated Christmas season, only to join the same attackers 6 months later. There must be a big reason behind this decision. He demonstrated this in Pagak in a Bor Community meeting on the IGAD consultation proposal in December 2014. Chaired by Jesus Deng Atem as Bor Community leader in the SPLM-IO, which I attended, the meeting came out with the following demands addressed in writing to Chairman Riek Machar.

‘THE ADDISAGREEMENT’: Compromise Agreement Draft Document by IGAD-Plus

On this Day, July 24, 2015, South Sudanese peace negotiators were served with another hot draft document for the umpteenth time in the last 18 months of talking about the talks. The document,… Continue reading

OOPSLEAKS: Why I Turned Down a ‘Decree’ to The Office of the President!

I will tell you everything. And I will tell you why I am telling you everything I have been doing for the last three years of my life in exile. Unfortunately, I have not kept a regular diary on my trips from Juba to Nairobi (Kenya), Addis Ababa and other peace hosting towns like Debre Zeit, Bahir Dar of Ethiopia, Arusha (Tanzania), Pagak (South Sudan) and Kampala (Kampala).


With my daily difficult experiences of trying to save my fellow media socialites from being bamboozled by politicians and tribal zealots, I had to apply my grandpa’s Dinka wisdom this time: “Never warn a fool on their way to but on their way from” (Raan kuc kang acie joony ke lo, aye joony ke bo). This means to let them first learn from their mistakes since experience is the best teacher. Yes, being at the same venue, I was the first to learn of the ‘For-Immediate-Release’ news but had to let the child feel the fire so that I warn them better next round.

Experiences have shown me that once I try to counter a not-so-proper propaganda such as the ‘Attempted Coup’ and this ‘Attempted Assassination’, all on the life and job of our ‘demokiiratically’ elected president, boot-lickers call me a rebel supporter. Of course, I don’t care if the truth I support tends to benefit a rebel, an IDP or an MP.


John, are you a supporter of Nyagat?…is a very naïve question one of the peace negotiators in Addis Ababa asked me on my arrival from Nairobi with the civil society team over a… Continue reading