Jon Pen packaging The Faithbook Digest after printing in Kampala

By Jon Pen

Yesterday, a friend passing over Kampala from the West was shocked to see a ‘Johnnie Hawker: Keep Hawking’, sweating in the sun with his self-published books.

“What! Are you the real Jon Pen that we read about? What’s happening to you, dude? Even yesterday, I read that you are the leader of the Red Card Movement that is funded with 11 million dollars by TROIKA and America!”

I told him, it’s 1 million Shillings, not dollars, but from the sales of my books. “Here, you are!” I gave him one, which sells under $5 each. He witnessed that I was hawkng by walking, not demonstrating, on the streets of Kampala.

In our matter-of-fact joke-chat, I told him that I was not their (RCM) leader but their reader. Yes, they are also my readers and leaders. I mean any South Sudanese is not just my fellow citizen but a potential customer. Naturally, I don’t segregate based on individual or group opinion, affiliation or what not.

Un/fortunately, just as some NSS knuckleheads are busy wasting our petrodollars reporting and planning how to deal with this guy (or guys), this guy is busy fending for his life and his family’s, as well as defending his children’s future!

So my friend regretted that Kiiristians’ not-so-proper propaganda. I showed him the RCM’s public page PDF extracts that the Regime bought very expensively from a hacker on the recent WhatsApp attack. It carries some of my analyses in defence of the protesters as forwarded from another WhatsApp group and some of my comments as a member on that RCM’s public group.

Disappointingly, what the intellectually malnourished goons do not know, or are trying not to know, is that I am a member of a hundreds of Social Media kindreds or groupings, and that I have declared no war against any South Sudanese oppositions or activists against the regime that has brought our baby nation to its feeble knees.

Then, I also lectured him on the impact of ‘Kiiristianity’ on our people and country: a religion that influences its naive natives with a system that I call ‘bribalism’ — a bribe by tribe. Meaning what? In ‘bribalism’ as a pillar of ‘Kiiristianity’, coerced believers known as ‘foollowers’ can go to war or shoot an individual or a critic (kiiritic) not necessarily for money but for a mere abstract idea that “they are against the president from our tribe” (tribalism)!

In short, I’m (we’re) just a victim of a malevolent dictatorship that procures peoples’ allegiance by (under Bribalism) ‘Threat, Tribe and Bribe’!

Do you harbour such believes that any citizen reacting out of suffering to the corrupt and bloodstained regime is given money to do so by foreigners? If so, God ‘blast’ you abundantly!