RiekThough his frustrations over the peace implementation bottlenecks are justified, I am not comfortable with Dr. Riek’s wording in his American Foreign Policy Magazine interview.

This unilateral outburst came in the aftermath of the cancellation of their tri-partite meeting (of Wani, Riek and Pagan) with Obama officials led by the Chief Security Advisor, Susan Rice. The US’s National Security Council gave this reason.

“After a renewal of fighting over the weekend, Machar’s unwillingness to make compromises in security sector reform negotiations, and the government’s decision to create 28 new states in violation of the spirit of the peace agreement, we decided not to receive the parties at the White House until they demonstrate a stronger commitment to promoting peace in South Sudan,” Ned Price, the spokesperson for Rice, said.

Now that the government and its worshippers are reflecting it as Riek’s rejection by the US government, just for their usual psychological massage of their unsuspecting masses on similar news, it is this Riek’s emotional reaction (Riektion) to blame.

It is also to blame for sensational use of phrases and idioms that could inflame tribal reactions and diplomatic discomfort as follows:

1- “…Why should she (Susan Rice) cancel such a meeting? …and she would notvchicken out at the last minute?” Even in our African context, the host always has the final say in any appointment.

2- “I did not kill a fly!” This was in denial of the question of the much politically exploited Bor Massacre. Though he explained well with admission to shouldering the responsibility and making an apology as usual, that metaphor of ‘not killing’ anybody (not even a fly) by himself as an individual on the fact that he remained in Nasir during the operations, is not acceptable. It has triggered much reaction from the victims and the card players of the ’91 saga.

Bearing in mind how such non-human references using small organisms like the ‘Gaddafi’s rats’, the ‘Saddam’s insects’ and the ‘Bashir’s asharat’ (grasshoppers) inflame public animosities, this ‘fly’ metaphor can be exploited by anti-reconciliation activists as already seen on the social media that Riek has therein referred to as their ‘crucifying ground’.

3- That if he and Kiir fail to come to a common consensus on the implementation processes as such, “All hell will break loose!”
God forbid!

NB: Given that (look at the picture) sexy hug with an extended lip to the tall man’s ear by Sussie, if I were Dr. Riek, I would not let Mr. Booth’s side-prodding go-now-to-Juba agitation make me not wait and see what ‘agwan’ after that disappointment on the appointment.