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Dear Brother-in-Pen, Deng Ayok, This is to wish you quicker recovery and return to your front line… As I told you a month after your dangerous fallout with the First Family over your… Continue reading

In Writers’ Die-lemma: ‘STOP WRITING!’ say leaders; “START WRITING!” say readers.

Since the assassination of Isaiah Abraham on Decembe 5, 2012, I have been locked up in a Confucius sort of confusion by my leaders and my readders. The former want me to ‘Stop Writing’, the… Continue reading

“Tearz Ayuen, Penn de Ngong, Maal Maker are next on the Hit List…” say Prophets of Doom

“Are you aware that you are the next? You and Maal Maker!” And then another rumour bomb from my close relative popped up on my phone, “We told you the first time you… Continue reading