Do you know this man? Do you remember he has a lookalike in your county?

Somewhere in the mini republic of Suddland, a decree of job creation comes from above. There is dire need for counties to be appointed (and I mean real counties assigned) to the aspiring commissioners. So 14+1 counties were named. Not all but one or some of them appear in this bus park conversation between a new commissioner and an old matatu tout.

COMMISSIONER: Hoi,You boy, where is the taxi going to my county?

CONDUCTOR: Which county?

COMMISSIONER: Bor North-West Central County.

CONDUCTIOR: What! Come again?

COMMISSIONER: You mean, inu, you have not hearing the degree of last week?

CONDUCTOR: About what?

COMMISSIONER: Hey, what is wrong with you, boy? You are talking with Commissioner His Excellency Madit de Ngadi-dit. Where are you, you don’ know the degree from His Excellency The President to His Excellency the Governor for 15 Counties including this ‘Munucepalaty’? OK, which county you are from, you young man?

CONDUCTOR: I am here. Yani, I was born here.

COMMISSIONER: You are son of who of this community?

CONDUCTOR: Ahmed Manyang, my name.

COMMISSIONER: I wanting to ask ‘yor pather’ name. Where is he is from? You look yellow like Wewe! Do you speak Thong Muonjang?

CONDUCTOR: I Don’ know. I told you I was born here. I grew up here. I studied here Upto John Garang University before dropping out in First Year. My mother belongs here. My father is not here. He went North when you took over…

COMMISSIONER: So you are a muony-Jallaba? That why you still disrespect my county?

CONDUCTOR: Hey, my friend. Mind your business. This is my hometown. I don’t care what you think or your new miserable position!

But, Excuse me, what county did you tell me you come from? I can’t see it on the route chart here. I can see Pariak, Makuach, Werkok, Baidit, Jalle, Maar, Wankulei, Panyagor, upto Mareng in Duk. Where is yours?

COMMISSIONER: What? You mean, inu, your parking commander did not write down the new counties? You people, you are IO or what? You don kno 28 state?

CONDUCTOR: OK, I heard 28 states but I do not know your county. Where is that one? We do not have a stage here or a taxi with that direction, name or county of yours? Did you say Bor North West Central…or…?

COMMISSIONER: Now, I see! No respecting for the degree from His Excellency the President and also Governor creating new county and commissioners like me? That why you don’ respect me? Wait here, you will see now…!

COMMISSIONER: (Dials a number): Alo, Alou. You  are who? Colonail Majok?

Col. MAJOK: Ya siyatek(sir), yea, how will I help you? Is this Maikol Madit?

COMMISSIONER: Yea, I am me; Commissioner Madit. You can send me 3 National Security soldier to the bus park. These people are rebels. They do not recognize the ‘degree’ and new counties and their commissioners. They disrespecting me! They refuse me bus going to my new county. They need to be check up thoro’ly.

Part Two…(still loading).