Dear Ready Reader,  

Apart from the death-facing South Sudanese  being our fellow countrymen, I believe, you,  man, being a human being, have some degree of humanity categorized by sympathy, empathy, apathy, and all those feelings of strengths and weaknesses that are traits of humankind.

I also believe you believe that a service with humility to humanity is a service for Divinity.

South Sudan, a baby nation at the gullows...!

South Sudan, a baby nation at the gullows…!

If you share those feelings with me, and most importantly with the victims of injustice mentioned below,  then join me not only in a prayer but also in a pressure campaign for their loosing from that bandage of bondage the prisoners of conscience have been tied down in Kober Prison. 

Two South Sudanese clergymen, Rev. Michael Yat and Rev. Peter Yen, are facing death penalty and inhuman treatment in Kober Prison in Khartoum for no crime committed other than on the basis of their religion and race.
As a practice of activism under Amnesty International,  for which I briefly served this year, a document called ‘Urgent Action’ is circulated and needs to be sent out in defence of the pastors facing possible death penalty under Sudan Islamic Constitution.
Please, find it attached herewith and kindly share it with your contacts if possible. Whoever receives this letter is urged in the name of rights and justice to write a petition letter to President Bashir and the Minister for Justice on the addresses given in the PDF copy of the petition letter attached and linked herewith:..
PS: The individual letters written by the recipients of this urgent action call are meant to create pressure and attract attention towards the cause for humanity on such victims of injustice as Rev. Yen and Rev. Yat.
However, this activist is not comfortable with the role of South Sudan ambassador to Khartoum. Our citizens are being oppressed on daily basis but we have never seen a serious reaction from the embassy.
For instance, when the wife of Daniel Wani was sentenced to death by stoning  in Khartoum together with her child in her womb, whom she delivered while in shambles inside a Kobe Prison cell  in 2013, only the US embassy and international community saved her life.
Our embassy kept mum! Why? The curse of inefficiency of employing a ‘nepot by a despot’ (relative),  the man who just graduated in Khartoum University into the ‘first class’ ambassador miraculously!
Mahatma Ghanzi, the champion of non-violent resistance, on truth-telling facts.

Mahatma Ghanzi, the champion of non-violent resistance, on truth-telling facts.

Please,  pass it to whom it must concern and God bless you this Sunday.
John Penn de Ngong