DEAR READY READER: Don’t mind me. These days I am always drunk of Kerekedde Tea, while facing those drunk with human blood for crude power grip. So watch my poetical posts and political poems and block blogs with ease. Therefore, this blog goes to whom it MUST concern: my hell wishers and rumour mill operators. However, they have influenced me from being your original ‘humour mill operator’. So I am bitter nowadays, but I promise I will be better some day. So, sorry!



You see? This senseless war of greed has regrettably turned a brother against a brother. We have no more brothers’ keepers; only brothers’ skippers. In fact, the hate speech has heightened with a hit speed to the extent that even relatives would wish the other one dead. Imagine a cousin calling me with a broken heart that our other cousin had just told him boastfully that I was captured by the ‘Unknown Kidnappers’ in Nairobi, just barely a week after Dong Luak and Aggrey Idri disappeared!

“My brother, oh! so you can now answer me on your phone?  I was just trying…!” He sounded uneasily relieved. “I was just told you were arrested in Nairobi.” I laughed it off and pulled off from my queue spot of the student head count ordered by Mr. and Mrs. Museveni, the Chancellor of Makerere University and Minister for Education and Sports, respectively.

“Cool down, brother.” I counselled him and cancelled his fears. “This is what I am doing…” I snapped a selfie reflecting a line of students attending a head count census in a tent and others picking up their exams permit from the Academic Registrar’s window. (See pictures here, me included).

I returned here last year.

And yet again, the next blame will be now: “What! You fool, why have you exposed your location again?” I hear ‘they’ will come for you! Ah, who are the ‘they’ here? Lo, South Sudan is the only place where a terrorist (kidnapper) is announced for arrival! I have seen young men putting up my name in a sinister reminder to the ‘kidnappers’ that I am in this or that place. History holds this for them!



Correction: They will not come for me. They are already swarming around me, scavenging for any iota of lie to report for fund. First, they had to check in next to my hotel room on my arrival at Kampala last December. They are also near me here, doing ‘computer and/or English language certificate courses’! (At Makerere University?) And I am like, “Oh, welcome my dear course-mates!’ Lol!

Last time (2015), I had them severally next to my hostel rooms…and my data gadgets kept disappearing every semester, and then, and then…until a small car made my boda boda collapse with me into a roadside ditch. Sorry, I called this an accident in front of my University Hospital’s doctor, and reported it like that at Abii Clinic, same to my roommate. Then I quit! (and killed the story).

Lakin, this time, I won’t. If the leadership in Juba thinks their self-inflicted problems will be solved by killing all the citizens that are complaining against their style of leadership, then be it. But then, they should not forget that everything has its end. This power craze will go and South Sudan will continue. By now, I thought President Kiir and his newfound buddy, FVP Taban Deng, have bought or kidnapped enough South Sudanese in fill up the missing gap in their National Dialogue seats. Are they also looking for student critics on social media? He who reigns by sword dies thereof. If culling (killing) of all their non-supporters will bring freedom to our people, Amen!

As if that is not enough, the other blame was, “But he does not want to finish.He does not follow one thing. He is a confused failure!” and then goes the rumour mill operators on my news. But do I care about their opinion timetable? No. I am me, and they are them. The hurdles I am jumping, they are not. I am bad as they are mad at me for taking 10 years of on and off studying. What matters is not the time you take in school but the quality of schooling that you take home. I have seen people rushing in to clear within two years. Hey, did I remind you of the ‘Degrees by Decrees’? Not two years but even two months. Ask Busoga University. These are graduates, and, alas, they have joined in the line to despise Jon Pen for taking toooo loooong!

16425987_10208319450250170_6311011195336828701_nThe other day I was told of some critical liars who call themselves lawyers. Come on, you can’t graduate within 3 years from law in Uganda and you are crowned ‘Moulana’ (an old Arabic for ‘Our Lord’). Some have jumped LDC (a higher diploma in law practicals at the Uganda’s only Law Development Centre). And they are gossiping about my failure to complete quickly. Even one of my friends suggested that since I am ‘perfect’ (oh, really?), he knows where I can just ‘top up’ and graduate. Lol!

Let them wait for our ‘decrees’ later in the future Ministry of Education. Somebody will be forced to come back and do the same course with their children in order to access a position, not like today when it’s by ‘tactical know-who’, not technical know-how.

What will South Sudanese historians call this era? For me, it’s ‘The Era of Error’, and what we are suffering thereof is ‘The Horror of Terror’!…to borrow from my poetry book’s chapter entitled: ‘The Horror or Terror in the Era of Error’.

In the order of my things; being a single-handed family breadwinner, a student and a ‘fugitive’ on the run, I do not have to borrow a timetable of a boy with a thieving uncle in the government, so that I graduate together with them. I am aware of their timetable of studying by day and partying (drinking) by night. I have never envied it. Since I was ’emptied’ by the Garang war of liberation, I have not been ‘uncled’ or ‘auntied’ in ‘The DemoKiiratic Rip-public off South Sudan’. So, it’s my own responsibility to juggle my roles in the troublesome threesome of my nuclear family–size six, my university studies and then my burden of nationality (insecurity). The trio are competitively costly in terms of time and dime. But my favourite song from the Duk folks goes, “A ba leu, ango can kere Amool leu waar…” ( I’ll manage it like the other flood thing),, won’t I?

In this case, my role models are William arap Samoei Ruto and Donald John Trump. They are my fellow hustlers: from nowhere to ‘Now Here’!

Meanwhile, Majak D’Agoot is not my role model. Yes, he is my fellow ‘rolling model’. They hate him and seek to hit him for doing his things while minding others’ needs. He talks about our country and the robbed population. They take him contrary. He graduated severally in London. The last one he was hated for it. This is our country: they celebrated Gen. Malong’s ‘PhDit Decree’ in Crown Hotel (Juba) and criticized Dr. Majak’s Masters PhDegrees from London.

So why should I bother myself trying to accommodate such critics in my schedules in particular and in my life in general? Don’t the Arabs saying, “The dog barks, the camel walks on”? I do not have to stop every time to attend to my competitor-wannabes. We have to put everything to the test of time and prove in the future of who has done what? This Kiir’s era is misleading our youth by its miracle wealth.

And then this conclusive warning! Do you think I am alone. I am along with millions of other disgruntled South Sudanese. Most importantly, God, the truth, the law and the world’s order; these, I have made sure they are on my side. So I will win.

Wait a minute. Dear killer browsers, I equally have killer brothers. I mean I have blood brothers, even bloody ones like you or yours. Most of them are carrying arms in the Government’s SPLA. They are watching and listening…! So, you do me? They do you! OK?