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By Jon Pen This time I went sleepless overnight on the Peace Implementation worries, but not for the national reason as usual. This now be personal. I want peace for my own use.… Continue reading

The Loopholes: Or the Loops and the Holes in the Jonglei CPA

Several agreements have been initially agreed or decreed, but eventually violated. By who? No, that is not the interest of this writer. The first question is How? and the best question is not… Continue reading

Governor, VP exemplify Forgiveness in Easter Message

“This thing is not in our culture. It is a habit of Western people to openly confess their mistakes… (quotes not verbatim) But if this is what people want, then, my brother Riek,… Continue reading

COMMANDER-IN-SHIFT: Gen. Gatdet Jets In For The Umpteenth-Time Defection In History!

PS: Readers may be interested in knowing the meaning of this expert rebel leader’s name: ‘Gatdet Yaka’, I am told means ‘Goatherd of Hyena’ or direct from Naath dialect as ‘Goat for Hyena (the he-one)’; and in my mother’s tongue as ‘Mathok de Angu (Angui)’ or even ‘Thok de Angui’! Wow, I will not elaborate more here as I am sure Gen. Gatdet will not stop swinging until the day he becomes ‘Gen. GotDead’ (God forbid)!