Did you just say you are non-tribalistic? Well, check the hell of prove from your intellectual health status below:

1- Do you criticize only leaders from other tribes and defend your own?
2- Do you support the rushed, ill-intentioned decree on 28 states?
3- Do you support the JCE, NCE, ECE, etce.?
4- Have you ever approved of the killing of other ethnic members in the name of rebels or dictator’s supporters?
5- Are you a member of a tribal association and not yet in, or use it above, any national association? E.g. Naath Youth, Jieng Youth, etc?
6- Have you or your clan association ever congratulated the president for appointing a public servant in the name of ‘your son or daughter’?
7- Do you attend funeral rights or wedding ceremonies of people other than from your own tribe?
8- Do you believe in intermarriages?
8- Have you ever used a generalization term i.e. “He killed us in 1991 and again now”, “You people of Bahr al Ghazal”, etc?
9- Have you ever taken part in a rebellion after the death of Dr. John Garang de Mabior?
10- Do feel bad about this writing, and would you recommend the likes of Jon Pen to death by ‘Unknown Gunmen’ for not standing with “his people”?

In short, if you have any or all of those signs and symptoms, then you should admit the truth of being admitted a candidate to ‘Tribalism Rehabilitation & Ultra-violence Treatment Hospital (aka: T.R.U.T.H.)!


And I said it boldly with a confession why our youth are in this confusion: three times in my own personal statement, which I am repeating here for the purpose of speaking out not only my mind but the truth—which must be said to set us free as a new people and a young nation.

“There is no amount of Tribe, Bribe or Threat that will compromise the person in me to tell other than the truth against the will of God, the constitution of my nation and the lives of my fellow citizens of the Republic of South Sudan.”

This means belonging to a certain community cannot and will not make me defend a wrong leader, neither will any personal benefit do me this damaging change of heart, nor will I ever vow to any threat in the name of committing a constitution-coated crime in order to save and serve the interest of one citizen or a group thereof. That explains why I left Juba and turned an appointment letter into a disappointment one. I sincerely concur with the critical sympathizers of my current conditions that the job I was to do for the Office of the President this year was going to be good for my life and family, but not for my name and the nation. I was hired and destined to reverse my fighting/rioting by writing like Ateny Wek and others, but realizing that I was going to say, write or broadcast a message other than what I have believed in all the way before and after December 15, I turned down the offer!” Letter to Bor Youth All Over The World, 2014.