One of our prominent ladies of South Sudan (making herself what is locally referred to as 'lokwilili' from a local artist's song title) jumped onto a Ugandan visit artist, Jose Chameleone in Nyakuron Cultural Centre in Juba to the bewilderment of the home audience (Photo: by The You'nique Mega'zine snoop, November 8, 2011)

One of our prominent ladies of South Sudan (making herself a ‘lokwilili’ according to a local artist’s song title) jumped onto a visiting Ugandan artist, Jose Chameleone, at Nyakuron Cultural Centre in Juba to the optical nutrition of the home audience (Photo: The You’nique Mega’zine snoop, November 8, 2011)

In my junior secondary school Political Education lessons in the late 90s, a family was defined as the nucleus of the nation. Therefore, I see a nation as a constitutional amalgamation of all the families inside that territorial space bound by the wavy imaginary line that we are made only see in prints and pictures.

This means the ‘First Family’ is the nucleic epitome of our nation. Be it inside or outside our national borders, the families of our president, deputy, and all other leaders of our nation must always be ambassadoring the families of the rests of about 10 million South Sudanese. But this is not the case with our ‘first families’, by a very sharp contrast, the national contract given to these families has been abused by the members of these families.

The nature of a public figure is in such a way that anybody feels they are inside that representative figure. For instance, the president represents all the men, the first lady all the women, the first daughter all the girls and the son represents all the young men of our nation, except for those who are rebels. So when I came across a Kenyan friend retweeting the story entitled ‘SS First Lady sends her drugged/drunk son behind bars…!”, I was shocked. Yes, I felt like Mama Ayendit had sent me to prison, too!

Such stories have been trending in our communities in Nairobi for long. I have been embarrassed seeing this boy’s crew disturbing the Kenyan communities in the leafy city suburb of Lavington, especially at Valley Arcade. What I witnessed one day on a pack of six of such brats is not fit for this space. I have entered many encounters with the ‘first children’, some of which incidents warranted publicity but I had to let my rights go for the reason mentioned above. One of the encounters with a ‘first child’ in public arena of my business made me resigned from being the editor of The Star Newspaper and dropped formal media job altogether in 2009.

While a link given at the footnote of this page tells of a nother story, South Sudanese communities in Nairobi are again embarrassed by this story of the President’s family, just a few days after we recovered from the ‘Black Gold” shame (of our girls in the ‘red district’ of the city.

This is the DAILY NATION’s story, the main source of the social media trending gossip in Nairobi this week:



Nairobi county police commander Benson Kibue said that the suspect  became violent prompting the family to inform the police.

Nairobi county police commander Benson Kibue said that the suspect became violent prompting the family to inform the police.

South Sudan President Salva Kiir’s son was arrested in Nairobi for assaulting a family member while drunk.

He was, however, released from custody by police on Friday without being charged.

Nairobi county police commander Benson Kibue said that the suspect  became violent prompting the family to inform the police. 

His mother, South Sudan’s First Lady Mary Ayen Mayardit, reported to the police that her son Munuti Salva Kiir, 23, was drunk and had become uncontrollable.

He quarrelled and later assaulted his sister Winnie Salva Kiir injuring her. Officers led by Muthangari chief inspector Hannington Kirimi rushed to Ms Ayen’s residence on Manyani East Road, where they arrested and took him to custody.

Munuti was to be charged with assault and being drunk and disorderly but was on Friday released unconditionally. “We decided to release him after the family informed us that they had solved the matter amicably,” said the police boss.

When Saturday Nation visited the family’s residence, members of the family said they were not aware of the incident and added that Munuti left for Juba on Thursday.

A Wednesday record at the police station indicated that the President’s son was placed in custody while intoxicated.

Mr Kiir, 62, has been the president of South Sudan since its independence in 2011.

Meanwhile, South Sudan has written to Kenya to arrest a former senior government official who was sacked but refused to hand over.

The official is expected to surrender a firearm and diplomatic pass, among other things.


SOURCE: http://www.nation.co.ke/news/Assault-lands-drunk-Kiirs-son-in-trouble–/-/1056/2261288/-/lb0eipz/-/index.html



I am sharing the post I shared from the comments of Adut Salva Kiir and Achol Salva Mathok upon their defensive reactions to the public uproar after the death of Isaiah Abraham in late 2012.


Adut and Achol (Salvas) quote on December 11, 2012 on the state of the media in South Sudan

Adut and Achol (Salvas) quote on December 11, 2012 on the state of the media in South Sudan (Source: Facebook link)

ADUT SALVA KIIR ON OUR MEDIA IN A RARE INTERVIEW WITH YAM MAGAZINE AFTER THE DEATH OF ISAIAH ABRAHAM: “Another thing is that they forget what should be newsworthy and it’s not judging private lives of these public individuals. Their work in public office is what matters most, so I wish the government body responsible for communications would give strict guidelines and make sure they are adhered to, so we can start behaving like a country moving forward and not one stagnant in its old ways. If you’re also ready to give it out disrespectfully then you should be ready to face the music… My advice to unprofessional journalists out there is that I want you to do your research, do some background checks before running amok with your baseless hateful stories.”

Achol Salva (Mathok)
Saturday via Mobile
”Thinks before you insult the goverment,rememeber,the goverment are the people n the people are us.so if you say the goverment of south sudan is stupid then your insulting us and yourself”.
Here goes the link to the PRESS RELEASE/OPEN LETTER by USTASS in ‘The You’nique Mega’zine‘ to Adut and South Sudanese girls upon the story of Adut’s wedding that shook the foundation of our nation just a few months after our independence (2011).

2-      The status of the First Family

In the civic point of view, a family is defined as ‘the nucleus of a nation’. In other words, a nation begins at home. Therefore, Salva Kiir Mayardit’s household is not a personal but a national family whose activities on the one hand can affect the nation, and on the other hand the nation’s activities affect it in that cycle. Even in our African context, a family belongs to everyone as everyone belongs to a family. That explains why any criticism to your wedding first affected your father and not you. That also explains why your wedding reception was hosted in our State House and not some other hotel. Only love belongs to the two of you. (CONTINUE TO…)

“In 20 minutes, the waiter directs one lithe ‘long’ chick towards my table, her eyes hidden beneath half closed eyelids. Without looking at me, she politely suggests we go somewhere else. She understands Kiswahili, but can’t speak it fluently, so we have to shout our conversation over loud music. Her name is Marial, and she will charge me Sh2,000 until midnight. She can’t go for a whole night. She has to get home before morning. She was at three star hotel lobby, having a soda when she was called to meet me. She doesn’t drink, and insists she can’t come to my residence; our business has to be finalised in town. “Kenyan girls don’t like us. That’s why I don’t want to stay here. I just come to town if a man wants me, otherwise I stay home. Can we please leave?” she begs.”
Read more at: http://www.standardmedia.co.ke/entertainment/thenairobian/article/4430/sexual-demand-for-dark-skinned-juba-women-on-the-rise



















TEARZ AYUEN’S POETIC TAKE ‘in defence of the’:


(Paanluelwel.com: September 5, 2012)

…I am not going to waste my bullet on a worthless thing like you

I would rather shoot a dog or a baboon

Yes I am a drunkard and so what?

What do you expect of a big boy like me,

A big boy whose father is the most powerful man around here?

We got all the money, man

In my house, we do not use toilet rolls1357921807197931

Toilet paper is a symbol of poverty

It indicates how poor one is

I tell you,

In my place,

we wipe our asses with dollar bills,

Hundreds, to be specific

So, what comes to your mind?

All I do is drink,

Smoke weed, shisha, cigars and cigarettes,



And sleep

So, how does my drinking concern you?

Or are you jealous of the liquor brand I am drinking?

Dude, this is called Cognac

I believe you can’t pronounce that, Mister Never-Been-To-School

Now read my lips again, ko-ni-ak

Cognac is a French brandy, fool

You have never tasted it,

And never shall you taste it

It’s very expensive, dude

It would cost you one of your kidneys to buy a cognac,

You broke ass motherfucker

I don’t even know why I am talking to you,

You knucklehead…

COMPLETE THE WHOLE POEM AND STORY ON ‘Poetleaks’:https://weakleak.wordpress.com/referendum-poems/