“Al Hamzulilah, Ocambo is gone!”— Open Letter to Bashir ‘al Assad’ of Sudan.

Your Ex-cellency,

“Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! The Evilis is out!” Before you shout your lungs out and promise to pray in Bentiu or Abyei next Friday, just on hearing that the man witch-hunting you in the ICC is now expired! Wait a minute, Your Ex-cellency, are you sure Ocampo is not a ghost still? Hoping that you know very well the character of a ghost. Ghosts do not hunt but they haunt, and you know, probably from your military psychology, that haunting is more hurting than hunting.

Take it from me but not for me, without our usual Hijiliji Virus of scapegoating and moral equivalence, that though Moreno Ocampo is no longer a host, he is still a ghost in The Hague. For examble, the children christened ‘Okambo’ (mine included) after Ocampo advertized your arrest warrant a few years back, will grow up in Darfour, Darfive, Darsix, and Tchad to remind you of that evil name— Okambo!. That is in case you bribe all the African leaders into shielding you off from The Hague’s hell, which, of course, did not work for Gaddaffi. What I can see very vividly through my minds’ current history eyes is that these dudes of yours, I mean, the Jean Pings (count Jean Penn out), are political prostitutes and geographical ‘crostitutes’. The African leaders (AU) migrate with international rains and financial pastures. They are not diplomats, they are diplo’mads. This way, they are diplomatic nomads, very politically nomadic and transhumant with the way of handling human lives like my uncles in Jonglei. So, do not really rely on them this time, especially when ‘your’ oil wells are being bordered southerly. Thumb up to Gen. Solver Key, but not without assuring us that the 75 is not a ghost number, and that River Kiir is historically and geopolitically South Sudanic.

Your Ex-cellency, better you revise your Eastory and consult your historical cousin, Ahmadinejad, for his brand of stubbornness fuelled up by Uranium deposits, which you know quite well that it has caused him chronic budget deficits. Thanks to his recent announcement that the Arab nations be armed, this reads, ‘nuked up’ to make them immune from ‘Western demon-crazy’, which they are selling to the Islamic world in parcels marked ‘Arab Up Rice’(ing) and water capsules branded ‘Arab Spring’. However, after comparing notes with Mr. Harm-a-din-a-Jihad of Iran, do not mis/lead him into believing that Hofra Nahas and Kafia Kingi are ‘Uranic’. If you do that mistake, that field will turn urinal this time. But remember, there is fiery firework in Cut-Tomb City nowadays in case you are not told. Austerity measures!

Innocent girls dismembered into pieces by Antonov at Kurch Village, Kadugli, on June 27, 2011. Bashir al Assad of Sudan admitted openly in the Mosque, “We order the armed forces to carry on its operations and not to stop until South Kordofan is purged as Abyei was purged before, and Abdel Azizi is arrested and brought to trial.” Now, who should be brought to trial among the two?

Inshallah, this tactic will prolong your stay in power, but forget it not, the clock has its own tick-tack strokes, the kind of strokes that can tickle an ageing dictator into strokes, then into coma. Ask your neighbor, Mubarak (if he is still able to lift up a phone, anyway), how this politically motivated heart attack comes about. What fails me is why the hearts of ageing autocrats turn round to attack them by the end of the reign. This is short of assumption. Sir, you may as well take this for your own consumption. History, the one that is now recurring at my lifetime, and in yours, too, is full of tyrants attacked by their own hearts. Take it this way, they are internally attacked in the hearts, to coma, and then to full-stop of their sweet lives on earth. If I am to name but a few in this game, then there was Sanni Abacha, Mobutu Sese Seko, Hosni Mub….wait a minute, the man is still in coma – who knows he may bounce back to ‘question mark’, then to the full sentence, a life sentence pronounced in the Supreme Court of Law.

Your Ex-cellency, tell your negotiators to tone down a bit this time. The Hijlij (Heglig) option did not, does not, and will not work. Why? The South/Sudanese no longer want war. No more misery. They want health. Above all, they want wealth. Have you ever heard of the ‘Salva’s 75’? I am yet to read of yours (the corrupt ones), Inshallah! They want to enjoy their oil and soil, not your moil and turmoil. Therefore, the option of prolonging war to prolong your stay in the Kassir a Jumhuur (Republic Palace) is counting down at a breakneck speed against your break-that-neck speech. My former leader, better be a dotcommer like me, be flexible, read from the current books of poly-tricks. The old politics is now a thing of the university libraries. And if Your Ex-cellency had not banned ‘Western Channels’ in your capital city of Khartoum, you would have benefitted from dotcom wisdom found in on-the-screen expressions such as “Don’t try this at home!” Yet, you are trying it!

Your Ex-cellency, I know you are a very busy person, so my letter will not be long. I guess you are now busy mutilating your extra-large government, preparing bills and signing them into laws before passing them to the parliament for approval without removal; and most importantly, working on your speech to the African Union, now relocated to Addis Ababa for your convenience. Kudos for that. Hope you will not forget that Benini Prime Minister (I call him Crime Minister) who pushed hard to have the AU Summit hosted in Addis (Ababa), where there is no ‘adis’ (accident) on your way. Be very careful, be still very afraid also. There is the Gambian, that lady called Bensouda Fatou, hmm, sounds like Part Two…right? Who knows, she may develop more personal or gender-based and gender-biased grudge on you beyond the case of Darfur that was ‘politicized’ by Ocambo. Wallahi, the other day, she swore “to deal with them”. Your Ex-cellency, are you not among the ‘them’?

A Nuba woman lies lifelessly in the bush after Bashir’s Russian-made Antonov behead her in Kurchi Village near Kadugli on June 27, 2011. Yet the African leaders want to save this man.

She also sniffed at the news of the other woman who was about to be stoned to die in Khartoum, just for being as carefree with her boyfriend (as Juba Dark Angels who do it) in the full glare of the bolice wielding the Shari’a stone. What really breaks not only the hearts of women, but mine too, is (I’m told) that even the adulterer himself joins in the stoning session, on top of his kissing session that breaks that kind of a law-vs-love constitution. My dear, whoever bans love and live to tell it to the next generation. And you think the youth are on the streets due to high fuel prices? Who said they all drive? They are love-starved, aren’t they?

These, and other commitments, not mentioned here, make me worry you may not read my letter and those of your oppositions. Let me hope your ‘Zionophobia’ will not make you think that since the letter was written by a John, it was influenced by Israel, not knowing that even the Israelis are implementing their brand of xenophobia, say ‘Sudophobia’ on both South/Sudanese, altogether. This also sends a very strong message to our ‘Corinthian Christians’ of the ‘New Cush’ (RSS) that the diabolical Netanyahus of today are not the the biblical ‘Joshuas’ of the Exodus. I mean, the current Jews are called Israelis, not the Israelites. So Your Lordship, Con. Nathaniel Garang, let note not be taken by mistake upon the arrival of the deportees from Jerusalem this week.

Back to Your Ex-cellency, failure to read and heed to what the public write, riot, say or do, you will surely contract a political virus of the sorts of Mubarak and your friend, ‘Bashir’ al Assad of Syria. I repeat, even again, failure to read and heed to this letter and the like, Thou Shall Yell in Hell!

My last salute to Your Ex-cellency!

John Penn de Ngong is a journalist, a poet, an artist and an activist. This message is also posted on his personal blog: www.weakleak.wordpress.com

E-mail: penndengong@gmail.com