FOUR Relevant Dilemmas to the title: ‘NUER DILEMMAS: Coping with Money, War and State’

“NUER DILEMMAS: Coping with Money, War and the State” by Sharon E. Hutchinson
To the title, I have just added the 4th Dilemma to the Nuer’s confusion, which is ‘Power’ and its struggle; part of the ‘state’, of course. Since most of us seem allergpic to some names before understanding what it is that is being talked about, some times back, I was like those people.
Well, about this book, the first time I saw it I thought it was a deliberate insult by the Khawaja author on our people of Nuer origin, the rest of the tribes similarly in the same boat of confusion in South Sudan.
Wele! Several years later, I realized the ‘prophecy’ in the following think-aloud wonderment…in fact, I can name and relate to the current crisis up to 4 of the causes of the Nuer’s perennial dilemmas, viz:
1- If not so, then why would two cousins or even blood brothers carry out fratricide, ‘sororicide’, infanticide, matricide, patricide, parricide, etc. (genocide on ones brothers, sisters, children, mothers, fathers or parents) around their home towns among their own people in the name of Gen. Taban Deng Gai, who is relaxing in a hotel in Juba and Dr. Riek Machar Teny in a hotel in Johannesburg?
Nuer Dilemma on the Money!
2- When we and the world were smartly told last year that Taban was just going to occupy Riek’s place till he returned to reunite our country and implement peace as ‘one nation, one people’, somebody please help me, how did that arrangement turn into such a bloody “liberation struggle” (fighters call it ‘defending the constitution’) between the same people who just returned from the bush after what they called their ‘common enemy’?
Nuer Dilemma on the Power!
3- The same location a year ago, same brothers were singing one song of defending their own people, rights and reforms, so what has gone amiss? Ngo ci tuook wurme?
Nuer Dilemma on the War!
4- ‘Peace Force’ be forcing civilians out of towns and villages by gunfire and terror to ‘liberate them’. Whoever gave Taban IO’s fighters the nickname of ‘Peace Force’ is making a mockery on the South Sudanese reasoning capacity in front of the wondering world!
Nuer Dilemma on the Money!
5- National Dialogue, SPLM Reunification, ARCISS, etc. and the military campaigns to capture towns, how do these blend? Only in South Sudan! I mean what will you do with a burned-down town or village with only dead bodies and ‘dirt buddies’ left behind?
Nuer Dilemma on the War!
6- Kiir’s legacy of Divide-and-Ruin i.e. partitioning the 10 states into 32 clan-run ones is counterproductive in bringing peace and development. Every time a governor is decreed on SSBC, the next day is fire in that village in the process of opening roads and ‘liberating the state’ for the governor and his government from the very people he is supposed to go and save and serve.
Nuer Dilemma on the State!
NB: To my dear ‘Kiiristians’, ‘Riektionaries’ and now ‘Tabanigans’, or any other shenanigans and charlatans, including ‘Paganigans’, who usually jump on my neck (nerves) before understanding in full what and why I am writing like that, as usual, I don’t give a damn if you give me a dam (barrier to my freedom of expression).
On matters affecting my country and people, I just pick and speak my mind while hot, why not?