A bus emptied of its passengers and burned on Nimule Highway today (October 10,2016).

Dear ‘James’,

I am writing to you and your men this open letter as a reminder of the advice I gave you at Arua Park in Kampala in July 2o14. By the time you insinuated to me your annoyance with the system and an intent to join or create a rebellion, these were my warning words to you:

“Well, if at all you have to do that, then take note of the following. Dr. Riek Machar failed to usurp power twice due to the ‘Bor Factor’. What is it? The two times he attempted to get it from Dr. Garang or Gen. Kiir, all his power was bogged down in Bor area. In 1991, he used Bor as a route to overthrow Garang in Torit. That one flopped. In 2013, following Kiir’s politically shoddy game on him and those opposing his misrule, Dr. Riek again used Bor to reach his nemesis, Kiir, in Juba. Did he? Hell no. Why? He killed innocent civilians! This exactly is what you are going to do! Since the government also does that, by killing villagers from where the rebel leader comes, you will be tempted to revenge, and the nearest weaker prey are within your home area: Nimule Corridor. My uncle is even the chief of some sort of a payam dedicated to the mostly Bor (Dinka) denizens, who have been in Nimule since the time they successfully defended it from the Mundukuri in 1992, 94 and 96. By now they are a peaceful clan in Madiland. Besides, there are those desperately random pastoralists, mostly from Bor. Your men will attack them not only for revenge but most vitally for your food; their livestock. Should you make a mistake of doing that, I will be the first to declare you terrorists. I will not only expose you  but also give you my maximum media and civil society campaign. You know how Kiir is sniffing our activism now due to his bloody approach? I am not stopping you  from reacting but be careful not to use guns against the same people you want to liberate, unless you only mean your tribesmen!”  Source: Chat Message (July 27, 2014, Kampala, Uganda).

NB: Dear Readers, I am protesting to this man, but I am sincerely not sure if he is among those killing people on the roads today. Since a lot of forth and back defections have taken place since 2014, I do not know if Capt. James is now with Riek, Taban or Kiir. Therefore, I am just using this alias to represent not exactly him but any officer commanding those Equatoria Defence Forces (or whatever the name might be).

Killing unarmed civilians, moreover on tribal ground is a cowardly act that amounts to war crime, something of which the ‘Kiiriek Duo’ are guilty till declared innocent by the Hybrid Court of South Sudan, a reality they are now dodging by maintaining their selfish war on us. This condemnation must not be misinterpreted as any declaration by those desperate attention seekers in the rival camps. I won’t join blood-stained autocracy (Demokirracy.

Secondly, as the target killers are doing their on our helpless women, men and children running for their lives along these Equatoria areas roads, the first accomplice to the crime is the SPLM-IG. How? The moment the deliberately raise the checkpoint barrier on the road to the naive travellers out of the town, they automatically join in the killing. Literally, they are doing the act of handing over the victims to their killer, the other SPLA. Something more annoying: Having heard the incident has taken place, they then rush to the scene in form of a rescue force, then they take pictures which are spread around on social media for our indignation. This itself is a human shield propaganda drive. I would rather they go as ‘Escort Force’ than a reinforcement force. I mean, how can a sane soldier take a reinforcement to a civilian who is not armed, not fighting?

One more important point to underscore here: The Dinka, especially my media tribe’s mates, should not respond as if the war or the killing started with the killing of the Dinka. We always know how it begins as seen with the 2013 and 2016 flareups. Again, the Dinka civilian killers must know they are killing wrong people and have set for themselves double judgment. They should also expect similar hit back, which does not augur well for our new nation. This is what I mean: hypocritical tribalism and ethnic nationalism should not cloud our minds.

Another unfortunate activity going round on social media by the youth is the traumatizing dramatization of the communities by use of pictures of the scenes (below) by blending them with other horror pictures from other countries like the Seleka (Muslim) rebels massacres in CAR, M23 in DRC, Boko Haram, and Burundi. Such pictures are being used by those who intend to provoke ethnic reactions, which feeds into mass mobilization. This is being done by all the communities whose members are killed on either side of the war.

In conclusion, both the killers and senders are guilty of the blood of our people. Period!


Victims of Yei Road targeted killing of the Padang evacuees



Those days, it was the Blackwater,
Some commercialized gunmen on people of Iraq.
The other time, it was the cops’ corps,
On the Black Lives of the United States of America.
This time, it is the Unknown Gunmen,
On the ‘blank likes’ of the people of South Sudan.

Why ‘blank lives’ of South Sudan?
They are preliterate proletariats.
They are innocent dissidents.
They’re indignant indigents.
They are naïve natives.
They are saved serfs.

Title: AssAssiNat!on!
Poem #60: Blank Lives Matter
Poet: Jon Pen de Ngong
Status: Progressive Manuscript
Publisher: Master Text Collector Ltd.
Year: 2016/2017.

POEM  #47




Here reads the confession

Out of voluntary conversion,

Pinned up for every over-rover

By a lonely homing hover-over.


Watch out!

Of human weeds,

Pests, parasites…

Ogres,  ghouls, ghosts;


They take cannabis

And turn into cannibals.

They inhale herbs and heroin,

And boast like a hero and heroine.


They are out of the noose,

They are on the loose,

At large at random

To prey on our freedom.


Fathers, keep a distance from fatherless patricides.

Mothers, there roam your merciless matricides.

Parents, avoid these parasitic parricides.


Keep out of reach of children the infertile infanticides,

Hey, my brothers, mind your moves: furious fratricides!

Sisters, I saw you on the rape list of sorrowful sororicides!


To all families; keep indoors from homing homicides,

For they fake martyrdom in the name of suicides,

My community, keep an extra eye on genocides.


Students, leave not campuses to meet your studicides.

Traders, you’re easy prey to marauding businicides,

And refugees should be saved from refugicides.


Leaders, you are prone to regicides.

Let the citizens guard against silly citicides,

And the nation close its doors to ethnocides.


The churches to fast and curse their clericides

The villagers to dodge and lodge not their villigicides,

All in all, save our economy from conning economicides.


“The only defence is in offence, which means that you have to kill more women and children more quickly than the enemy if you want to save yourselves.”

Stanley Baldwin (1867 – 1947). British prime minister. Hansard, Speech.


Title: The Black Christs of Africa

Chapter 4: The Horror of Terror in the Era of Error

Poet: Jon Pen de Ngong

Status: Finished Manuscript

Year: 06-06-06 to 12-12-12

Publisher: Master Text Collector Ltd.