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Salva Kiir Mayardit versus John Garang de Mabior: Help, our history is on fire!

(Caution to my readers: Mine are not meagre media says, they are major essays, hence, are necessarily long, please. Thanks in advance for giving me your valuable time. Hope you will enjoy, and… Continue reading

The Loopholes: Or the Loops and the Holes in the Jonglei CPA

Several agreements have been initially agreed or decreed, but eventually violated. By who? No, that is not the interest of this writer. The first question is How? and the best question is not… Continue reading

Suffering from ETHNORRHOEA: Should we wear white or black on Jan. 9?

I am a man born and grown through a series of serious dilemmas. A dilemma (I call it die-lemma) is a situation where you are forced to choose between sacrificing your mother or your father, as practised… Continue reading