FB_IMG_1443968414297I am sharing this picture of the UK Ambassador to South Sudan, Mr. Tim Morris (and me), for not such a simple reason:

This picture is one of the contents of my gadgets stolen severally since January. And surprisingly, it has been spotted on some young man’s laptop in Juba.

MESSAGE: To all those volunteer ‘agumut busybodies’ that are stealthily dogging me and my busy buddies, you are depriving me of my gadgets and documents for nothing. This picture was published on my Facebook last year (June 2014) when I was with Tim at the peace talks venue in Addis Ababa before he became an ambassador to Juba this year. So, let no one deceive his lazily analogued boss that one has gotten fresh stuffs from Jon Pen, besides the gadgets.

Meanwhile, I am pleased with the commitment by Mr. Morris and the allies in TROIKA to help our cheated people with food and peace (since 1983!). He put this clearly in our meeting as civil society members in February, 2014, in Addis, a statement of commitment he repeated in many occasions, including on SSTV today.

“The United Kingdom is committed to helping the people of South Sudan achieve their dreams of security, peace and prosperity, and I will do my utmost with my colleagues to assist them.”

As he is promising security for the whole country, individual ‘securities’ are upon each of us. Having said that, all the moves by the bootlickers out there against the the free-minded citizens of South Sudan are being monitored.

NB: To those with us here, you are warned! As you move around with our names, we also have you marked. History is our victory!

Cak ping?