If I were Al Salaam Coach, I would change the name and the game from Football to Athletics!

This is why I am not comfortable with a Khawaja; their minds are programmed fixed like kids and this computer. For instance, when I took my boy out to Entebbe Zoo, he consequently and subsequently believes whenever I am going out… “Baba, I want to go, too, to ‘enshebe joo'”. And this idiotic machine, underlining red the word ‘ngong’ in John Penn de Ngong…! That it is a strange word– very ‘racialistic’!  This, it, is not very realistic!

It is not realistic that anything South Sudanic, say, Africanic, is primitive; hence, must be deleted. That is why they have deleted anything to do with South Sudan in the fame and the game of Guor Marial, and anything Dinkaic i.e. Guor Miading Miaker. Now, he is running under the flag of the Olympic Committee as their orphan though the boy is telling them the cause and the country he is running for. Damn them! This is what Guor Miading Miaker said on his Facebook wall:

“Dear brothers, friends, sisters, cousins, families, and everyone all around the world, it’s my sincere to thank you for your supports and making my participation in the 2012 Olympic in London possible. I can’t thank you enough. You have definitely allowed my dream of honoring the people of the South Sudan and Refugees all around the world came true. I’m very excited and I’m looking forward to what the Olympic will brings. May Almighty God bless all of you.”

Guor being venerated by American media (Photo by Chicago Tribune)

Also, this is his response to the International Olympic Committee, which tried to force him into running for Sudan, since South Sudan has not yet joined the IOC. “For me to just go and represent Sudan is a betrayal of my country first of all, and is disrespecting my people who died for freedom. My dream is to represent South Sudan. It’s just a matter of time”, he said, while awaiting the decision.

On hearing that he had been accepted as an independent athlete, he told Associated Press that “the voice of South Sudan has been heard. South Sudan has finally got a spot in the world community. Even though I will not carry their flag in this Olympic Games, the country itself is there.The dream has come true. The hope of South Sudan is alive.” 

God bless South Sudan, God bless South Sudanese, and Guor! Now, I have enough reason to fix on my daily program the kick off of the Olympics at Wimbledon in London this Friday. hoping that Guor will finish among the first to 20 of the whole world, so that my spirit is at least healed from the previous losses of our representatives in international competitions in Nairobi (Tusker Fame Project 5) and Dar-es-Salaam, where Salaam FC of Waw made us wow! And what broke my heart the more was the pre-match counting of chickens in the eggs’ basket by the likes of Al Salaam Coach Sebit Bol Chol.

Reporter from Dar-es-Salaam: “It was another landslide loss for South Sudanese Champions Al Wau Salaam as they went down 7-1 to CECAFA Kagame Cup defending Champions Yanga FC at the National stadium. Salaam suffered the same margin of defeat against Atletico on opening day but only this time improved by scoring a goal.”
Yanga would have even finished the game with above ten goals but wasted chunks of chances.”

“We are well-prepared. It has taken three months to prepare and when you prepare for a tournament like this, you put in a lot of efforts to perform,” he said. “We have participated in many great matches before. We used to go to the north where we sometimes played Al Merreikh and Al Hilal, and facing such big teams is a proof that we can participate here and get what we are looking forward to.”

And then finally before entering a series of losses, he told us and the world this: “I am sure we will go beyond the first stage.” And then after losing three times like this: 7:0, 7:1, 5:2… and then back to Juba. And the reason for the three consecutive slaughters are presented by the same football teacher as this: “It was a very good game – our players weren’t in good condition as we travelled from/to Juba by car,” What a contrast in one short sentence! A very good game and players were not in good condition due to travelling for international competition, the first of its kind for South Sudan, BY CAR? Let me drop the blame here.

But let me pick it up again from here, especially when Miraya FM and soon hypocrites tried to coerce us into rushing to the Airport and lining the roads to welcome our ‘heroes’ of Al Salaam just the way we did it when our president Salva Kiir came back with 8,000,000,000 US Dollars last time. Apologies for touching that sensitive news, especially when Austerity is being budgeted into our posterity (future generation) now in Juba.

Coach Sebit Bol, The man behind Al Salaam – Wau

I hate losers. That is why I hate myself sometimes when I settle to count my losses, regardless of whether they were caused by somebody or me. I detest excuses, especially the cheap ones. The ones like “Al Salaam lost because the stadium was slippery due to grass, whereas our boys are used to playing on hard earth here. No, they lost because they travelled all the way to Dar by car! No, the Central Africans bewitched our new teams. No, we did not have enough fans in those stadiums”. Blah, blah, blah. This is what happened on their arrival, especially from the excuses thrown in by themselves and their supporters and reporters on our local media.

In short, this is the solution: Because of the overwhelming shame gathered by our first local-turned-international team, and the history they have set forth by their mixed attitude, let the coach be changed. Let the name be changed. Let even the game be changed from Football to Athletics, so that optimists like Guor Marial become trainer-cum-runner. Yea, what punishment can we give to somebody who keeps on aiming low like this? “I am sure we will go beyond the first stage.”

Oh, I have another resolution for the solution. Contracting international coaches to coach our national coaches with, first, the skills of aiming for the last stage, and not just the ambiguous second stage, whose other name is ‘beyond the first stage.” In my Dinka psychosocial communism, if you want at least a rib, ask for the whole ham (hind leg) of an animal.