imagesPersonally, I have not been concentrating on the political celebrations of the season as I was on my one-man racing to cross the annual borderline between 2015 and 2016. When you look back on this second day of the new year, what have you noticed?

I saw on SSTV my old school friend. Very funny! With a masters’ degree from outside Africa and a recent, decent job, the guy undressed to the minis, smeared himself with cowdung, covered his head with a cowboy (Kiirist hat) and then wrapped his waist with a national flag… Believe this? Then he danced himself lame from the last days of 2015 to the first day of 2016. I also doubt he celebrated the Christmas in the church.

Simply, he summarized the year (old-cum-new) on his Facebook page: “Long Live Salva Kiir Mayardit, SPLM Oyee, Jonglei (Bor) State Oyee, God Bless South Sudan”. On mine, the words read: “Merry Kiiriskmess, Heavy New Year’…!

Asked by commenters (5 of my readers have already known who he is) on this crazy celebration, he hysterically put it: “His Excellency has GIVEN us our new state and our new governor. We are done with the Nuer and Ber!”

Well, he is not alone on this empty madness but along with a bunch of collaborators to disrupt our delicate nation state building project. Instead of kneating together the various ethnic groups into the single Republic of South Sudan, Salva Kiir is busy giving greed-inspired independence to tribes in the names of micro states.

I call these hijacking celebrations the most laughable – or are they laudable – ‘History Hysteria’ of our times. A whole learned friend to think his land and rights were donated to him by some desperate political wrangler!

Again, this note should not be taken biased by the reader. I am not against the people’s federalism. I am hot against political feudalism: this baited appointment of leaders – governors and parliamentarians – so that if they do not serve their people ‘kiiritically’, they could indefinitely be replaced with more permanent caretakers as has been the case. I am the same person insulted for supporting federalism here in 2014 by the same ‘Kiiristians’ who follow and flow with his political mood swinging today.

Before I tell you why I declare President Salva Kiir NOT guilty, NOT innocent, but INNU-SENT or INNU-CENT, here are the reasons for the Kiiristian new year and Christmas hysteria:



We, in South Sudan, have got two religions bigger than the Sudans’ old practices of Islamism and Animism (something near animalism): the old Christianity and this branded new ‘Kiiristianity’!

Kiiristianity, or Kiiristian Belief, like the one-time French regime-imposed ‘Worship of Reason’, is a new creed out of greed: inspired by political greediness and tribal greatness. In some other old Anglicized words; parochialism and chauvinism. It is being founded by or for Salvatore Kiir Mayardit. It is the opposite of Christianity. I have ever said that it is imposed through the three principles based on Tribe, Bribe or Threat. Those who have resisted the three temptations are non-Kiiristians, or have ended up in their damnation of extermination (death) or excommunication (exile).

This Jon Pen, for instance, is none other than one author victimized as accused of Pa’ganism against Kiiristianity. ‘Paganism’ is believing in ideologies of the group led by Pa’gan Amum and his fellow former political detainees; so-called G10+/-. However, I, the penner, am neither a Pa’gan nor a ‘Riektionary’ (ardent worshiper of Riek Machar) in this useless mess of our post-independence republic. I am just nationalistically ruined rioter or writer.

In Kiiristianity, like in Chrisitianity, the converts believe unconditionally. Imposed by ‘Kiirists’, the staunch ones, the followers (Kiiristians) are expected to not open their mouths; or they do so only when they are chanting ‘Oyee’ (praising Kiir or his government or his brand of the SPLM party), or when they are yawning in pain to a dentist after their previous encounter with the ‘unknown goon men’ of the establishment.

So by hijacking this season our annual Christmas festivals that kick off with a majestic procession (massira) every 24th evening of December through the so-called One-One Holiday (Jan. 1), General Salvatore Kiir Mayardit (a Catholic by fate) decreed a Herod-like order creating 28 ‘Bantustans’ (according to Dr. Majak D’Agoot), which I would also dub ‘Nilostans’, some Apartheid like communes for the Blacks, out of the most impoverished 10 states of South Sudan. As if the Christmas interrupting orders were not enough, the benevolent liberator (history will verify or vilify him on this) announced in a second installment 28 governors and forced them to ‘take cities to their villages’! By trailer containers? Go ask Kiir and his dancing Kiiristians.

Indeed, if I were a prophetic cynic on this second day of the year, I would caution those Kiiristian celebrants on politically and ethnically motivated ‘kokoraism’ of 28 governorates to do so (celebrate) within the forthcoming ecstatically hectic 28 days, strictly. By the end of January, methinks, when the JMEC (Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission) of the ARCISS (peace agreement) together with all the oppo groups against the SPLM-IG, namely: SPLM-IO, SPLM-FD, SPLM-DC, SPLM-ETC., including the civil society, the evil society (killer vigilantes on tribal boundaries) and the international community have descended on the Big Man of South Sudan, the tone will change, the dance will fade into demonstrations against the revocation, or suspension, or delaying or debating of the Bantustans by the possibly or forcibly upcoming Transitional Government of National Unity (TGoNU). Just wait and see.

12241549_10205230050817115_2503208606761498946_nAnd this is the evidence of my ‘kiiritically’ analytical belief. He declared the Heglig (Panthou war) and withdrew it a week later after much bloodshed. He swore to crush the Murle’s Yau Yau within one season, only to end up comparing him with the pope a year later for one reason. He orchestrated, perpetrated and perpetuated the December War (according to commissioned reports of AU and UN) but signed peace later after much ado with mass death caused by the rebels (Riektionaries) and his own soldiers. He forced the suffering population to demonstrate against peace, only to sign it a week later with low-tone reservations.

From here, Kiir’s biographers can fill in the rest of the litany of forth and back decrees dating back to a series of preempted coups that led to unrest and arrests and/or liquidations of senior SPLM cadres, especially those in the hierarchy between Dr. John Garang and himself. Those who think Gen. Kiir arrived at this stage of inheriting the SPLM/SPLA and the government 30 years later was by historical coincidence may need to reshape and re-sharpen their minds a bit further beyond his power-gripping tools of tribe, bribe and threat.

So why think and then believe that this so-called ‘Establishment Order #36’ and its subsequent decree on the appointment and swearing in of governors for the 28 governorates will not be rescinded or reversed or delayed as usual? Only when you are a JCE (Jieng Council of Elders) activist would you believe the Twenty-eight Bantustans will hold for over a month, especially with TGONU in action. Just wait and see.


Ask me why Gen. Kiir then addictively incites the miserable population on something, which is near impossible. For me, I know why. It is the trademark tricks of all, but old, dictators. Such tyrants in history are long gone: olden and fallen, with bad legacy!

I call this trick of living in denial of the truth as ‘psychological massage of the masses’—something to keep them temporarily happy and offering their allegiance till the next phase of another political hoax. And life goes on. Or didn’t you (South Sudanese) notice this job-motivated ‘28-aid states deal’ as a detraction and distraction (with looming ‘destruction’) from the ‘SSP devaluation’ debacle? Ignore it at your own peril.

12233420_10205192176790288_584298510_nSo is Gen. Salva Kiir innocent or guilty in this post-independence war and misery of South Sudan? He is neither. Yea, Amen! I meant, Kiir is not guilty, not innocent but INU-CENT or INU-SENT. He is confused and confusing. By who and on who? You know, and I don’t know because I have ever accuse — and never excused him — of all the messes, unlike his Kiiristians who also believe: He is a very innocent man but being misled: ill-advised or deceived by the corrupt advisers. Are you serious? It is said, “The buck stops with the president”. Therefore, Kiir is not innocent, and, maybe, not guilty.

Therefore, he is ‘innu-sent’. What is this? He, as his believers put it, “is inu sent into fake deals by his advisers”. Again, he is a hundred per cent ‘inu-cent’. And do not look it up the dictionary or ask me to define these terms. They are ‘inu’ difficult to define. Nevertheless, the former (innu-sent) is political and the latter (innu-cent) economic. So out of this maze of mess come confusion, and then corruption, followed by the eruption of war and death as such.

Toward conclusion, the only simple guilt I have recorded against Salva Kiir is why he deliberately is walking in the footsteps of Omar al Bashir and his predecessors. It beat my understanding on seeing him telling the world after signing the agreement on August 26, 2015: “This agreement is not a Quran nor a Bible. It can be changed!” I think those who clapped are the former Khartoumers and the beneficiaries of this war, who want the status quo to continue.

No, I don’t want it to continue. I want change of this situation. I want peace to come with new things. I want the war to go with its old things, including its beneficiaries, unless they change. Amen?