Here are the the items of the president’s state of the nation address on Wednesday, 18 March 2015, very distant apart like Kiir and Riek, themselves…!

But my observation sums up the speech like this.

The speech was a one-in-two message in the sense that the oral speech deviated from the written one. And the most disappointing part is that it failed to capture the verbosely recycled slogans in a theme of ‘Standing Together for Peace, Harmony and Co-existence. The moment the president paused to emphasize a point, he contradicted it. And the more he tried to put it straight, the more he drifted farther ashore!

11071444_10203856395276585_6520581676423851146_n“We ran into a deadlock. And then the threats of sanctions were being waved in my eyes. They have a very funny language that they say, ‘There are people hanging up there with a stick.’ I told them, brother, that stick, let them hit in any place that they want to hit. If they want to hit the head let them hit, if they want to hit anywhere, then hit. I cannot be threatened with that talk.”

He continued: “In that way, I came to you without peace, when I came. I did not bring peace.”

1-Text link: https://lotueng.files.wordpress.com/2015/03/speech-by-president-salva-kiir-mayardit.pdf

2- VDEO LINK: http://www.exapent.com/sstv