By Jon Pen de Ngong

To my friends and relatives, who want me to graduate now and now by all costs, please, hold on. These days, one needs to prioritize not according to bandwagon reasoning but according to necessities. Education is a secondary basic need; life first (food, safety, medical…., and then education).

Plus, I am not actually missing an academic paper for solving my immediate problems at the moment, even publishing. I have seen people doing graduation after graduation, including degrees by decrees, but they have not decreased their own problems. So leave me alone. If graduation, it shall be done as a ritual after some semester clearance, not at the expense of my children and life.

Life has to move on…

Cak piŋ?

Meanwhile, I cannot wait till after graduation in order to go practically professional…



…been meeting my University sparsely for a decade,
So tersely like incest exes in a love arcade.
I add to my literary store an ounce,
But for a gown refuse to pounce.

At times it is due to inefficiency of time
That rhymes with deficiency of dime,
Or foregone in favour of family bread.
Or due to my daredevil activism’s threat.

So must I first wear a gown so exterior?
Some do it as a ritual by motives so ulterior.
A Dinka bull with horns laden with a horsetail tassel?
Not me a thinker bull with today’s life story to tell or tussle!

So I hereby to the world share a little literary secret.
For literal lack of a degree, I learn a lot not to regret.
With no end to my academic trek and spirit not dead,
Henceforth, dear Makerere University, find me ahead…

Poet: Jon Pen de Ngong
Book: Talent Is Latent