30624154_10211646978756303_6273775556037398120_nThere is this vehement attempt to drag me into matters of deep politics or something to implicate me. I refuse this attempt and diffuse this rumours in the name of God and the Republic of South Sudan.

Words put in my mouth will always slide down with saliva, like I am done with Salva.

This is what some forces of darkness are trying on my name. Never! As shown in the picture above, some quack ‘unknown penman’ was fidgeting with a semblance of a Juba Monitor article to show that I ran that article in Juba against the UNHCR or Kakuma camp leadership. I did not run such a story i.e. That the camp commandant would be arrested over the refugee schoolfees scandal.

However, I have signed an online petition against charging refugee children schoolfees that they cannot raise. I remember when I was in the camp, one could spend the whole year without coming into contact with even 10 dollars, if not only by natural chance of a lost-and-found property.

So why the hell would somebody expect a refugee minor, an orphan who lives in the minors’ quarters or with a refugee relative, to raise 3,000 Kshs or $30 for the Goddamnn ‘schoolfees’? Plus, it is written on the UNHCR notice Board: “SERVICES ARE FREE HERE. REPORT ANYBODY SOLICITING MONEY FOR SERVICE!” Now, to whom should the refugees report the UNHCR or its education affiliates like Windle Trust and GoK (Government of Kenya). That word ‘Trust’ in that name, though!

Back to the topic. That purported newspaper headline (without a body) could have been an attempt to interfere with our planned visit to Kakuma for Public Consultation with te Refugees on the next phase of the HLRF peace process in Addis Ababa. If so, then it must have a deeper connection with the powers to be in Juba, or else, who else can use a Juba Monitor or the name thereof to implicate and mess me up with the UNHCR and Kenya authorities running the refugee camps? We are investigating that…! But I hereby assure my Civil Society colleagues, especially the Team, including the HLRF Refugee Rep, to Addis Ababa to continue with our plans for public sensitization on the process before April 26, 2018.


A few months ago, I received a phone call from somebody I cannot name here. “John, they are waiting for you at Intercontinental. Gen. Malong is arriving there soon.” I responded that I had no business with Gen. Malong since I was not a member of JCE or its rebranded offshoot that is christened ‘Concerned Citizens on Peace and Reconciliation’ that had been lobbying Gen. Paul Malong not to bring to the brink of war the Dinka nation. The voice insisted that I was on the list of a certain group of youth that requested for a meeting with the estranged general. I shook it off.

Wait a minute. A week later, I came across a letter written to Gen. Paul with my name on the list. I was not consulted, but somebody wanted to use my name and others’ to access the general or implicate me in any future references.

Thirdly, it was on the 25th of January that somebody dropped a warning letter at my door step at my house in Nairobi. The anonymous letter warned me not to do some A, B, C, D, and to do some 1, 2, 3, 4… The content is hereby kept away from public access as it is still being studied by the concerned authorities. As hinted above, such contents are not new to me, and cannot make me cow away from my usual position of telling the truth and defending the cheated, robbed and victimized South Sudanese people.

Again, I dispute such links, I refuse any remote assimilation, I diffuse any rumour related to it in the name of my God and my country. All my dealings and intentions are public through the power of my keyboard. So any underground naming of Jon Pen in any ‘Black Market Deal’ stands condemned either in advance or in retrospects with all possible fiery rhetoric by me.

To the public, stay awake, stay aware…; as to the ‘ethno-political desperadoes’, stay away from my names and my games, cak ping?