16473840_10208339462590466_7681953492852679834_nWhat we always deem constitutional and national has become personal. It has gone viral. Freedom of speech and association are criminalized and punished on the spot, outside the court of law. It is implemented by youth with tribal and financial empowerment. Online campaign is met with an off-line attack. They are allergic to criticism or alternative voices. So they resort to manual handling or manhandling of their opponents. They name them rebels, enemies, traitors, etc., who deserve elimination right away. They cannot stand hard grounds in arguments because they are recruited on the basis of ‘know-who’, not know-how, to defend their leaders.

Plus, the regime always lacks concrete evidences, like documentary proves, to back up their arguments. This is blamed on their weak original plot that always backfires, e.g. the coup plot claims. Whoever does not conform to such forced allegations is ripe for elimination in the hands of the regime hounds.

For instance, reasons justifying why Kiir could be right or wrong on selling our Suddland (draining our waters to Egypt in exchange for something not generational) are unquestionable. They think those who believe Ramciel City construction project is not our national priority at the moment, for example, are ‘enemies of the nation’. They cannot tolerate another citizen’s alternative views. Therefore, a volunteer army has emerged, but cannot sustain social media debates. So they go physically personal. Call it ‘Dotkubeny Cyber Kidnappers Taskforce’. They declare their attack and brag about it in public or media. Whether that action is illegal or otherwise is none of their concerns. So far, they have offered a hitman appointments with me. They are boasting about the disappearance of Mr. Dong Samuel Luak, Aggrey Idri, etc. and are promising more kidnappings on South Sudanese citizens of opposite voices.

Watch this Youtube interview on me by Kuir e Garang on the same topic:

They have made South Sudan the only country where state-sponsored ‘terrorists’ proudly declare themselves as the killers or kidnappers of so and so. They even use this as a CV to scare others. “We will kidnap you like so and so!” They forget the fact that their terror victims are South Sudanese with the same powers and community aggressiveness with equal individual revenge capacity.

Having said that, these boys, especially those who chance to hail from the community where the president comes are so rampantly wielding the same killer powers as their rogue regime. Worse still, they even do it blatantly in the name of their tribe, not knowing they are robbing state powers in the name of a community, a separate crime of its own. The democracy they claimed has its Lincoln’s definition edited something like: ‘Government of a people, for a people and by a people”. So they daringly warn, “We will come for you! We will kill you! Our community, Our government, Our country,” blah, blah, blah…, forgetting that the people they alienate and terrorize are equal shareholders of this country or community.

Verbal killers of Jon Pen like the so-called Wen Kon Awet (Marach Kon Awet) and Joseph Akot have made it so personal that they offer to deal with me one-on-one. Imagine! I just laugh them off. Yes, the dog barks, the camel walks on…! But time will come when I or the community they are collectively provoking will react. And it will not be good on them. I know they are drunk with blood money, crude power and ignorance to the extent that they voluntarily declare responsibility for the killing or kidnapping of our missing citizens! Yet promise to add more, as if they are muslims on ‘fatwa killing’.

They are a living proves of why the government is unpopular among the ordinary citizens, causing migration to other countries. How different are these from those they claim as ‘rebels’? I mean what makes a rebel rebel? This is too dangerous on them given the fact that the relatives of these missing victims of state-sponsored terror are reading their bragging threats and declarations about the lives of our vulnerable citizens. Some generals and other kidnapping kingpins have their families: say, wives, sons, daughters, brothers and sisters drunkenly loitering in Nairobi or Kampala streets. Should this horror movie go personal, the revenge attack will go viral. We shall equally be hunters-cum-hunted! Madness at its suicidal level!

To confirm what I am saying, just go through these screenshot samples of a hundreds of daily ‘killings’ these volunteer ‘terrorists’ carry out on my name. Marach Kon Awet even went ahead to declare that I was hiding in Dadaab or Kakuma as they (himself included) are in hot pursuit after me. Look at that in the Facebook update of their Weston Wanjohi…planting spies near my house daily, while I am not even there. Imagine they sound like they have got their lone antelope, someone without humanity, rights and relatives…!

NB: Maybe some lawyers should tell these volunteer idiots that they are putting their own necks in the noose, and their relatives’ lives in danger. I know very well that Kiir will not be there when my brother is, or I am, tussling it out with one of them. I wonder what kind of Dinka is such stupid in this era of Salva Kiir. Where on earth do you announce to kill before you do?