My Take In The Aftermath Of the Roam-in-Rome Vatican Vacation

By Jon Pen de Ngong

This is what I meant…

For those who might be interpreting my ‘Roam in Rome’ piece of analytical poetry otherwise, yes, I am for the ‘Spiritual Retreat’ but at the same time a cynic on the picnic part of it.

As a Christian (Christ’s sycophant), I embrace spiritual solutions but not the sycophantic way the ‘Kiiristians’ and ‘Riektionaries’ take it.

I still believe peace is in Juba, it just needs to be translated from the RARCSS paper to the ground through the hearts of our leaders.

Maybe Pope Francis has kissed out all the thickness and sickness in the hearts of our primary peace partners.

Let us just wait and see as they wade at the sea of the tears triggered by the Holy Sea events.

My conclusion would be as Jesus put it to the political parties of the day; namely the parochial Pharisees, the seductive Sadducees, the critical scribes and the heretic Herodians.

Let me also borrow from St. Paul that unless we work for it, we will not see the fruits thereof. Faith without deeds has no seeds.

Therefore, peace without implementation in South Sudan always ends up in a bloody implication.

To pray the signatures into cantonment and RTGoNU is to play a football on the screen and you expect trophies delivered in your house.

We are acting like those fanatical Christians who do not work but force God in incessant intercessions to deliver them money and manna live at the altar.

Let us put our pieces into a workable peace and units into a practical unity. Else, forget peace through the vacation to the Vatican.

Happy Palm Sunday…!

Meanwhile, enjoy ‘To Roam In Roam’ again below:


Do they carry along that hope
For the healing from the Pope
Or they just go to roam in Rome?

They leave behind the peace that’s African
To go and import the type very Vatican
Or do they just go to roam in Rome?

How sure are we of seeing a White Smog
Even scanty cirrus strands of black fog
As they just go to roam in Rome?

Whosoever of them politicians out to preach
About peace while basking at the beach
Like they just go to roam in Rome?

As if they go there to scoop the sage so Papal
Rival siblings over a state at a stage so pupal
As if they go there to roam in Rome!

Reported on the Holy See as a ‘secret retreat’
Then it evolves into such a sacred treat
For which they go to roam in Rome?

Yes, we Christians believe in a spiritual retreat
Yet, it is designed for a political retread
Else they just go to roam in Rome!

They vacated their offices for the Vatican Vacation
A pilgrimage marked with penance embarkation
Then go as if only to roam in Rome!

Nodding for the peace repentance with the Holy See
Noting peace won’t be dumped wholly in the sea
Or else they just go to roam in Rome!

Poet: Jon Pen de Ngong
Book: Is The Church In Charge?

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