The ‘Publeaks’ page is dedicated to my publications, both of the past and present. Please, enjoy but don’t, you, copy my rights! First read this from my poetry book’s copyright page:


Table of Contacts

The Dotcom and Copyright Message in a Poem Form

Online, I was summoned by the president of Cyberia,

And drilled on my netizenship of the cyberspace.

I am not just a cyber gangster,

I confessed, I am a  cyberian star:

I am an internetional denizen,

Yahoo! a netizen from Cyberland,

A resident at

Working at

So write to,

And skype this dotcommer at jonnpenn1

Face and book me at

You tube John Penn into your
addresses at

If you’re also on tweeter, then twit me at

Let me blink and you will see a book,

Opening and closing like a butterfly, bling bling

With bookish opening and closing of the eye lips.

To book this book, do not hook, just look.

For me, potent terminology is patent technology.

If you copy my poems, you copy my rights,

For mine is in that word, phrase, verse, stanza, poem…

Since I am a poetician, poenovelist, poessayist, poemusician,

Anything from that list is a potential title

To my future poem, novel, essay, play, song, album…

It’s my right

to write.

All rights reserved.

“The Black Christs of Africa”

From the Epilogue (Preface) page entitled: The Signpost

Dear Ready Reader,

What is poetry? I am giving you a rare book; a real book of surreal news. Of course, sure real news is not when a dog bites a man but when a man bites a dog. So is poetry.

Paradoxically and parodically, it is when a person (teacher) turns a dog into a god by reverse ‘goth’ spelling, or when a parson (preacher) turns a God into a doG by adverse gospelling.

Analogically and logically, poetry is to pottery, or a poet is to a potter as a poem is to a pot; you can notionally mould it—it can emotionally maul you—into several amoebic shapes and heaps.

Poetically and politically, it’s a practical game. Just as pottery is all about peeling and moulding the mud, poetry is all but feeling and moulding the mood.

Literally and literarily, it is like poverty— pinching, pitching, itching or etching its victims. It is my professional confession that as a pauper can make a good pot, the poor can make a good poet.

For example and by sample, confirm this confession from Mr. Paupular (popular pauper)’s Poem 233, and a poor man’s Poem 97: Money, Money, Where are you?

Painfully but gainfully, these poems reported themselves to me while I was in hibernation, that is, by the time personalized insecurity and synchronized poverty put me under house arrest. For a project to stop gainfully, it must start painfully. Lo, we go!

Am I a stereotype or a hero type? One fact I do rely on in art is that no piece of literature is deemed a hundred-percent of a zero or a hero value. So I leave it to you my judge to either trivialize it or otherwise. Lo, we go…!

Open, read and leave it here until it is officially launched in Juba shortly.


a)- The Younique (Generation) Magazine

i- Issue 1, Vol. 1

ii- Issue 2, Vol. 1


iii- Issue 3, Vol. 1

Issue III Margazine Body


At least, we have made it! At last, we will still make it. Alas, come
January, and come what may, we will create the youngest nation on
earth, using our forefingers either in an inkwell or on a trigger pin.
The last voting that brought in this new government (GOSS) was just a
rehearsal for the incoming one that will usher in a new country, which
is thus a real hassle.

However, let note not be taken for granted in this case this time. The
remaining six months are not without a national independence fever.
Having surmounted so many political hills and economic ills since the
signing the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA); and having jumped so
many hurdles after the signing of the CPA, with so many hustles and
justles during the implementation of this peace agreement, we are
already assured of eventually ceasing the moulding of our historical
monument of slavery, and punctually seizing our historic moment of
freedom through our rhetoric Movement, the SPLM, and our meteoric
army, the SPLA.

Now that we have exercised (moved) our rights by free wills in the
elections, we are certain that – come that day – we shall have
exorcised (removed) their wrongs yoked upon us via three ills in the
referendum. And the first of the three ills is being a second or third
class citizen in your home country. The second ill, which is a subset
of the first, is being a producer for another consumer on your own
soil, as the third is shamefully being an alien or a refugee in your
own ancestral land. These three pests of our freedom in Sudan that
will be put to an end by our referendum votes could be summed up into
three specific and generic terms of (1) slavery, (2) corruption and
(3) alienation. This, we Southerners, can now understand and cannot
stand any more. Amen!

In this third issue of your Younique magazine, our unique generation
analysts have dissected this outgoing political mess, intercepted and
intersected the incoming political maze with great articles such as
‘why H.E. Salva Kiir voted H.E. Omar el Bashir’, and the unique
insight of how this marriage of convenience is being turned into
marriage of inconvenience in the Sudan as confessed by one Northern
Leader whose testimony you can enjoy therein.

Besides, read from ‘The Great Trek’ and the ‘This Generation’ features
what really makes us a unique generation of many historic incidences
and historical coincidences; of miraculous and adventurous survival,
of meticulous but ridiculous revival. From our analytically unique
critiques, techniques, news, views, interviews, previews, etc. by
Southerners, for Southerners, with Southernness, our readers who are
not only serious but also curious towards these fast unfolding events
in our splitting country will bear us witness that we are passing the
days that have never been passed, telling the tales that have never
been told, experimenting or implementing the experiences that have
never been experienced in our genealogy that apparently dates as far
back as Adam and Eve. Some are even as exciting as our Sudanese-US
marine, Herjok’s unique wedding or Bashir and Turabi’s unique divorce
as detailed therein.

Are you aware that Panchol Deng Ajang prophetically sang in 1996 that
“We sit in abandoned seats, and this one is just appropriate with Kiir
Mayar(dit). Beny Salva, it’s you being sought after by the throne…”?
Read on page… if this prophecy has come to pass or not, and what
Panchol is now doing where? There is our great Interview with Aki
(Chinedu Ikedieze), the shortest Nollywood Movie Star who met H.E.
Salva Kiir in Juba. Then a great story of Baidit police woman who
chased after Murle rustlers and recovered her cattle. Like political
viruses, computer viruses are a threat to our country, find out how on

And by the way, if you are one of the World Cup diehards travelling to
South Africa this season, then do not be just afraid but be very very
afraid, because you are going to mix with over 40,000 sex workers as
you will confirm this on the last but one page, and whether The Blues
had just sprung out of the blue or they have a rich origin (Chelsea
profile) on the ‘Sport Report’ on our blue pages.

Finally and proudly, as usual, before I usher you into enjoying our
every unique story, keep in mind that we are traversing the rarest
moment of reversing our history. Of course, when reversing your
automobile (autonomy), be that vigilant driver who looks hither and
thither, under and yonder, left and right, ahead and behind before
pressing an ‘R’ gear.

Enjoy our art and add your ad to The Younique Generation magazine,
committed to ‘bringing ads and arts to hearts’.

Obamatically wishing you a cool stay with y/our hot say: YES WE CAN!

J. Penn de Ngong,
Founding Editor.
0955 235 997