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The Little Doves (Choir), which gave birth to USTASS, is a combination of former refugee children at the age bracket of 8 to 18, three quarters of whom are destitute or orphans, developed initially as Sunday School under the Presbyterian Church primary school, once led by David Pachong Mading as a headmaster, and the Sudanese Refugee Congregation (SRC) of seven Anglican churches in Uganda, once led by John Penn de Ngong as Pastor-in-Charge. The group was incorporated in 2005 and sprung into action in 2006 when over a hundred students/pupils travelled from Uganda to Juba and Rumbek for literacy and talent awareness campaign under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, Science & Technology (GOSS). The Group now has a total of 30 music tracks and 5 albums, both in audio and video formats. The songs cover major thematic topics of peace, children’s rights, women emancipation, nationalism, right to education, and HIV/Aids, among others.

John Penn and the Little Doves at Dr. Garang Mausoleum, 2006

 The group had permanent membership of 33 children and 3 teachers, besides other volunteers and associate members. Ten of the pioneer children have gone for resettlement in Australia, while a hundreds of their fellow talents loiter on the streets and verandahs of South Sudan, begging for daily bread and basic school fees.

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MUSIC by Little Doves

– Album 1: Song 1: Garang Adanna Horriyya

a)- John Penn de Ngong

John Penn at Keys Recordz recording 'Jal Jal Jaal! (Guest, you can now go)


This is a series of poetic lyrics in the process of being turned into music from the anthology of poetry, The Black Christs of Africa, by this blogger, with the following tracks and others (not yet released):

– Jal Jal Jaal

– Salaam beh Kalaam

– Very Darfurious!

b)- David Pachong Mading

David Pachong is the founder of the now defunct Little Doves Choir, a talent artist now on his own music drive in South Sudan. Together with John Penn de Ngong, they became a good role models to many children, some of whom they have modelled through music and other talents.