There is this belle, a bright bride, the best love for none but all: To Suitor X, you are the Moscow of my heart. To Suitor Y, you are the New York of my love. To Suitor Z, you are the Beijing of my future. That is our virgin republic of South Sudan (Miss Ross). She is too ‘deeplomatic’. Her foreign policy is but a foreign fallacy. For this and other reasons, we are being recolonized.

Recolonized how? Out of desperation for a baby grip on power, Kiir’s Administration and other parties cut a chunk of our land and sell it for a short-lived power stay. They are busy signing away our Nile to Egypt, our oil to China, our minerals to Russia, our dams to Uganda, our railways and ports to Kenya, our land to USA, our airspace and Abyei to Sudan…name them. They move the world a lot, only to end up being exploited like an inexperienced harlot. My country is like a gas station, as one of our reggae musician warns. To the citizens who love their country, tell the kleptocrats this and risk joining the late Isaiah Abraham in the grave or other critics like this writer in exile.

Alas, our future is loaned out for a temporary power longevity! We are done…because we are dunces!

This is how I lay out the partition and annexation of South Sudan among our neighbours and super powers…in a poem (South Sudan Annexed Next) from my unpublished book (manuscript) series of ‘Kirrgysztan‘.


Poem #15

South Sudan Annexed Next

We got it, oyee!

Independence, oh, yea!

Lest it’s again annexed!

So what’s next?

Though widely hailed,

Alas, we’ve violently failed!

The nascent nation is sufficed in nasty vexation.

The Republic of South Sudan is suffixed with such annexation:

It is seen as Ugaross,

Uganda’s Reap-public of South Sudan,

From where we import matooke, harlotry and graduation.

It is ridiculed as Kenross

Or Kenya’s Rip-public off South Sudan.

Here, we acquire corruption, banks, port or airport.

Others call it Ethioross,

The Ethiopian Reap-public of South Sudan,

It keeps our tribes, rebellions and political debts.

It ridiculously can be Eritross,

The Eritrea’s Reap-public of South Sudan.

We’ve in common liberation, hostility and hospitality.

Holistically, it’s Sudross,

The Sudan’s Rip-public off South Sudan,

The colonial custodian withholding our cradle, soil and oil.

It is now Egyross,

The Egyptian Republic of South Sudan,

Angling for the Nile from the Anglo-Egyptian Condominium.

It also is Libyross,

The Libya’s Re-public of South Sudan,

A destination for our desperate journeys from 1983 to date.

Even Chadross and Carross,

The Chad’s and Central Africa Republic’s republic.

What’s there for South Sudan? A border without an order!

It also can be Congross,

Say, Congo’s Republic of South Sudan,

It hosts our rebels and refugees and animals.

In short, call it Auross,

The African Union’s Re-public of South Sudan,

Or Afross, a baby nation whereby all old ones claim shares.



The nascent nation is sufficed in nasty vexation,

The Republic of South Sudan is suffixed to viral annexation:

Biblically, it’s Isrross,

The Christian Re-public of South Sudan,

Debatably as black Jews with a Zionist ethno-nationalism.

It is hereby Rusross,

Call it Russia’s Rip-public off South Sudan,

For our socialist revolution origin, aka: AK47 and veto vote.

It is now Chiross.

This looks like the Reap-public of Sino-Sudan,

Where our legal refineries are switched to lethal weaponries.

It is Ukiross,

The United Kingdom’s Re-public off South Sudan,

For two independences, the Archives and Troika’s peace meals.

It is thus Usaross,

The United States’ Re-public of South Sudan,

For our hypocritically damned democracy and critically dire donor dollar.

Finally, it is Unoross,

The United Nations Organization’s Re-public of South Sudan,

Thanks to UN for everything: sanctions, peacekeepers, rights, relief.