GUEST POST: The Journey for Nation Building Must Kick off with Freedom of Expression of ‘Truth, Justice and Reconciliation’…!

During my wandering and wondering, pandering and pondering through the opinion maze of the Social Media, I found some interesting stuffs this morning, thanks to Abraham Deng Lueth and Tearz Ayuen. They are among the fewest young South Sudanese, who sacrificially point in the eyes of the dictatorial leaders of the SPLM (all factions). The secret of our nation healing, peace and reconciliation is in truth, justice and accountability. The vilification that is sold to some gullible youth as a tool to silence truth-speakers should be fought first to give way to honesty and modesty in search for the permanent solution to our conflict. Tribalism or hypocritical allegiance is also a pest to our nationhood. We must read, interpret and respond in a peaceful and gentlemanly manner like Deng Lueth Mayom has done to Tearz Ayuen’s opinion here. Both of them are my favourite activists. They (should)  tell it live and alive! And that is the truth, nothing but the TRUTH…!


a) Deng Lueth Mayom Ayiik

Tearz A-un : President Kiir was not that Benevolent!

You and I share the same understanding of what happened in Juba on the night of December 15, 2013, in the sense that;

We “acknowledge that President Salva Kiir has messed up big time,”
We “acknowledge that his government is corrupt, tribalist,”
We “acknowledge that his ministers, diplomats, commissioners are selfish, thieving, arrogant and lazy,”
We “know that they don’t care about” the citizens of South Sudan,
We “know they faked a coup in December 2013 in order to stay in power forever,”
We “know President Kiir is surrounded by bootlicking ex-NCP politicians,”
We “know this caused the rift between him and Garang’s boys,”
We “know Nuer civilians were reported killed in Juba,” moreover,
I also know that because of what happened in Juba, a rebellion emerged and many citizens consequently lost their lives in Akobo, Bor, Malakal and Bentiu,
I know that Riek will have to shoulder his share as Kiir has to shoulder his as well and
I know that all the SPLM leaders (IG, IO, D and others) share a collective responsibility to what has happened in South Sudan even if they vary in degree of their responsibility to the crisis.

Abraham Deng Lueth in a cool post

Abraham Deng Lueth in a cool post

However, I tend to disagree with you when, regardless of the compelling facts you and I share, you still fail to choose a language of peace but continue to vilify. Even the SSTV has stopped its negative campaigns that were aimed at trashing the political detainees and those who ran into the bushes, leaving the government as underdog and a victim that survived the coup but it seems that the compaign is outsourced to you, Tearz e wuur! Don’t get me wrong, I am a fan of your words but sometimes, you tend to know the facts but still engineer dirty loathes.

Look, regarding the political detainees, as you and I agree above, what reasons do they have to be quite and not tell the truth the way they know it? You correctly pointed out that they need to focus on the solutions. But, Tearz e wuur, it is what these folks have been focusing on even before they knew that they would survive in prison. They called for cessation of hostilities and its signing without using their detention to derail it. They were released and their first press conference was about peace and peace now. The song they have been singing is that there are no “glories” to be earned in this war and that it is a useless war that must end.

But if you remember from your studies in school, you must know the cause of a problem in order to solve a problem. When they talked about the causes, that is just a by-the-way that they must narrate to bring people to the understanding of what they think is/are the way (s) forward from the crisis. So, it shouldn’t be misquoted and misused to trash the guys. Aren’t we satisfied with vilification of each other! So much vilification, already! Can’t we choose peace and harmony? Is it that hard!

Look, you seem to have a very good understanding of the problem but fake your criticism of the government to further the government agenda; the agenda of being untruthful and allergic to truth. What did Nyandeeng really do? Telling the truth that the Nuers were killed, right? What are the detainees doing, calling for peace and going around and doing that better than those in the government, right? Please, choose peace in your writings! Too much pretending and hidden siding which is obvious is going to turn your beautiful writings into undesirables.

The Cowboy was NOT KIND to the Political Detainees as you so Assert~

The political detainees, as you recognized that a coup was faked and that they were destined to be killed, were not even released because the cowboy was kind.

The pressure from the region amounted on the cowboy. The very first visit of the East African envoys; then later the President of Kenya and Prime Minister of Ethiopia resulted in a significant pressuring of President Kiir to release the political detainees. The cowboy admitted to release them only to change his mind again later because he was destined to killing them.

Then came the attack on the homes of Pieng e Deng and Riek Machar, all meant to kill the political detainees. The patriotic members of the security forces (police, national security and the army) joined hands and fought to defend them and evacuated them under fire to safety (December 17, 2013). During this incident, the pressure around the world amounted on the cowboy and the world coined the word, “political detainees.” Tearz, the cowboy was not kind.

Then another attempt on their lives happened on January 13, 2013 when the shooting broke out in Juba. Again, here, Tearz, the patriotic members of our security forces, immediately deployed tanks and soldiers to protect the national security because they were going to be targeted and killed and blamed on the rebels that they were trying to rescue them and they were killed in the process. This is the time when the minister of information was singing the chorus of hanging them in the necks until they die and many others were seen on SSTV as reminding the public of Arok Thon, Akuot Atem and many more. Again, Tearz, the cowboy was not kind!

After the release of the G7, another plan emerged, to relocate the G4 four from the national security facility and the plan was to kill them on the way and again, blame it on the rebels as having ambushed to rescue them, therefore; they were killed in the process. The plan was leaked and the regional leaders of Kenya, Ethiopia even Uganda plus the international community told the cowboy not to try it. Tearz, the Cowboy was not kind.
Again, the pressure from the region, international community and within our own security forces protected the lives of the political detainees and it was not because the cowboy was kind!

The coup plotters or suspects being killed in Kenya and other parts of the world depended on what TIME and which PEOPLE!!

Can what happened in Kenya back then happen again today in the same Kenya? IT IS A BIG NO! So, time matters, dear brother, Tearz Ayuen. And what is this dirty notion, anyway, that we can imitate bad things that happened elsewhere or along our paths of struggles? No nation is built on revenges! I urge all parties in the conflict to never revenge should any group gets its hands on power in the near future!

Tearz, the cowboy was not nice because the detainees were guarded with cocked rifles with safety locks open, ready to fire any time and accident could have happened any time plus what a trauma it was! The pressures from the region, international community and from South Sudanese people, particularly those in the army, had saved the lives of the political detainees and therefore, the cowboy was not kind, Tearz!

The Solutions you are talking about will never come without the truth!

I understand the feelings but telling the truth is the biggest problem in South Sudan today. It is what has caused mama Nyandeeng to be a prey; it is what is causing the pain, arousing silly vilifications of the political detainees (and leaving the SPLM IG untouched even when we know they faked the coup) and any other South Sudanese who condemns the war. Instead of seeing the advantage in the campaign against the war, folks go ahead of the peace advocates and envision how they will be angelic or even become Presidents later on comes peace. Therefore, they start to ambush them and taint them up a little bit so that they will look as dirty as everyone else before peace comes! I get it but the history of our nation will highlight the darkest spots even after we are all dead and gone and the generations after us live on.

The detainees do not want to talk about anything other than peace and common sense should make us understand that there is no way they or any person can talk about South Sudan peace without referring back to the crisis of the SPLM since its inception and eventually, the December 15 incident and beyond. Solutions are to the problems and that force the quests for understanding of the problems!

1725469_633941359987893_393868124_nAnd No, Tearz e Wuur; the detainees need not worry about their political ambitions because when it comes to the current crisis, they are on the right side. War is not the way! They have done so much grace to President Salva Kiir because if they had joined Riek, Kiir would have been done, militarily and diplomatically. In fact, they are the reasons why Kiir is still in power as you and I agree that the coup was faked and their lives were planned for eliminations, yet, they chose peace after release from prison. That is a huge sign that they never wanted to overthrow Kiir, militarily.

None of them had ever called for the stepping down of President Kiir but all it has been is dialogue and urging President Kiir to be realistic and admit his share of the conflict so that a more grey ground is forged between the government and rebels.

What Kiir needs to do, Tearz e Wuur is to APOLOGIZE to the political detainees for what he has caused them and the country as you and I agree that the coup was faked to help Kiir stay in power. And what the cowboy, political detainees and the rebels need to do is to forgive each other, reconcile and bring peace back to our devastated nation.

If there are people saying Kiir is not the president, then they are wrong and also, if there are people doubting that President is still a president because we have a rubber stamp parliament, then they are wrong as well!

I, you and all South Sudanese citizens need to stop citing and work on the path to peace by telling the truth as clean as it can be without inciting vilifying languages. It is the only way we can secure our nation.

NB: Know that this is a brotherly and friendly encounter as your own fan, I like to encourage you to write and be fair in your writings, and should you listen to my piece of advice!

Abraham Deng Lueth @2014

 b) Tearz A-un (Ayuen)


Tearz Ayuen

Tearz Ayuen

If I were one of the former political detainees, the best thing that I would do is cease engaging in blame game and strictly focus on finding a possible solution to the crisis. I would not run around telling everybody who is an angel or devil in this crisis.

I would not take the Cowboy’s kindness for weakness. Globally and historically, coup plotters or suspects are killed the moment they’re caught. Some are castrated. Others are jailed for life.

A good example is the Kenyan 1982 attempted coup. Air force soldiers – Hezekiah Ochuka and Oteyo Okumu – who allegedly staged a coup against Daniel Arap Moi’s government were extradited from Tanzania and hanged in 1987.

Former Kenyan Prime Minister, Raila Odinga, who is also the main opposition leader, was charged with treason and detained without trial for six years. While in detention, Mr Odinga was subjected to all kinds of physical abuse including flogging, starving and even castration. Yes. Moi allegedly had one of his testicles removed and fried for fun.

Whether Dr Adwok Nyaba, Dr Majak Agoot, Pagan Amum and the rest planned a putsch or not, whoever accused them wanted them dead. But surprisingly, they survived it. While in detention, they were never tortured. Actually, they were treated like kings.

They had access to luxurious lives just as they had prior to detention. They would watch DSTV, listen to radio, drink vodka, sleep in king-size beds, eat meals of their choice and etcetera. Who do you think granted them such a good life in immurement? Kiir.

But the moment they were let go, they began to insult Kiir. What a bunch of ungrateful ingrates! The first politician to rant was Nyandeng. And remember Kiir announced he could not put her behind bars for the respect he held and still holds for Dr John Garang. Well, she flew to Nairobi where she started her dark propaganda against Kiir. (Thank God she’s gone silent nowadays. She must have resorted to sewing beddings).

The second ingrate was Dr Adwok Nyaba. Kiir said Adwok’s health conditions were too much to be detained. So, he was released. He then limped to Addis Ababa where he began to write shit about Kiir. He even had the guts to remind Kiir of the mission and vision of SPLM.

“The result is that the SPLM has lost not only its bearings as a national liberation movement but it has also become an oppressive machinery against the people of South Sudan,” Dr Nyaba wrote on his Facebook page.

Well, Dr Nyaba was once the minister of higher education, science and technology. Did he transform it?

John Luk’s camp were also released. And upon exiting the country, they also began to talk crap. John Luk was the principal man who overlooked formation of the transitional constitution. All the problems the SPLM faces can be traced to this constitution he made with his own hands. He’s like a hunter who falls prey to a booby-trap that he himself set. He’s just stupid.

Lastly, Pagan’s four-man group were released. They’re now running around the globe preaching anti-Kiir gospel. “President Salva Kiir trained 15, 000 militias from Dinka tribe, who were recruited from the two states of Warrap and Northern Bahr el Ghazal. These forces are responsible for the genocides committed in Juba,” Dr Majak told Lost Boys recently in the US. Is that right?

Anyway, as men with political ambitions and plans to run for the top positions sooner or later, shouldn’t they desist from lying to the whole world about the crisis?

And more importantly, shouldn’t they show a little gratitude to the man, a South Sudanese Jesus of Nazareth, who rescued them from the jaws of death?

Tearz © 2014

Continue with Ayuen in Another Facebook post before you join Deng Lueth below…


Tearz A-un:

You rebel sympathizers should stop embarrassing yourselves when trying to express loathe, anger, discontent and disappointment in the government of South Sudan. You should at least maintain some personal integrity.

School or the western world you live in requires application of logic in everything one does and that explains why your second home countries like Australia, US and Canada are a million years ahead of us.

Look, I acknowledge that President Salva Kiir has messed big time,
I acknowledge that his government is corrupt, tribalist,
I acknowledge that his ministers, diplomats, commissioners are selfish, thieving, arrogant and lazy,
I know they don’t care about you and me,
I know they faked a coup in December 2013 in order to stay in power forever,
I know president Kiir is surrounded by bootlicking ex-NCP politicians
I know this caused the rift between him and Garang’s boys and
I know Nuer civilians were reportedly killed in Juba.

However, all this doesn’t annul the government of South Sudan headed by President Kiir. Kiir was elected in an internationally monitored election in 2010. Remember he embarrassed his rival Dr Lam Akol in that election.

Well, after secession, he was made the president as per the transitional constitution which stipulates retention of constitutional positions and holding of a general election four years after declaration of independence. That means Kiir is a constitutional president.

There are a thousand facts that tell you that he’s still the president irrespective of the rebellion led by Dr Riek Machar. The government is functional. The National Legislative Assembly is there. The police department is there. Traffic police officers in their regular white uniforms are on the streets regulating traffic.

Customs offices are collecting import duties at the borders.

Juba airport is busier than ever. It receives about 20 international flights daily. University students attend classes.

Life goes on even in Bor which witnessed grand destruction of lives and property recently. Residents are back. Business community is doing great. Cows are mooing on the streets!

The national army, SPLA, is there despite defections. They just bought weaponry from china, officially. Their helicopters hover. They may be the most unprofessional and underpaid soldiers in the universe but they are there. They protect the country.

Oil production is on, though in lesser barrels per day. Ministry of petroleum and mining cashes Petrodollar regularly.

Foreign missions are open. Emissaries attend international functions.
Foreign Minister Dr Barnaba Marial just represented President Kiir during the burial of Zambia’s Mic Sata. All the institutions are working. SPLM is alive and kicking, busy holding party meetings. South Sudan embassies are working all over the wall.

Now, what makes you think that there’s is no government there? What makes you believe that Kiir is the ‘commander of SPLA-Juba faction’? What part of you illegalizes Kiir’s tenure? Who tells you SPLA is no longer the national army?

(I always enjoy reminding or informing my people of realities in South Sudan but……I never enjoyed writing this particular status. Why? Because it feels like wiping shit off buttocks of a grown up man. So embarrassing).

Tearz © 2014