If I were Al Salaam Coach, I would change the name and the game from Football to Athletics!

This is why I am not comfortable with a Khawaja; their minds are programmed fixed like kids and this computer. For instance, when I took my boy out to Entebbe Zoo, he consequently… Continue reading

Al Salaam of Wau wowed in Dar-es-Salaam as if Rwanda revenged its genocide on the ‘Baby Nation’!

Tonight, I am mourning till morning! South Sudan is in the news. It is in bad news! Just before the independence of my beloved virgin republic, let me linguistically cuddle and romance her… Continue reading

Talent is Latent: Cultivate it and excavate it

To give a true definition of a talent, I can first make you sing, speak, dance or even cry it. Or do you not know that even crying has talent in it? Or… Continue reading

“Al Hamzulilah, Ocambo is gone!”— Open Letter to Bashir ‘al Assad’ of Sudan.

Your Ex-cellency, “Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! The Evilis is out!” Before you shout your lungs out and promise to pray in Bentiu or Abyei next Friday, just on hearing that the man witch-hunting… Continue reading

Why I attended Africa Child’s Day Celebration in Juba

The youth, especially the ‘busiest ones’, have begun to shun functions of noble causes these days. Even Sundays are suffering from under-attendance. The reasons cannot only be traced to this world with its… Continue reading

Problem is the ROTS; not the RIOTS in Public Universities and the RISE of Private Institutions in South Sudan

Pieces of Advice to my fellow brothers/sisters and students of the closed ‘universities’. Nobody would wish a son or daughter, a brother or sister to drop out. Nobody! But equally, nobody, in their… Continue reading

The Fiery Fireworks in Bor: 29 years of struggle and on…

Jonglei State is where the first bullet of the current liberation struggle of SPLA was fired, and it is still the same spot where the last bullet is being fired, will probably be… Continue reading

The Loopholes: Or the Loops and the Holes in the Jonglei CPA

Several agreements have been initially agreed or decreed, but eventually violated. By who? No, that is not the interest of this writer. The first question is How? and the best question is not… Continue reading

Governor, VP exemplify Forgiveness in Easter Message

“This thing is not in our culture. It is a habit of Western people to openly confess their mistakes… (quotes not verbatim) But if this is what people want, then, my brother Riek,… Continue reading

Summarized Report on the Disarmament in Jonglei State by Jonglei Civil Society Group

  A Two-week Summarized Report on the Disarmament Operations by Jonglei Civil Society Group JCSG Centre Bor March 25, 2012 For Press Release In the third week of our field work as Jonglei… Continue reading

Why She Wants me to Re-publish my Old Republic Here…

One of my blogophiles (blog readers) asked me to publish one of my old flames, which was published online in 2007. I accepted it without ‘why’, and leave the task to you guys… Continue reading

Why I had to postpone the 2012 Women’s Day!

One of my yesteryears, even last year, I forgot our Women’s Day. So my lady accused me of having committed an international crime. So I violated the International Women’s Day (IWD). Well, she… Continue reading

Mediaphobia Dilemma in South Sudan: MPs Stranded at the Crossroads of Media Law for Freedom of Expression or Vengeance Law for Freedom of Oppression

I am breaking my last silence on this Media-vs-Government violence because I have been perturbed psychologically and disturbed physically by my media comrades for being neutral when the war is now central in our midst.… Continue reading

To Ocampo: I and Shari’a want Bashir’s hands off before he goes to ICC or commits Suicide!

I hate political weaklings. That is why I wrote on the intro of my blog above: “Really, I rarely enjoy politics; but when some wannabes play poly-tricks, I would rather I were their… Continue reading

Our Intelligence Systems Suffering from our Negligence Symptoms

“We listen to them. They know that we listen to them. What kind of stupidity? You know I’m listening to what you say every day, and you go on talking about salaries, ammunition,… Continue reading

Suffering from ETHNORRHOEA: Should we wear white or black on Jan. 9?

I am a man born and grown through a series of serious dilemmas. A dilemma (I call it die-lemma) is a situation where you are forced to choose between sacrificing your mother or your father, as practised… Continue reading

2011 in Review: 2012 in Preview

Dear Readers, Welcome to 2012! The year 2011 was odd whereas the year 2012 is even. That means that the odd histories of the old year will translate to even stories of the new… Continue reading

Five Reasons I forgot my Birthday and Thought and Sought to have this Xmas postponed…!

‘The day you die is better than the day you are born,” says King Solomon, Ecclesiastes 7:7; and “It is better to go to the home where there is a funeral than to… Continue reading

George Athor (RIP: RUST IN PIECES or Rest in Peace? ), How he was killed, and Why we should/n’t mourn or moan for him!

It is a fact undeniable that Gen. George Athor Deng killed is my uncle. It is also a fact undeniable that Gen. George Athor Deng killed my uncle. So should I/U mourn him… Continue reading

Just Recovering from Salva II’s WALK-TO-WORK or WALK-FROM-WORK Decree in Juba!

  No sooner had I just reached my house exhausted than booted my PC and began to type. “I am damn tired, have walked 5 kilometres from Nyakuron Cultural Centre to Souk Jebbel, just… Continue reading

How Corruption is Corrupted in South Sudan…!

Corruption? What is it? No, though I can feel and find it, I fear to define it. I can be wrong, hence criticized. It is infinite in terms of time and scope, and indefinite… Continue reading

Kiir Says: Change Your (whose?) Behaviour to Kick AIDS out of South Sudan!

When President Salva Kiir rebuked the nation on the International World AIDS Day at Dr. Garang Mausoleum (Independence Square) on December 1, “Change your behaviour…!”, the fore fingers were flying here and there, mostly between… Continue reading

The Youth of the South: No Longer Youthful and Useful but Made Useless and Used Less in the Rungs and Ranks of their Nation Building Ladder!

From our household experience, not everything that looks new is useful and not everything that looks old is useless. Similarly, from our new nationhood experience, not everybody that looks youthful is useful and not… Continue reading

Good Readers are Good Leaders: Please Read to Lead!

Dear Ready Reader, “They say only about a quarter or 27% of South Sudan is able to read and write.The supposedly said literate quarter of the population of South Sudan will never help… Continue reading

Punished for Being Poor: How Decrees without Degrees are forcing us to Walk to Work in Juba!

As an amorphous mob of boda-boda cyclists grumbled behind the traffic police barricade at the University of Juba roundabout, one big man shamelessly peeped out of his V8’s auto and spat out these words to whom it might concern: “Ya… Continue reading

UN, a bunch of big spectators for the game of sick dictators!

My cattle camp wisdom still tells me that if you cow away from restraining a bull, then you will lose it to the creditor or pay for his vandalism. Similarly, if you shy… Continue reading

Is it Religion, Region, Reason or Season that still keeps the Sudans bleeding?!

It is a fact well known that if a country bleeds, the blood must atone for some cause (biblicalists call it sin). But in the case of our country of the past and the… Continue reading

Should the SPLM/A arrange a funeral or throw a party for the Late Col. Muamar Gaddafi?

Adieu Col. Gaddafi (RIP: Rest in Peace (then), Rust in Pieces)!!! If we come to matters about the innocence of Col. Muammar Gaddafi (RIP), I would rather we mourn him now for 21… Continue reading

A Cry of the Youth of the South: Save us from Inverted Investors!

And as for all investors in South Sudan, we understand an investor as somebody who comes with his money with the aim of increasing it using our local resources. The resources, being both human and natural in this country, any ‘investor’ who does not want to develop the human resource first, which is the tools for them to use in exploiting our gold, soil and oil, is that ‘inverted investor’. They are quick but quack investors, the ones for whom I am calling upon our General Assembly and general public to save us from.

BRIBALISM: a hybrid hype and type of corruption born with the Reap-public of South Sudan!

Let me have you told, with corruption, I have no monkey business with its definition. In fact, as a nation is born, a new notion is born, born with new terms, new styles… Continue reading

Our Communities: From Killing to Healing, then back to Killing…

I am dismayed. We did not expect this! How come our communities, who fought the civil war, which brought them all the civic woes, are still dying in numbers greater than those during… Continue reading

So our government is now lean and clean?

Upon public uproar in reaction to the formation of the Government of Southern Sudan  (GOSS) during the interim period, President Salva Kiir Mayardit promised to form the post-independence government a pencil-thin ?one— clean… Continue reading

That he doesn’t know me now, wow!

In the first place, we used to gather and share ideas together in bars, conferences and other social gatherings. In the second place, we used to gossip against GOSS together, and talked about… Continue reading

Breaking News: LIST OF GRoSS CABINET, 2011

At last, at least, the list, the long awaited list is now out! To the high sigh of those who were subjected to 50 days of political Ramadhan and economic lent — me… Continue reading

POETIC JUSTICE: “Rats and Cockroaches have entered the city!” admits Gaddafi.

Weakleak: If I were Col. Muammar Gaddafi, I would ‘smell the rats’ and quit the room before they come and humiliate me the Saddam way. I should have learned the lessons from Ben… Continue reading

Problem with Kiir’s decree is not the sacking, it is the backing.

I, for one, do loyally agree not with President Kiir’s decree of ‘sacking’ the boss of our money store, but with the degree of a backing given to the sacking. I mean, it’s… Continue reading

Death has robbed me (and Africa) of my best friend, Sam Loco!

Lagos — Ace multitalented actor Sam Loco Efe died yesterday in an hotel room at Rapour Hotel, Amakaohai along Orlu road in Owerri, Imo state, shortly after returning from location. He was in Owerri,… Continue reading

COMMANDER-IN-SHIFT: Gen. Gatdet Jets In For The Umpteenth-Time Defection In History!

PS: Readers may be interested in knowing the meaning of this expert rebel leader’s name: ‘Gatdet Yaka’, I am told means ‘Goatherd of Hyena’ or direct from Naath dialect as ‘Goat for Hyena (the he-one)’; and in my mother’s tongue as ‘Mathok de Angu (Angui)’ or even ‘Thok de Angui’! Wow, I will not elaborate more here as I am sure Gen. Gatdet will not stop swinging until the day he becomes ‘Gen. GotDead’ (God forbid)!

South Sudan No.5 on Terrorism Risk Index!!

SOUTH SUDAN NO.5 AMONG THE TERROR-PRONE NATIONS ON EARTH! Before it turns a month old, the Baby Nation (the Republic of South Sudan) is now facing the challenge of a six-killer childhood diseases,… Continue reading

At least, at last, we are born again!

This Saturday, at least, at last, when I seem to have fully recovered from independence hangover, and before I seem to discover a ‘dependence hang-under,’ allow me to open my mouth to talk about how we… Continue reading

My Tears for the Sudanese ‘Sarafina!’

WEAKLEAK: My dears, I cannot control my tears — the balance of the tears I had saved for the Independence of South Sudan from North Sudan — now being drained off over the Dependence of South Kordofan on North… Continue reading

Peace Assessment Report on the ‘Conflict Triangle’ of Jonglei State (PDF)

Peace Assessment Report.pdf The following link leads you to the PDF report of the fact-finding mission assessing peace in the “Conflict Triangle” of Jonglei State conducted from April to May this year. This… Continue reading

CONGRATULATIONS: Sudan now ranked No.3 among the 177 failed states on earth!

For the last couple of months, I have been blocked so I have not blogged my favourite ‘website’, call it weepsite. Now, I am back; back with bad news after three months; of course, Sudan is number… Continue reading

BREAKING NEWS: George Athor launches his Movement in the name of Museveni’s NRM!

WEAKLEAKS WARNING: If Uganda’s former rebel movement, the ‘National Resistance Movement (NRM)’, headed by the present day President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni,  does not react against the flagiarism of the name being used by Gen.… Continue reading

Shock grips Jonglei as family tortures their bride to death over forced marriage!

JONGLEI: One girl killed, another tortured for bridegroom against their family – Sudan Tribune: Plural news and views on Sudan. WEAKLEAKS Condemns murder of bride in Jonglei State! It is a fact well… Continue reading

Talent Extravaganza with the ‘!Miracle Suddancers!’

Talent Extravaganza with the ‘!Miracle Suddancers!’ WEAKLEAK: At the closing day of the Gemtel Promotionn Campaign in Torit, the capital of Eastern Equatoria State, Ugandan dancers hired by USTASS for this purpose were… Continue reading

South Sudan has got talent: ‘MIRACLE SUDDANCERS’ Coming Soon!

WEAKLEAK: In South Sudan are so many volcanoes, waiting, waiting to erupt any time. But if their vent (seismic lit) is closed with a big boulder, none will ever see the magma; it… Continue reading

Taking-Towns-to-People versus Taking-People-to-Towns Policy: which formula for our Development?

Many empires in the distant history and many nations in the recent history have been built upon the foundation laid by their founding leaders. These foundations are not based on the works of… Continue reading

The Morning of Mourning in Khartoum (The lousiest ceremony in our history)

WEAKLEAK: When you see Sudanese celebrating a funeral, you would just imagine the opposite ceremony would look like a welcoming party at the Heaven’s gates. However, this is not the case, nobody celebrates… Continue reading

What do we learn from Egyptian Security Forces?

WEAKLEAK: Given the wind of change,  or a ‘perfect storm’ according to Hillary Clinton, sweeping across the Arab world and Africa, we are faced with a complex question of: Are the armed (security) forces there to protect… Continue reading