BREAKING NEWS: George Athor launches his Movement in the name of Museveni’s NRM!

WEAKLEAKS WARNING: If Uganda’s former rebel movement, the ‘National Resistance Movement (NRM)’, headed by the present day President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni,  does not react against the flagiarism of the name being used by Gen. George Athor, then the Weakleak will take possible whistleblowing action.

GEN. ATHOR: Article 1: Name

The name of the association shall be “(South Sudan) National Resistance Movement’’. It shall be abbreviated as (SS/NRM). The (SS/NRM), is a democratic political organisation created on 27th of August 2009.

WEAKLEAK: If this is really a genuine constitution of the movement and not a certain association’s document copied and edited in a hurry so that the peace talks deadline gets them a ready government to claim big positions in GOSS (as usual), then why say ‘the name of the ASSOCIATION shall be called…’?

Now, if you click the link below, you are in the territory of the rebel leader, Gen. George Athor Deng! Can you just imagine the size of such a ‘territory’?  (both the size of Fangak and the website). To answer this question, go through the scope of his OBJECTIVES as follows. It is so disgusting to find a sound-mounted once freedom fighter killing his own people whose freedom he had killed others for before. Browsing his website actually gives me stress.

ATHOR’S VISION STATEMENT: The (SS/NRM) shall struggle for the establishment of a legitimate government, lawful, powerful, none- oppressive, democratic, none- tribal, cooperative, self-sufficient, peaceful, power-sharing, and stable government in South Sudan.


Mass Grave of Athor's February victims in Fangak. He claims his mission is "To unite the people of South Sudan and work against bad governance, sectarianism, insecurity..."

To unite the people of South Sudan and work against bad governance, sectarianism, insecurity, poverty, ethnocentrism, injustice, inequality and other through media political mobilisation of people.

OBJECTIVE No.1:  Protect the South Sudan assets with appropriate law. For instance, people, money, aircrafts, vehicles, buildings, and other valuables.

OTHERS:     2- Build the infrastructure in South Sudan such as hospitals, schools, military colleges, police academies, roads, railways, bridges, domestic, internationals airports, power plant, residential homes for retired seniors, child care and recreation centres, bus ports, supermarkets and public shopping centres, etc.
8- Promote democracy and pluralism, security, peace, unity, equality, equal justice, human rights, cultural diversity and good governance in South Sudan.
14- Drill boreholes in South Sudan and protect the environment with appropriate laws.
16- Self-determination for the people of South Sudan which will be attained through internationally supervised referendum.


. Integrity;
. Respect of cultural diversity;
. Respect of rule of law;
. Good leadership;
. Equality;
. Human rights; team work;
. Accountability;
. Professionalism;
. Confidentiality; and
. Innovation.

MEMBERSHIP: On the website, a registration form, which emphasizes qualification and an oath to servve the ‘movement faithfully, calls for new registrants to submit the form to the ‘office’ that is not specified in terms of where, when, how, etc. No physical or electronic addressed indicated. Constitution of SSNRM: Click this link: ABCD FOR YOUR ANTI-STRESS SECTION (just for laugh):

a- Apart from the fact that the formation of the rebellion is backdated to August 27, 2009, almost a year before the elections that made Athor jumped into the bush, his constitution was probably copied from a certain association’s as seen in the way some of the words were not replaced with the right word, which is supposed to be the ‘Movement’.

e.g.  Article 69: Dissolution of the association

1.The Chairperson shall dissolve the ASSOCIATION at the end of their term.

A chopper captured from Malakal, now in Juba Airport, suspected to be NCP's army supplying George Athor's forces. Now, he claims to be getting his war project funds from the pockets of members!

b- The source of finance, only revealed to be from members’ pockets, which will be used for carrying out the war projects is: e.g.

Article 10: Subscriptions

10.3 A member of (SSNRM) shall donate to the association at any time. The donated money or whatever shall be used for the furthering of the aims and objectives of (SSNRM). 

c- Membership: e.g. Once you joined the movement and you happen to die or go on French leave, this will happen to you:

9.2 The Secretary must delete the name of the person who dies or ceased to become a member of the (SSNRM). The register must be kept in secure place and also it must be made available for inspection.

d- The information recorded on Weakleaks here is not known to many people. In fact, nobody knows that George Athor is electronically staying residing in Juba and physically in Pangak. For this reason, one of our govenment security personnel wanted to complicate the source of the information on us. Now that our security seems to operate offline, not knowing the rich intelligence/information world behind our physical earth, we request the attention of every reader to:

Thematic poems from this author’s book of poetry, “The Black Christs of Africa”:

Poem 20

The Trouble Permit

To whom it may concern

This is to certify

That the Sultan of Militialand,

And all his men of valour 

Have been issued with this permit,

To pass through any territory

Without delay or hindrance.

 They have also been armed

With all types of guns and ammos,

To shield off any aggression,

Shall not be interfered with.

While executing their mission.

Any reinforcement offered to them,

Shall not be interfered with.

And if done so, it shall be regrettable.

This orders come From Above.

Designed and Signed by

General Doubletrouble,

C-in-C of the Sultanate Armed Forces.


When a King has Dethron’d himself and put himself in a state of War with his People, what shall hinder them from prosecuting him who is no King?

John Locke (1632 – 1704)

English philosopher.

Second Treatise on Civil Government

Poem 21

Chiefdom of Militialand against Kingdom of Civiland

To H.E. Gen. Dr. Al Hajj,

 Protector-General of the Chiefdom of Militialand.

Your Ex-cellency,


With due honour,

We hereby write to you

Condemning the horror

Your installed Commander-in-Thief

Of the Armed Forces of the Chiefdom of Militialand

Is unleashing on the people of the Kingdom of Civiland.

We have the names of the commanders of mischief,

And the atrocities thereof, sent in vain to US, UN, EU and AU.

Your Ex-cellency, mind you,

This letter is the last in our series of complaint,

And this marks the beginning of the end of warning,

Not forgetting the news that our forces are warming,

Warming up against any proxy war with zero restraint.

However, for Your Ex-cellency’s info, this isn’t that time

You used your Commander-in-Thief to administer a dime,

To partition our nation into Chiefdom of Militialand against Civiland.

Finally, restrain your marauding stooges

Before they undergo the wrath of this Land in stages.

From Commander-in-Chief,

The Armed Salvation of  the Kingdom of Civilland.

Cc. General Doubletrouble,

C-in-C of the Sultanate Armed Forces.


The great battleground for the defense and expansion of freedom today is the whole southern half of the globe…Their revolution is the greatest in human history. They seek an end to injustice, tyranny, and exploitation. More than an end, they seek a beginning.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy (1917 – 1963)

U.S. president.                 

Supplementary State of the Union Address



South Sudan National Resistance Movement (SSNRM).