No, not me. JP is my neighbor, actually my landlord, whose kilometre-long road travels all the way from the main into his compound!

So, Jon Pen (JP) is just a poor beneficiary by proximity. Hey, members and neighbours who make fun of my initials to the road, especially as the signpost was put up when I had just put up at the estate…lollest to you!

Yes, I am just a name bonafide. Ngong Estate in Nairobi was my empty pride, just as a number of landmarks like Ngong Road, Ngong Town, Ngong Hotel, Ngong Forest, Ngong Hills, Ngong Race Course, Ngong Anything…, makes my name competing with the Kenyattas, not knowing I used to live in Ngong Manyattas (Lajinistans or Refugistats) in Nairobi.

NB: Even the famous Taban lo Liyong’s was appended to a road (from Juba to KjKj) when he was around 73, not this poor one at 37 (maybe).

Just the other day, our former Comrades and Commanders: Kuol Manyang, John Kong, Daniel Awet, Wani Igga, Gabriel Jok, etc. were receiving their accolades while above 60s.

Only in the Zuckerberg countries or Facebookland can boys get roads and factories named after them.

Therefore, to those killing others for those things, relax, guys. You will have it. Not forgetting the tweenies (adolescents at 20s) chasing and bragging of PhD’s, and the teenies cruising V8s…!

Relax, guys. You shall get…! Be humble like that boy, Ngong Jr., who took the snaps, still at lady-ish stage…

Now, I, am sure, have answered my relatives, friends and fiends (no fans) on why I have been turning down their suggested nominations to those mushrooming talent awards in and of or for South Sudan/ese.