In Tandem With Random Dinky Posts By The Dinkum ‘Alier Kingdom’!


“If there is one person I look up to on this platform, it is the indefatigable Jon Pen.

This kahuna has more than earned his keep.

He hits hard with his articles.

His pen stings.

His unique sense of writing is a testament of a man who has read and devoured volumes upon volumes of literature.

Jon earns an honest living and has a strong revulsion for those whose sources of wealth are shrouded in mystery.

He loathes the intellectually impotent.

He doesn’t engage in slug-fests with them but leaves them to fight their ghosts and debauched consciences.

He has been subjected to litanies of arcane, concocted and mangled anecdotes in the name of critiques.

Epithets of ad hominem have been hurled in his face by the cowardly and the maliscious.

Many mischiveous and frivolous vexations have been made about him.

I see him being physically abused by these peddlers of impunity in the near future.

His writings are a spray of fresh air in a country chocking with the putrid stench of unsupported conjecture that is the disquisition of today.

He engages his audience with decorum and intellect when tackling significant issues of the day.

His writings advance the civility and quality of life and transcend ethnic stereotyping.

He provides a great public sphere for rational-critical discourses highly desirable for a nation in social, economic and political transition.

He serves a serious, issue based menu on his social media platforms, which is a wide disconnect from the erotics that have for so long chocked and embarrassed many.

Amidst the backdrop of madness and insanity that his peers subscribe to, Jon is sobber.”