Screenshot_20181226-105421.jpgBy Jon Pen

Like my Spiritized Friend, Immanuel J. Christ over His Best Day, I also felt so over mine — adored and adorned!

In fact, I’m normally kind of embarrassed by openly displayed praises or appreciations, but this one, I cannot resist for this and other reasons: 1- This is the season for birth day boom and jotting down my anniversary messages, 2- Retrospective appreciation (by others for doing it unto myself). What is irregular is advertising wholesale your achievement on others. 3- It’s the best way to return people’s appreciation i.e. receipting their respect on me.

Therefore, thank you to all my relatives and friends (fiends included) for heaping a ‘Hefty Birthday Day’ on me on my Best Day! Jokmagai e Dengadiit and those who took their time penning paeans for Pen’s (praise poems) and messages, including the inboxed, I am indebted.

And my indebtedness will be fulfilled in my ‘autopoeography’ book that failed to meet that deadline of December 22, 2018, but will surely come out early 2019. To be exact, out of the public outpour, the paean penned to me, entitled ‘LONG LIVE, JONNY PENNY’, by Ahochthon (Jokmagai), has won a page in my upcoming ‘Bronze Jubilee Anniversary’ poetry book under the title “BEING TRAVELSOME: While I’m 33rd”.

The 33-poem book will be launched on February 5, 2019 to demarcate the first quota of my activist life story from 1989 to 2019, and to also mark 25 (-1) years from the day I (with 4 other Jesh Ahmr members) met Pope John Paul II and presented a petition on behalf of the Antonov-traumatized children of South/Sudan. And ‘ignorantly’ demanded our independence, something outside the then John Garang’s SPLM/A vision!

Mark the date.



Adored And Adorned

Thank you my friends
Not forgetting my fiends
For heaping on me a hefty birthday
You indeed made it my happy best day

On the anniversary of my youth exit
Poured on me were praises so explicit
By my well wishers I was poetically adorned
Lo, by my hell wishers I was politically adored

Though almost always allergic to paeans
It is a sin so literary to sniff pukes from pens
For acknowledgement is to jealous dudes a taboo
Any opinion other than mine, I resolve never to boo


Poet: Jon Pen de Ngong

Book: Being Travelsome: While I’m 33rd