Yes, I am here to follow, to flow with the current of the current news ‘From Inside…(J1)’! Yes, Juba is brought to a stand still due to a Facebook prank posted by the SPLM-IO boys. And Juba be like ‘some unknown goon men’ posted another attempted coup by death on His Ex-cellency, the P-resident of Reap Public of Source Sudan’! And the whole business was brought to a standstill, which is still standing…by the time this article went online!


Of course, the president is not dead, is he? ‘Atiengka da’! Look, His Ex-cellency is touring the streets very healthy and being cheered up by the crowd lining the streets of Juba!

However, now that I am sort of a free netizen with an independent mind, I would ask: Can a mere Facebook page post or some online newspaper story announcing the death of the president make the whole city cordoned off with fierce-looking battalions? Can that social media prank (joke) drive the healthy president out of his boardroom or bedroom into the streets in a head-cracking sun shouting and waving, “I am alive! SPLM Oyee! I am not dead, am I?” There must be something fishy here. Or the president will always be in the streets and on TV everyday because the citizens will not stop sharing their dirty minds on social media since he has shut down the main media back home.

For this and other reasons, I now believe some Facebook Revolution is brewing, just as it happened in Egypt during the year of our independence.

“It only costs us an internet bundle of less than 1 dollar in exile to shake Juba and force President Salva Kiir Mayardit to take to the streets with his swollen feet and knees to convince the masses that he is safe and sound.” Jesus Deng Atem, SPLM-IO.

Pessimistically, somebody may ask, with this high panic mode,could this even be a disguised farewell tour? I said yesterday that some boy who pressed that hot panic button must be bragging somewhere around now. Jesus Deng Mading, Emmanuel Ajang, Dong Luak, etc. have been given a great credit by J1’s ineptitude tonight. It was also expected that the government would stoop to low to pick it up and make a national issue. As usual, they did not disappoint. I mean, why would you make these guys feel heavy enough to lift the almighty president and Commander-in-Chief to the streets in the sun with a click of a finger? And if not these guys, then who else made the ‘propaganda’ (which, to me is surely a very ‘frank prank’) and threw the country in that confusion? Sane people still cannot believe it is this Facebook joke that moved the city of Juba to the streets. How frank was the prank to the situation? Some inner voice just inboxed me the same day, “Ssssshhh, the president had fainted!” And I was like, “No, I didn’t hear it!” But some friends somewhere did! And the Big Man is shouting in the streets. “Ana Yaude. Ana Ma-mood! Hi, Ana ‘High’!”

Haiwah, Ashan Inu Tahni mara…!

To my assessment, the rumour could not even qualify for a propaganda if there were no underlying facts on the ground. It was just a joke as if to retaliate on the serious death news Gen. Malong and company circulated on the lives of Dr. Riek Machar, Gen. Gatwech Dual, and Gen. Koang Chol (CDR) a few weeks ago.


I have seen a series of more serious responses both on TV and other media outlets from the OoPS! (Office of President Salva) on the prank news (tricky teasing jokes) about his death than the frank news of the rampant death of innocent civilians on highways and villages. So this proves that UNTIL IT COMES CLOSER TO J1 (and to the president himself), it is not worth the government attention!?  All the actions and public monies are spent on something about the safety of the Regime, not the people. So now, for any citizen to make President Kiir take action, they must always declare him DEAD! If you tell him he is a dead person, he takes action. If you tell him thousands of innocent citizens are dead, he goes drinking and sleeping.



Now the IO and FDs have it (professionally correct) by releasing condemnations of the innocent people’s killings instantly. As we wait for Ateny Wek ‘s government letter-headed press statement on the state of the nation right now in addition to his impromptu SSBC rushed rebuttal, let me underscore this. I believe in conspiracy theories.

1- Some village youth could be on the revenge drive after their villages were torched by infantry and bombed by the SPLA airforce recently e.g. Mundri, Lainya, Wonduruba, Yei (where Riek passed), and those villages where the first rebels hailed in Western Equatoria and Central Equatoria in 2014.

2- SPLM-IO’s Equatoria Front could have some pockets of fighters gone tribal to carry out targeted killing; though far from the truth as the Government itself has disputed that in the interest of not bruising their new buddy, Taban Deng Gai.

3- The desperate regime looking for excuses and public support can directly or indirectly allow the killing of the innocent people in order to up their support. Number 3 being a bit controversial, there are grey areas one should look at if one had to be on an independent investigation committee:

a)- Why should the government forces guarding the checkpoints lift the barrier to allow the unarmed civilians on their desperate journey to cruise to their mass deaths?

2- Why do the Government soldiers appear after the killing but not before or during the ambushes? I mean, what makes them send an Escort Force or Recci with the civilians’ convoy as it used to be the case during the LRA terror in Northern Uganda in the 90s?

3- In the Eco-bus incident, which bus was packed with foreigners of East African origin, passengers were taken away by masked soldiers as the government immediately stepped up campaign to the region that their citizens had been kidnapped by the rebels who should be regionally expelled and pronounced ‘terrorists’.

4- Lastly, while the rest of the parties are sending out press releases condemning the acts and denying their involvement, the government convened the Parliament to pass sanctions on Dr. Riek and family and demand the expulsion of the rebels and opposition from the region. What a rush to conclusion before investigation since no party has yet claimed the responsibility of the highway massacres?

Finally, I condemn again with a critical eye the killing of our innocent civilians by all the armed parties of the war all over the country. Hypocritically, it has been taken as if the killings is only happening on the Dinka during this turn of events, throwing the non-Dinka in panic in the city of Juba, but the fact is that every member tribe of the 64 is undergoing death by gun or otherwise in South Sudan. This national stand of mine should not be interpreted as indifference to the killing of the Dinka civilians, but I do not buy the notion of condemning the mosquitoes for passing on malaria while the health workers or family members go scott-free. Blaming the vector in the place of the protector is hypocrisy. It is the primary role of the government to protect its citizens, or it ceases being legitimate and supreme.