SSTV (Too Rudely African!)’ WEIRD NEWS CAPTIONING: March 13, 2014

PICTURE 1: 10013127_10201597385522753_910999760_nMayen Oka (Oka means ‘poison me’ or ‘am I being poisoned?’), a naive Pontius Pilate’s ‘Public Persecutor’ squarely placed on the necks of the Israelites’ political prisoners, INCLUDING JESUS CHRIST! (BtW, If I were a Thief Justice or Minister for In/justice, I would just allow these “Coup Plotters” go silently as AU/IGAD told President Kiir in Addis Ababa today…to avoid national shame and unnecessary distraction of the peace process). Another shocking thing is why SSTV has failed to cover the ongoing court cases. Makuei’s effect…Don’t broadcast the rebels! So he chose to decamp to Rumbek to drum up emotions on the UNMISS’s weapon saga to divert the attention from other peace-related events in the country.

PICTURE 2: CMC or Crisis Management Committee scrambling over another new petrodollar-swindling committee (ati East African Committee…blah-blah-bla-haha-ha-a-a Membership Lobbying Committee with all the baldy oldies of the CMC recycling themselves for a God-knows-why trip to Kenya)… PEACE IN PIECES OR LATER ON!10015658_10201597388242821_1709705203_n

PICTURE 3: MISS INTERNATIONAL (aka: Miss South Sudan) in Germany with Ambassador Sitona Abdalla and a bunch of entourage campaigning to promote TOURISM for South Sudan in Europe. Dr. Sitona declaring “SOUTH SUDAN BEING THE BEST TOURIST DESTINATION IN AFRICA”, which is stressed and scrolled several times by SSTV (Truly African). PRIORITY MISPLACED…Peace First!1467367_10201597399123093_1512859523_n

PICTURE 4: DUK COUNTY shown by a crowd of MPs and government delegation decrying how the rebels have destroyed Jonglei State…Contrary to Sitona’s campaign in Germany that Jonglei has ones of the peaceful tourist spots in the country…broadcast at the same time! CONFUSION AT ITS BEST!1779131_10201597403963214_482228288_n

PICTURE 5: Nhial and Ateny explaining President’s trip from Addis Ababa with Emphasis not on peace but on Deployment of IGAD’ Stabilization Forces to Guard the Oil and Other Installations. ‘The Four Coup Attempters’ may have their court case waived by the President if he so wishes (with shoulder shrugging by Hon. Nhial). Another spectacular picture shows the way literally the ‘whole cabinet’ seems to line up the Airport in a parade to welcome back His Excellency with a handshake and prostrating gesture as if he did not leave Juba and came back the same day today. Some men have become like kids who do not trust they are secure till the parents come back home later. No wonder, they always block him from representing us at AU, UN, etc.1901930_10201597408163319_825780511_n

PICTURE 6: MAKUEI ON HIS MEDIA SONG AGAIN: Be neutral…! And the best ever statement for my entertainment is this old generational revenge attitude on the young media packs of today: “When we were rebels, our speeches were not broadcast in Khartoum!” That’s very true of him. I support him for that, but when Danis Daniel interviewed the rebels in Addis, I was there. He only recorded the peace message from Gen. Lado and Angelina. That was meant for peace promotion for which the Government is “very committed”, unlike the rebels still burning down houses now. However, what my minister may not know is that EYE Radio or any independent media does not need a ministerial or presidential decree to go to Ethiopia or record anybody’s voice. And it’s my constitutional right to know why Riek Machar and his group are killing people. But if you want to know it alone and call me a rebel if I also want to know why the war, then you have the worst name in this game. i.e. It shows you are covering something…and the moment you want to cover it, the more you make the people attempt to uncover it.images

PICTURE 7: COL. PHILIP AGUER: Security has improved in many parts of the country. The next two weeks will be more peaceful (Ok, but thereafter?). And then this bombshell: 100 soldiers who were detained for killing innocent civilians and looting their property in Juba have escaped from prison in Gihada! Hmm, hope those did not include the other killers of Isaiah Abraham’s (reported last year by Marial Benjamin). SO MILITARY DETAINEES CAN ESCAPE, AND THE SCAPEGOATS aka POLITICAL DETAINERS DO NOT KNOW HOW TO…!Col. Philip Aguer PS

PICTURE 8 (WRONG PICTURE…BANNED ON SSTV!) But if I were the editor at SSTV this picture of IDPs floating in a one-rain flood in UNMISS Compound would carry the same weight with the Duk County’s picture. These people are the reasons why the Government is in Juba. But who cares, the editor gives more air time to Their Ex-cellencies at the expense of such vulnerable citizens. In fact, the evening before the second shooting at Gihada (Tuesday 4, Marial Benjamin and Nyadak Paul (Deputy Info Minister) were on SSTV declaring Juba to be very secure and calling out the IDPs to come back to resettle, only to lose some of their male members who were tempted by the salaries’ saga the following morning. Like Aguer and Sitona said above, there is no problem, everything is ok. The war is only on social media with rebel sympathizers. Those who criticize the Government like this are rebels and deserve to be treated the same way as rebels. Ok, if sharing such pictures of our people in floods in March and ashes of burned houses make Jon Pen and Manasseh Mathiang the rebel sympathizers, then somebody in Kiir’s Administration is ever giving the rebels a better publicity in Juba.1979738_10201597446324273_1268324330_n