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ANOTHER ADDISAGREEMENT! Talks adjourn as Juba’s earthquake is felt in Addis Ababa

The Phase II, Session IV of the South Sudan Peace Process under IGAD in Addis Ababa collapsed this morning when the Opposition side boycotted the opening session over their previous demands of the… Continue reading

To President Kiir: We’re Peacemakers for National Reconciliation, not Peace-machars for Personal Riek-Conciliation

NATIONAL RECONCILIATION AND HEALING OR PERSONAL RIEK CONCILIATION AND ‘HAILING’? A cartoonist’s impression of the power struggle that ensued between the top two principals of our new nation. This prediction has now come… Continue reading

Our Intelligence Systems Suffering from our Negligence Symptoms

“We listen to them. They know that we listen to them. What kind of stupidity? You know I’m listening to what you say every day, and you go on talking about salaries, ammunition,… Continue reading

Suffering from ETHNORRHOEA: Should we wear white or black on Jan. 9?

I am a man born and grown through a series of serious dilemmas. A dilemma (I call it die-lemma) is a situation where you are forced to choose between sacrificing your mother or your father, as practised… Continue reading

UN, a bunch of big spectators for the game of sick dictators!

My cattle camp wisdom still tells me that if you cow away from restraining a bull, then you will lose it to the creditor or pay for his vandalism. Similarly, if you shy… Continue reading