IT’S A MAL-MAKER BLUNDER TO KICK OFF HIS ‘OOPS JOB’ ON HIS VERY OWN SPECIES! Where is our usual spitit of a brother’s keeper?

FB_IMG_1468659742909.jpgSomebody, please tell Maal Maker that I share photos of the rest of the country, not these warmongers of the SPLMs. He condemned me for propaganda, which I do not do by intent, as he is now doing it in his comfort of his bloodstained J-One office.

For instance, he calls this gloomy sitting of the leaders whose body language spells duress a Council of Ministers? This is what I call a ‘Cancelled-Off Ministers… because on the IO side, only the ‘defecting’ Taban attends as the ‘kidnapped’ Deputy Minister Duop Lam is forcefully crammed into Gen. Lado Gore’s chair next to Hon. Luk, against the protocol…

FB_IMG_1468659770736By all essence, this is something for photoshopping and depicting of the situation as ‘normal’ when some ministers are nursing their wounds in hotels and Riek with all the army generals in the bush. Thanks to VP Wani Igga and Hon. Nhial Deng (‘luolling’ in front of the camera). By the way, who said Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth and Nhial Deng Nhial are ministers so as to attend the CoMs meeting? Not so proper propaganda!

Instead of the President or Vice President going for AU meeting in Kigali, where their fate is being decided today, they are wasting time on a caged birds assembly. And Mr. Journalist is priding himself in taking the history-condemned photos instead of accompanying the government to Kigali, if at all all is normal as he puts it!

I don’t want to spend time on this superficial approach, but not without leaving a little lesson to my brother…for allowing himself to be used as a regime hound against his close friend, which is me. This is betrayal in the city. It is something akin to the government’s trait, which is not only tribalistic but wholly cannibalistic, devouring it’s very own species after sucking them dry.

Only through dialogue, not forgeries and duress can our people recover from their deathly hounds’ wounds. He is being used as the tool of hypocrisy. Our differences are now clear. He photographs and posts pictures of the ‘victors’ of this useless war of greed, I write or share features and pictures of the victims thereof. And it it is seen!

I thought, Mr. Maal could only fool others with this brand of journalism, not me. He forgot that I once taught him some of these tricks in a journalism class in 2005 in Kampala under The Sudan Mirror and UN Miraya FM project.

The same trick he employs by pairing me up with James Gatdet Dak, who actually is his equivalent, doing the same job in the bloodstained J-1 for the broken Presidency. Maal works for the Top in Command, Gatdet works for the Second in Command, now in combat. I am an activist, for the people, against their killer regime, the now ‘T-Gone-U’ that Maal is desperately trying to salva-ge.

I know he was dispatched to challenge me on the painful picture of Dr. Dhieu Mathok, which I shared to condemn the anti-peace behavior in Juba. I was just being human. I laughed it off when I saw Hon. Dhieu not in Maal’s happy CoMs session pictorials, attached here.

Please, tell him to enjoy his new J-One office but to not contract viruses into his money or ethnic patriotism i.e. attacking ‘crooks’ like Jon Pen will make his assignment fail from the word ‘Go’! I thought he by now would be researching on whether it was possible one day that two adult members of one family were brought to court of war crime against humanity, and the like…!

Let him keep pulling my leg and I will give it up to his regrets if he so craves by such newly sponsored craze.

I thought we would remain as both activists without that holier-than-thou behaviour. Our differences and similarities are summed up in David Rubadire’s poem: ‘Serving The Nation’, only that my brother seems to serve a people as I try to save the people of South Sudan by our well exposed activism-cum-journalism campaigns throughout this war of tribal attrition with a national attribution.

My apologies to Maal Maker Thiong, Kuir Ë Garang, PaanLuel Wël, and all our media community youth and the rest of the Youth of the South’ for allowing myself to be dragged a calculated biblical war of ‘brother against brother’s, ‘father against fathers’, ‘tribe against tribe’s, etc. at the last minute now. I wish he knew why I refused that ensnaring job in that career-killer and life-taking institution, that is OoPS (Office of President Salva)…Sorry!

In conclusion, my heart pours out to my fellow journalists, the top-of-the-nation youth and other innocent lives wasted at J-One by such act of political cannibalism and tribal nationalism.