Lt. Gen. Yau Yau, Brig. Gen. Lul Ruai and their Presidential handler, Mr. Akot Lual.

Lt. Gen. Yau Yau, Brig. Gen. Lul Ruai and their Presidential handler, Mr. Akot Lual.

The controversy over who has been massacring villagers and looting villages in Pakeer and Jalle Payams is unravelling. The attached Press Release by the SPLM-IO’s Information and Public Relations Chairman, Capt. Mabior Garang de Mabior, implicates Brig. Lul Ruai of SSNRM and Lt. Gen. David Yau Yau of SSDF in the atrocities.

Prior to this open accusation, the social media and local forums have been whispering the sinister deals to have been executed by the recently ‘intermarried’ forces of Brig. Gen. Lul Ruai, the defected SPLM-IO military spokesman, and Lt. Gen. David Yau Yau, whose Cobra Faction forces with Lul’s elements are stationed at Likuangole and Gumuruk Payams of Pibor, east of Bor.

Other sources intimate that IGAD is concerned and may be preparing to send their team to the villages in question (a rumour yet to be confirmed). It is believed the IO have sources from within UNMISS, who leaked the secret deal. Akot Lual, the Presidential Envoy to Greater Pibor Area, is as well accused in the sense that he is the overseer of both groups. He also convinced and brought both Yau Yau and Lul over to Kiir’s side of the war.

There are no further verifications but something sinister was echoed by the President during his address to the SPLM last week in Juba. He ‘prophesied’ of some groups from the other side, which will sabotage this peace implementation. As  to how he preemptively detected that the IO would destroy peace is something left wanting.

In similar development, the government had been spelling doom and crying foul over a breakaway faction from Riek’s group in the name of Gen. Gatdet Yaka among others. Since then the much hyped up peace spoilers failed to stop the long awaited signatures in August 2015, after which the government was forced to sign belatedly. Echoes are still being heard from Juba that Gen. Gatdet’s forces are still at large. However, sources from Dr. Riek’s side show that Gatdet and the group are quarantined in Khartoum, where they have been engaged by Riek’s emissaries to return to Pagak.

Now that this Jonglei’s invisible new group of peace sabateurs has cropped up in between the armed opposition and the government, it is still to be established who owns them.

However, from the Friday swearing in ceremony of the SPLM Acting Secretary General in Juba, Hon. Daniel Awet Akot of the party’s Politburo differed with the president that was pointing an accusing finger at ‘the other group’. Hon. Awet warned that the peace spoilers were seated among them, both in the party and the government right there in Juba.