THE WACKY-LEAKS FROM THE WAR OF J1 SIRENS: ‘Ateny Wack’ versus ‘Daniella Wolf’!


Daniella Valentino Wol, ‘The Wolf of J1’

Sorry, it’s about OOPS again (Office of President Salva)! I will not use many words from my own but am going to borrow mainly from them and others. This is one of those others on the integrity scandals, a new revelation beside a litany of scandals laid bear on the sandals of the top office of our nation. In fact, the world over, no state house is immune of such ‘estate hours’.

“The government has announced that Medicare will now cover sexual performance drugs like Viagra. This is part of President Bush’s ‘No Erection Left Behind’ campaign.” –Jay Leno

Something has attracted me to pay this some deserved attention. I have this bone to pick with Daniella Valentino Wol, not because I was her first prey beside Mama Rebecca and Dr. Majak D’Agoot in when she ‘invented’ live video call now going viral that she was using to guard J1. It is not even because she has turned against J1 the very weapons she deployed against us to defend the very J1, it is because she has used a wrong approach to commemorate International Girls’ Day. Instead of championing their rights as she always claims, she sold the souls of her fellow victims to Ateny Wack and the J1’s hounds in a separate war on such a day!

Now that the J1 sirens have turned guns against one another, an act that has exonerated the ‘Jon Pens’ who were marked for elimination for insulting the Office of President Salva, OoPS, sorry! It is now my turn to come in as a mediator. My job is simple, I just want to sing for them a song, dedication that is somewhat an inciting hate speech by a young Kiiristian from Yirol (edited to interpret the pictures) to suit the reconciliation story between Ateny Wack , the wacky Tiger of J1 and Daniella Wol, ‘The Wolf of J1’. Here we go…

Na ye gäär ë nom (If by head contouring),
Ke wɔ cï gɔ̈ɔ̈r nïïm (Then we’re all marked).
Naa tɔŋ ëJ1, (If it’s about the Battle of J1),
Ka cuk thɔ̈ɔ̈r ëya (Then we both fought it).
Yeŋu yïn a bɛɛr tuiiny dɛ̈? (So why then pinch me?)
Ye ya bɛɛr tuiɛ̈ny ŋu? (Why pinch me, then?)


My friend, Ateny  Wek should have learned from this common fact from the so-called ‘Robert Mugabe’s quotes’ before catching the hands of the Wolf and dragging her to J1: “Whenever things seem to be going well in your life, the Devil comes along and gives you a ‘Girlfriend’!” So my friend, carry your own cross i.e. cry alone. And, maybe, along with those accused in your office.

My song is addressing the following fiery storm from both Mr. Wack and Ms Wolf:

THE WOLF: You are known for having many affairs here in the United Kingdom, it looks like you’ve carried on the trend elsewhere. Except now, you’ve gained even more power working at the high office abusing such you are entrusted with. Today, for example I received phone calls from three men who are willing to stand behind me in court and explain to the judge (whether here in Juba or London) that you have in-fact ended their marriages. I urge you to refer to your inbox, I’ve sent you a picture of a man and his wife and how you lured her into Juba; destroying their marriage. Just one example, Ateny Wek Ateny. You’re corrupt. You’re a conman. I only ask you to publicly resign and come with me to court. It is foolish how a man that has spent his time in jail for embezzlement and deception ends up working in the office of the president. You are a man who belongs in jail.


THE WACK: I was in London together with Awut, but she never insulted me before, the way she has been insulting me since joining the Office of the President. It is not one off slip of the tongue, but consistent chain of insults even when nothing has provoked those insults. Yet, I still had respect for her. Apart from Awut’s visit to the First Lady in which she had an opportunity of posing picture with the President and the First Lady, the two occasions in which she visited the Office of the President were through me.



However, this involuntary confession by Mr. Ateny Wek Ateny is rather disturbing given his position as the mouthpiece (PRO) of the Presidency, and the government by extension. One would wonder whether he knew that he was betraying his office (boss) the way he did it this time last year on the issue The Sentry Report on corruption. He ignorantly asked James Gatdet Dak not to brag about Kiir’s corruption because ‘the one who steals a car and that who steals a bar of soap are both thieves.” Terrible admission, right? As if that is not enough, this time, he has this for your independent interpretation:

“She knew nobody in this country to be sacrosanct. Even God may face difficulty to find how to deal with her, if he was a member in the Government of South Sudan,” confessed Mr. Ateny about the dictatorial nature of the authority of his office.


As for the lecherous system of the Government of South Sudan on girls and women in or around their offices, I will let the American writer conclude for us here: (To be concluded shortly…)