‘THE KIIRISTIAN PENANCE’: When a co-perpetrator orders a victim to pray for him!


BELOW is a serious of my serious Facebook posts in opposition to the so-called National Prayer (March 10) and National Dialogue. I call them ‘Politically Motivated Prayer’ (PMP) and ‘Politically Motivated Dialogue’ (PMD), respectively. Problem with those running around with a wrong version of the follow posts is that they think the regime way: calling journalists or activists (critics) ‘enemies of the nation’. In fact, in my criticism (call it ‘Kiiriticism’), I put myself out as an ‘enemy of the notion’, not an ‘enemy of the nation’, as Kiir and his ‘Kiiristians’ threaten. Get that theme clear as follows:

I have no problem with the physical content of the president’s ‘Repentance Prayer’ during his National Prayer Day, but I have every problem with its political intent.

President Kiir’s repentance prayer shared below is one of the sincerest speeches that I have ever seen read by the president. I have another take on it.

What is not wrong with the ‘Kiiristian Penance’, that forced repentance by the president over the Juba-based nation?

1- It was not natural: a well written piece of note or short speecch written by another person and read out by the president is NO SINCERE PRAY by all means. A prayer must come from the heart and must be directly oral. No sincere prayer confession is written, only legal confession is.

2- When what is supposed to be personal repentance in once church or room, like Gen. Malong’s prayer, is delegated to Gen. Ajongo to read to the nation, then there is something wrong with this choreographed politics in religious envelope!

3- You can’t force it on the nation, especially the divided, angry and hungry nation such as ours. In short it is a blackmail to coerce the public into accepting that one-sided ‘National Dialogue’. Otherwise, most of the Christians (except the Kiiristians), clergy, bishops and even the Archbishop of Catholic Church were forced to turn up after a long haggling of criticism and threat back and forth. For instance, my friend told me that some security operatives went as far as warning the citizens in some residential division of Juba that were potential for a boycott. “If you are found not at John Garang’s by the time of the prayer rally, you are the real rebel we are looking for”, he said they said.

In short, let the National Dialogue-cum-Prayer be free from political motivation and individual interests…ONLY WILL PEACE COME!


(President Kiir’s Repentance Prayer)

“Powerful and ever living God, I thank you, for even though I am a sinner, your unprofitable servant – not because of my worth, but in the kindness of your mercy. You have fed me with the precious body and blood of your son, our Lord Jesus Christ. I pray that you may not bring condemnation and punishment, but forgiveness and salvation to the people of South Sudan. May you be a helmet of faith and a shield of good will. Holy God, on this day and all the days of my life, I entrust to your merciful heart my body and my soul. All my acts, thoughts, choices, desires, words, deeds, my entire life, so that with your assistance, all may be ordered to the good according to the will of your beloved son, our Lord Jesus Christ. Help me God to seek you always and live righteously, to act courageously and to speak from your wisdom. Give me a clear mind and an open heart, so that I may witness you in our country. Remind me God to be who you would want to be –regardless of what I am doing, or whom I am with. Grant, oh King of Heaven, that ever in my heart, I may have fear and love –alike for your most sweet son. That I may always give thanks for the many blessings bestowed upon me, not for my merit, but by your loving kindness. And what I may ever make a pure and sincere confession and do true penance for my sins, in order that I might deserve to obtain your mercy and grace. Most merciful God, through my shortcomings, I have sinned against you in thoughts, in words, and deeds by what I have done and what I have failed to do. I humbly repent and ask for your loving mercy and forgiveness. Whatever is in my power to do for the people of South Sudan, please Lord Help me to be your instrument of love, service delivery, peace, reconciliation and forgiveness. Heavenly Father, lead me safely to everlasting happiness with you. I pray that you will lead me, a sinner, to the banquet where you with your son and Holy Spirit are true and perfect live, total fulfilments, Holy Spirit, everlasting joy, gladness –without end – and perfect happiness to your saints. Grant this God, through Christ, our Lord. Amen.”





When our CREED is DECREED…!
I thought the ‘Harsh Bishops’ would be the ones announcing the ‘National Dialogue’s National Prayers’. Now that our PRAYERS are by DECREES, South Sudanese, now ‘LET’S PREY…’
…according to one of my old poems extracted from my old manuscript of ‘The Black Christs of Africa’…

Poem #122


Corruption is Aids virus.
It is cancer in human beings.
It’s canker in animals and plants.
It is an abject poverty to peasants,
A tsunami to our social environment.
To stump the vice out calls for prayers,
Incessant intercessions in all institutions.
Unfortunately, they do miss the right word:

Bishop: Please, sportsmen, now let’s pray.
Sportsmen: Yes, Your Loadship, let’s play.
Bishop: Please, businessmen, let’s pray.
Traders: Yes, Your Loadship, let’s ploy.
Bishop: Please, politicians, let’s pray.
Politicians: Your Lordship, let’s fray.
Bishop: hello, soldiers, let’s pray.
Soldiers: Hi Bishop, let’s prey.

“Your cravings as a human animal do not become a prayer just because it is God whom you must ask to attend to them.”
Dag Hammarskjöld (1905 – 1961)
Swedish statesman and diplomat/First UN Secretary General.



I did condemn the hypocrisy of the state (politicians) blackmailing or forcing the church by a decree into a ‘national prayer day’ in order to mobilize the public into accepting Kiir’s one-sided national dialogue. It is not religious enough for the president to order the church into a prayer day.

As for the women that rolled and rolled in prayer cries in the mausoleum, only God understands their frustration. I mean, it is an abuse for a perpetrator to force a victim into praying for them, isn’t it? That was my point.

So for those who peddled around with my views opposed to the ‘PMP’ and ‘PMD’ (Politically Motivated Prayers’ and ‘Politically Motivated Dialogue), get my points clear before running your mouth or fingers on me. I am not against peace and God, I am against hypocrisy and war in disguise. No sane leader can command the soldiers into assaults and command the public into dialogue or prayers at the same time…ONLY IN SOUTH SUDAN.

…and I have spoken my God-given mind, as usual. Take this to your Blue House piles of my files. Truth must be told, and is the only secret that sets me free from the daily hands of state-sponsored rovers, robbers, kidnappers and poisoners. Amen!

Even during the first war of liberation, (2005), I condemned Forced Prayers or Ramadhan (forced fasting) as evidenced in my anti-Sharia poem here from ‘The Black Christs of Africa’ (Chapter 7: Suffering and Suppression).

Poem #091


Very well, I know you know
That I am a Christian— no question.
Though I subscribe to your belief,
I know you know I do it just for relief.

I know you know
That I am a Christian,
But I am not ready for lent,
I am just ready for lunch, on rent.

So why all the restaurants closed,
And why bar me from the bar?
I know you know this duress
Will make me sick, very sick!

Sick of hunger,
Or sick of anger,
Sick of hypocrisy,
And also of apostasy.


“Your habit of forcing me to follow your religion; your own religion, by which you sniff the earth— this is bitterly detested by the children of the land.”
Akutkuei Music Group,
Translated from Dinka: ‘Kedun yin amac yanhdu, yanhdun yin ke piny yoc acii mith ke baai maan.”


17203240_10208627867600411_1915990171451665988_n“And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by others. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full.” Matthew 5:6






Our Father,
Who hurts in haven.
Hell-awed be your name.
Your king damn come.
Your ills be damned
On earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our dearly bread.
And forgive us our trace-passes
As we forgive those
who trace pass against us.
Lead us not into damnation.
But deliver us from evil.
For the kingdom,
The power,
And the glory
Are yours.
Now and forever more…





I call it ‘PMP’ (Politically Motivated Prayer) for ‘PMD’ (Politically Motivated Dialogue).