On Saturday, 9 July 2016, my civil society colleagues went from Koinange Street through Kenyatta Avenue down to Route 46 and then to the 5th Ngong Avenue in the direction of Ngong Road and ended up at Bishops Gate Towers. That is the Embassy of the Republic of South Sudan in Kenya.

Our plan was to counter the unfortunate clashes that would later flare up in Juba. Don’t ask me how did you know? On July 7, we wrote a petition against the looming perdition and shared it with Ms. Hilde F. Johnson during her book signing ceremony in the National Museum of Kenya.

This is the document by South Sudan Peace Coalition (PECOSS), a consortium of about 30 indigenous but displaced and exiled organizations in Nairobi. I believe the document has already been on the desk of UN Security Council, AU Peace and Security Council, IGAD Secretariat, JMEC Chairperson’s desk, etc. unless the e-mails were not checked.


July 9, 2016


To those who love and are loved by the people of the Republic of South Sudan.

We, the undersigned South Sudan Civil Society Organizations, Community leaders, Faith-based groups and student associations under the umbrella of South Sudan Peace Coalition (PECOSS) in Nairobi (Kenya), call on the:

  • United Nations (UN) Security Council,
  • African Union (AU) Peace and Security Council,
  • Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD),
  • UNMISS (United Nations Mission in South Sudan),
  • JMEC (Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission),
  • All Diplomatic Missions in South Sudan,
  • Human rights and humanitarian organizations,
  • And all friends of South Sudan around the world.

We write this petition to the stakeholders of the Agreement for the Resolution of Conflict in South Sudan (ARCISS) amidst distress calls from our relatives, colleagues and friends all over South Sudan. This means the new clashes that broke out within the Presidency in Juba after several clashes in the outlying towns of Kajo-Keji, Yambio, Wau, Raga, Bentiu, Torit, and others are an indicator that the country is engulfed in an all-out war.

By making this call for commitment to the powers behind the peace agreement, we urge that now is the time to act; to take prompt action on:

  • Immediate intervention to stop the fighting and further escalation,
  • Maximum pressure to the leaders of the belligerent forces (SPLA and SPLM-IO) to reign in on their erratic fighters and stop the rampant killing, raping and robbing of civilians.
  • Intervention for the full implementation of the Agreement and sealing of the loopholes that would lead to a potential fallout among the parties.
  • Ensuring the sustained and complete protection of civilians under the UN mandate and in accordance with the rules of war.
  • Prompt delivery of humanitarian relief especially to the areas inaccessible and those hampered by the ongoing conflict in the countryside.

We condemn the complicity of parties on their resumption of the atrocities all over the country, and the complacency of the peace guarantors.

We, therefore, call upon you, the stakeholders of the South Sudanese peace process, to evaluate the challenges South Sudanese have gone through on the following milestones in their country’s journey to stability and nationhood:

  • 10 Years of Peace Process (CPA), which, though brought about the independence of South Sudan, fell short of the holistic solution to the conflicts in the two ‘Sudans’.
  • Five Years of Independence, which has been disrupted by an internal civil war now still raging among the vulnerable communities of South Sudan.
  • One year of ARCISS between the Government and the SPLM-IO and other parties, which is yet to stop the carnage of the self-inflicted conflict.
  • 100 Days of the current Transitional Government of National Unity (TGoNU), during which the implementation of ARCISS is too slow and at the brink of collapse with a return to a full-blown civil war.

In conclusion, our call is generated by the lonely voices of the dying, the starving and the fleeing masses of South Sudan. Without prompt intervention right now, our country will surely lose half of its population to humanitarian world by the 6th anniversary of our independence. We would not wish to see the perpetrators taking this fresh fighting to its first anniversary (2017).

 “The only gift that the People of South Sudan deserve of their leaders, is the gift of Peace and the promise of reconciliation and healinFestus Mogae

Former president of Botswana

Head, African Union Joint monitory and Evaluation Commission


With unconditional love and grace for all,


Signed by Six of the 30-member Coalition in Nairobi,

on Date: July 9, 2016


John Penn de Ngong

Dak Gabriel Buoth


Simon Lieth Nyak


Daniel Yor Deng


Nyamal Nyang


Thor Youhanes


Timothy Omondi Ochoro

OUR TALK SHOW ON 09/07/2017

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQt5tPwYgWE&app=desktop


Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mI4m23YyNrg&app=desktop