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GUEST WRITER: Why Minister for Education Deserves More Than This ‘CONGRATULATORY MESSAGE

Introduction: There is a reason why I turned down an article praising Dr. Riek Gai Kok, Minister for Health (RSS), for his good work that was highlighted by his health project that was… Continue reading

THE YOUTH OF THE SOUTH: Used less, hence made useless

It should first be borne in mind of the unknowing youth that this day, July 20, is a World Youth Day. Of course, this has little use to the youth of South Sudan.… Continue reading

Why I attended Africa Child’s Day Celebration in Juba

The youth, especially the ‘busiest ones’, have begun to shun functions of noble causes these days. Even Sundays are suffering from under-attendance. The reasons cannot only be traced to this world with its… Continue reading

Problem is the ROTS; not the RIOTS in Public Universities and the RISE of Private Institutions in South Sudan

Pieces of Advice to my fellow brothers/sisters and students of the closed ‘universities’. Nobody would wish a son or daughter, a brother or sister to drop out. Nobody! But equally, nobody, in their… Continue reading