UN, a bunch of big spectators for the game of sick dictators!

My cattle camp wisdom still tells me that if you cow away from restraining a bull, then you will lose it to the creditor or pay for his vandalism. Similarly, if you shy away from restraining a bully, then you are that bully, yourself; and you will pay for all the mistakes he did, including answering them at the The Hague; during, of course, those days when the UN, the US, the UK, etc. would acknowledge their blunders. Could this be the case between the Sudans and the United Nations?

In Rwanda in 1994, the UN withdrew its soldiers and allowed this to happen! This exactly they have done again by withdrawing from Sudan leaving the genocide to happen along the border states.

And if not the case, then why under the sun could someone leave the condemnable and condemn the condemned, instead? I mean the UN Chief, according to online news, was not happy with the new rebel alliance against El Bashir’s regime, hence condemning the new unity for the Khartoum regime change.  The SPLM-N in both Southern Kordofan and Southern Blue Nile with the Darfur SLMs and JEM teamed up last week to form what they call ‘Sudanese Revolutionary Front (SRF)’.

According to the Sudan Tribune online, “Ban Ki-moon further said he ‘also condemns the reported establishment of a new military alliance of Darfur rebel movements and the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-North, calling for the use of force against the Government’.”

This word ‘condemn’ is not only condemned by Weakleaks and its author but by other parties angered by the UN’s double standards.

SPLM-N Secretary General and former candidate of the SPLM for Sudan’s presidential election last year, Yasir Arman, said “surprised” and regretted the statement of the UN chief. Arman further said Ban’s statement is supporting ” the aggressors and war criminals” instead of “supporting the victims and the right of the Sudanese people to democracy and the respect for human rights and the rule of law”.

A US based advocacy group, formed by American activists, Sudanese diaspora and a representative of Sudanese rebels, said today that the UN has to condemn Khartoum before because it used to aggress the Sudanese people.  “In condemning the new rebel alliance and calling for more fruitless talks, Secretary General Ban and the United Nations fail to acknowledge both that the government is the primary aggressor in Sudan’s internal conflicts,” said Martina Knee, a spokesperson of Act for Sudan. http://www.sudantribune.com/SPLM-N-regrets-statements-by-UN,40753.

IDPs seeking UN safety from Al Bashir in Abyei last May.

As if that is not enough, the top guy on earth tried (as if) to incite Khartoum against Juba, thus: “The statement indicates fears that attacks against the north by the rebel groups might push the Sudanese army to attack Juba and ignite a new war in South Sudan. The alliance could also lead to a proxy war between the two countries due to the historical links between Sudan People’s Liberation Movement members in the two countries.” http://www.sudantribune.com/UN-chief-condemns-Sudanese-rebels,40733.

Hiii, Big Uncle! Why are you putting such dangerous words in the mouth or mind of the man you know very well? What if you tickle his memory to do it exactly the way you predict it? This is how UN connives with the dictators wielding knives against their own vulnerable people.

When Bashir told your boys to pack and leave to our Southern side of the border, we knew you knelt down to his demands. Otherwise, what was the reason the In/security Council cancelled our Juba proposal that called for UN to spread their peacekeepers, now peace skippers, along the North-South border? That was the solution to our prediction of this so-called proxy war between the north and the south of the split country. How can the US deploy satellite to monitor the movement of the forces on both sides of the border and not the army to do so as we wanted.

Given the death of our African tribes in Abyei, Nuba Mountains (call it Southern Kordofan), Southern Blue Nile, and the so-called Unity State (mine: Dis/unity state) of South Sudan, who is to go to The Hague: Bashir or Ki-moon? It is exactly what they did to Rwanda; taking off at the last minute leaving the vulnerable people to the mercy of bloodthirsty dictators.

Why for God’s sake did they, NATOs, skip Sudan to those countries? Why kill Gaddafi for just bombing rioters and leave Bashir, who not only bombs villagers with Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)but also bombards the world leaders, including Ki-moon, with words of most distraction (wmd)?

If the UN, US, UK, and all those united sort of… were not big spectators for our sick dictators, then why keep Omar el Bashir, Bashar al Asaad, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, etc. on the necks of the innocent citizens? All I have to say today is questions, questions, questions and questions…

Mr. Ban Ki-moon was first known to South Sudanese as an inciter to Bashir when he hinted in 2009 that the referendum results might lead to war between Khartoum and Juba. Did it happen? I wonder why people whose peoples’ lives lie on their tongues, loosely hold their tongues like that!

We have seen horrible pictures of the bombing of the refugees in South Sudan and IDPs ( I call them Intentionally Displeased Persons) begging for help, but in vain. Why should Bashir intimidate the world, to the extent of bombing an independent country like South Sudan and the world keeps quiet? Maybe, Salva Kiir should revise his oil deals. Could there be something wrong? And if nothing wrong, then why the West watches the bombings and keep their tongues in their cheeks with the words like ‘No-fly zone’?

Pictures of murdered children from the recent bombing of Nuba refugees in Unity State of South Sudan

As far back into our recent history as my mind can take you, the same international aggressor, Mr. Bashir, went as far as bombing Adjumani town of northern Uganda on July 17, 1997 and the ghost association called ‘International Community’ kept mum as usual. Even the Uganda’s Museveni was cowed away from condemning the bombing when Al Bashir gave his blatant statement that he was trying to bomb Nimule but missed the target. How can that Russian-made Antonov bomber miss a target by over 100 kilometres? However, in their Khartoum media, the real intention for bombing Uganda was our present in Adjumani that time. The NIF (National Islamic Front) was trying to bomb the refugees around Adjumani, one of whom was this lucky writer.

Given the background of the 1997 bombing of refugees in Northern Uganda, how im/possible is it for the same regime not/to bomb refugees inside South Sudan. Instead of condemning that bombing with action, the UN Chief condemns it with words, including, not only the rebels alliance in the north, but the Government of the independent south, with those dangerous suggestions of the war between Khartoum and Juba.

I hate certain words which are over-used and misused time and again by such bunch of spectators. In other words, I condemn the term ‘condemn’, itself. What impact is the word condemn to somebody being killed? How does condemn help our refugees from the aerial fiery faeces of Al Bashir’s bombers?

I equally condemn the media gimmick that about 300,000 died in Darfur according to the United Nations. When I was doing my internship with IRIN (Integrated Regional Information Networks) under UNOCHA in Nairobi in 2004, I heard about those estimates. In 2005, the UN came clear of the estimates as 300,000 lives lost in the not-yet genocide in Darfur. Now, see! Since 2005, has nobody died in Darfur? Why keep those figures constant for over 5 years while hundreds are reported to be dying every week. That’s why Bashir also maintains his figures as ONLY 10,000! Hey come on, Mr. Mujahid! Even if it is one person killed, is it not a crime? What is the population that can amount to a crime when killed?

With those figures, it is as if the UN is waiting to reach 800,000 of the Rwanda butchering so that it qualifies to an ethnic cleansing (since they fear mentioning genocide). It is equally as if Bashir is aiming at a certain population higher than ONLY 10,000 for him to accept that it is a crime against humanity and genocide.

Now that the war is being fanned by the likes of the UN Chief between Juba and Khartoum, who then will be the judge if all heavy-weight guys have turned into spectators sitting on the fence? God must help us answer this horror as seen in the picture below.

Can Mr. Ki-moon also condemn this horrible picture of two girls dismembered in the July 27, 2011 aerial bombing of Kurchi village of Nuba Mountains' innocent people

If not God, who also plays the UN game of watching first and condemning later, then the freedom lovers of the world must one day carry out a UN Spring or UN Awakening or UN Uprising. Of course, who next after the ‘Arab Spring’? If the world is really undergoing a true wind of change, then the UN must experience that unless it reforms as soon as possible. I am particular on those so-called Security Council members who sit under one roof and do divergent harm to the world population. Otherwise, what is the point of China wanting oil from South Sudan and giving weapons to Khartoum to pass them over to rebels and militias against the South or against Darfur? If the UN has ears, let them answer these questions or somebody do it for them.

All in all, I repeatedly call for a change in the UN system or somebody will do it for them!

To continue looking at such facts on words and pictures, please click this link and read my previous analysis on the genocide in the Nuba Mountains (Southern Kordofan). https://weakleak.wordpress.com/2011/07/03/my-tears-for-the-sudanese-sarafina/.